Thirty Years On, Hotelier & Entrepreneur Shiraz Boghani Continues to Build

As the chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group, Shiraz Boghani has contributed to its status as one of the fastest growing private hotel management groups in the United Kingdom. Boghani launched his career as a hotelier in the 1990s, making his name as one of the first to operate branded limited service hotels in the UK. More about of Shiraz Boghani at CompanyCheck

A thirty-year veteran of the hospitality industry, Shiraz Boghani continues to be one of the country’s foremost entrepreneurs and hoteliers, and has been involved in the construction, launch and operations of some of its most celebrated hotels, such as the Hilton London Bankside, the Holiday Inn Wembley, the City Continental Kensington, and newer acquisitions such as the Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel and the New Ellington. The group operates hotels in numerous cities across the UK, including London, York, Oxford, and Edinburgh amongst others. Boghani’s work was recognized in 2016 with an Asian Business Award recognizing him as “Hotelier of the Year“.

Born and raised in Kenya, Shiraz Boghani immigrated to the United Kingdom in 1969, working as a chartered accountant before becoming a founding partner in 1985 of Sussex Health Care, a care and support home management company that is still in operation today. Sussex Health Care’s nearly twenty facilities in both the east and west part of the county provide a range of services such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, neurological care and more.

As with Splendid Hospitality Group, Sussex Health Care has seen sustained growth since its launch, to which Boghani has been central. The establishment of a new gym in West Sussex is testament to the group’s continued growth, with the gym serving not only as a facility for care home residents to use, but also as a facility for members of the wider community suffering from physical ailments.

In addition to being a businessman, Shiraz Boghani is a dedicated philanthropist, acting as a leading beneficiary of the Aga Khan Foundation and the Aga Khan Development Network. He has also held high-ranking positions at non-profit initiatives and organizations, including serving as the chair of the Ismaili National Conciliation and Arbitration Board.

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The Chief Executive Officer/Executive Vice President, Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is the Chief Executive Officer/Executive Vice President of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). It is a professional organization that licenses architects. He runs the professional organization of architects on the basis that they have a voice that is big enough to be heard even though they are significantly small in number in the professional industry. He also adds, in order for any architect to join his association, one must know their credential values. Visit to know more about Robert Ivy.

After completing his Bachelor of Arts in the University in Southern Tennessee, he started working at the American Institute of Architects. Several public English honors have been awarded to Robert Ivy for his outstanding editorial leadership since 1996. In addition, he has received an award that is highly recognized by the American Business Media in 2009. Before being named the Chief Executive Officer of American institute of Architects in February 2011,Ivy served as Editor in Chief of Architectural Record. His new position at the AIA allowed him run the Washington, DC office which has a budget of $56 million per year.

During the hand over ceremony of Robert Ivy as Chief Executive Officer/Executive Vice President of the organization, the organization’s president at that time, George H. Miller, exclaimed that the Board felt that Ivy’s experience and outstanding leadership skills is what made them decide he deserves the position. Follow Robert Ivy at Twitter.

Under Robert Ivy’s supervision, his achievements at AIA include building a technology infrastructure, setting up an award winning campaign and governance of employees to improve decision making. These signature accomplishments has made architects aware of pressing issues such as sustainability and climate change that affect the organizations resources.

Robert Ivy has always believed the organization to be a brand that has the best standard of design and ethics. For this reason, he uses the voice of AIA to show the value of design for the public to understand architecture. This has helped in heightening awareness and raising relevance of all architects. In addition, he uses the organization through advocacy, education initiatives and public outreach to help members give clients a challenge and change of global era.


Infinity Group Australia Helps Everyday Australians to Manage Their Debts through Professional Strategies

One of the most significant problems that are facing people around the world is debt management. There are increased consumption habits due to the attractive marketing procedure and the availability of various goods and services. Individuals are therefore attracted to buy these goods and services despite their financial capability highlighting otherwise. What such individuals do is go into a commercial organization where they access loans to fund their consumption habits. All the consumption habits shown by such individuals are not consistent with the needs or advises of a financial expert because much money is spent on consumer goods rather than on investments.


The same problem is happening to people residing in Australia where they are consuming more than their monthly income would allow. They are therefore encouraged to get loans from the lending institutions, some of which work through mobile applications making it very easy for a person to acquire a loan. The problem arises when the time to pay such credits start and individuals are not in a good position to meet their daily financial obligations while at the same time paying the loans that they took to fund recurrent expenditure. Such individuals are exposed to the point where they can lose some of their precious assets to the lenders.


Infinity Group Australia has joined the market, and the central role of the company is to help individuals in such conditions to manage their debts professionally so that they cannot find themselves in a critical situation. The primary strategy adopted by this organization is ensuring that individuals are in a position of explaining how they want to spend the money received from the lending institution before it is even deposited in the bank account. This strategy has helped everyday Australians to avoid taking loans from the lending institutions if they think that whatever they want to fund is not necessary.


Infinity Group Australia reviews indicate that the company is using another policy to help everyday Australians to manage and use the money that has been already deposited in their bank accounts by the lending institutions. The strategy involves developing a plan on how one should use such money by following a strict policy that consists of a checklist. All the needs are indicated on the list in order of priority. When something has been bought, it is eliminated from the list by ticking. This strategy is geared towards helping individuals from having unplanned expenditure that occurs through impulse buying. Learn more :

Fortress Investment Group Is A Successful U.S. Company That Specializes In Alternative Asset Managing

Fortress Investment Group (FIG) is an American-based company. It is publicly traded as FIG and is a top financial firm. As an investment management firm, Fortress handles specific areas of business and finance like private equity, railroads, credit funds, hedge funds, and asset management.

Recently, FIG was purchased by Softbank Group (SBG). Softbank bought Fortress Investment group for over $3.3 billion. And since its founding, FIG has boosted its wealth in investments quite steadily. Moreover, Fortress has had a 40 percent return on the company’s value in a period beginning in 1999 and ending in 2006.

In other business news regarding FIG, Fortress partnered with the technology company, iPass. Indeed, iPass is known as a worldwide leader when it comes to global options. FIG believes strongly in iPass and has given this company $20 million. And half of this 20 million dollars was given to iPass when the deal was solidified.

Regarding the acquisition of Fortress by the Softbank Group (SBG) was not affecting any of the positions for FIG executives. Fortress executives, Peter Briger, co-CEO, Wesley Edens, and the other co-CEO, Randal Nardone were allowed to keep their executive roles.

Softbank Group’s headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan. The Financial Times stated about this purchase by the Softbank Group that the U.S. placed some regulations on this deal. Indeed, the U.S. made the SoftBank Group relinquish their day-to-day management of the Fortress Investment Group.

Founded in January 1998, FIG, which is headquartered in New York, has earned a plethora of awards over the last two decades. FIG’s well-noted achievements for their successful brokering of deals and other vital areas of financing. In 2014, FIG won the management firm of the year award. Institutional Investor, which is a finance-based magazine has also recognized FIG for their hedge fund managing. FIG has also won the “Credit-Focused Fund of the Year” award.

Fortress Investment Group has transitioned from a private financial firm to a public one. Indeed, Fortress was once a private entity but transitioned to a public entity in 2007. The Securities and Exchange Commission approved this change. Fortress began to trade as FIG (the stock ticker symbol) in 2007.

Fortress manages the following companies — and these are part of their portfolio: Rail America, New Residential Investment, Fortress Transportation, Brookdale Senior Living, Drive Shack, New Senior Investment Group as well as New Media Investment Group.

Fixing Brazil’s Tattered Infrastructure – How Can It Be Done, Asks Felipe Montoro Jens?


Felipe Montoro Jens is the Infrastructure Projects expert within the nation of Brazil’s Ministry of Planning, a department of the government that deals with budgets, contracts, and upcoming events of all kinds. One thing that the Ministry of Planning has struggled with in the past two years – actually, it’s been a little bit longer than two years – is having projects and contracts completed on time.

According to a study done by the National Confederation of Industry – the organization is the nonpartisan, unbiased voice of industry in Brazil – this year using data from the end of fiscal year 2018, 2,796 public contracts went unfulfilled.

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The national, state, and local governments of Brazil sign contracts with private builders, infrastructure repair experts, and other people to work on infrastructure needs. They hold auctions to complete various projects; the lowest bidder at these auctions – or at least one of the lowest bidders – gets awarded the job if they’re deemed good and reliable enough for whatever jobs are at hand.

Felipe Montoro Jens is upset that his home country of Brazil failed to oversee the completion of 447 basic sanitation projects, which far outnumber any other type of infrastructure sector work. Of the roughly 2,800 jobs that went undone at the end of fiscal year 2017, 517 of them were related to infrastructure.

The next most common jobs that went unfinished were urban mobility works – roads – at a count of eight, airports – 16 airports went unfinished – and 30 highways. Felipe Montoro Jens shared in an article that covered his take on the current infrastructure situation in Brazil – the monstrous infrastructure problem, that is – that he’s upset so many sanitation projects went unfinished because they’re often the simplest.

You can find Montoro Jens on Twitter @felipemontoroj to continue the conversation.


Yanni Hufnagel About His Stint With The California Golden Bears

Yanni Hufnagel is a former college basketball coach, being considered at one point one of the top young assistants in the United States. He served the role of assistant coach for the University of California, Berkley, and prior to that, he had stopped at Vanderbilt, Oklahoma, and Harvard.


Before being regarded as a top recruiter in college basketball, Hufnagel worked in broadcasting when he was 16 years old, acting as a color analyst during local broadcasts. Ed Cohen, a former partner of Hufnagel, who is now a play-by-play commentator for the Rutgers women, mentioned how Hufnagel’s analysis was unusual for a 16 years old, showing a lot of knowledge and using phrases such as ‘nickel-dimer’ and breaking down how teams were pushing the tempo or defending.


Later on, he worked at Cornell as a student manager, but according to him he only committed to coaching when he went to Oklahoma when he was 23 years old. There, he worked for two seasons alongside Blake Griffin, and under Jeff Capel.

In his opinion, you have to get lucky with the people and players you are around in the business. He states that working with Blake Griffin and Jeff Capel was a major key that turned the engine for him, as it was important for him to see and appreciate early on their work ethic.

Yanni Hufnagel’s first real experience as a recruiter and coach was during a four-year stint at Harvard, where he worked under Tommy Amaker and thrived on forming relationships with athletes, especially those from the West Coast. Afterward, he spent a season at Vanderbilt, but he had the opportunity to move to California when the coach of New Golden Bears, Cuonzo Martin, offered him a job in April of 2014.


The offer was a surprise for Hufnagel, and he considered it a push forward in his pursuit and decided to jump at the opportunity. He noted that by taking the spot he put himself in a position where he could have more job opportunities in the future if they present themselves, but that his first priority upon moving was helping coach Cuonzo Martin.

Save the sight of a child with SightSavers

Young children should play in the dirt to help build up their immune systems, but they should also have decent medical care available to prevent some of the consequences of the act. Children in many tropical countries do not have the luxury of playing in the dirt. Instead, they must live in it. This is especially true in areas with poor sanitation. One of the problems that can occur is an infection by a parasitic worm that can cause small children in tropical areas with poor sanitation to go blind if the disease is not treated.

One organization in the United Kingdom is working to reverse this trend. It started its own program to support mass deworming programs throughout these areas. One of the most common methods of transmission is through eggs of the parasite that are found in human fecal matter. While improving sanitation in these areas would work well, sponsoring massive deworming programs is more cost-effective for villages living in poverty. These medications can be routinely administered and only cost a few cents per pill.

The massive deworming programming suggested by Sightsavers won a recommendation for charitable giving from the Giving Well blog. The effort is backed by other international charitable organizations. No one needs to worry about the long-term effects of the medications. The anti-parasitic drugs have few side effects and can be given to the children repeatedly. The efforts are consistent with the organization’s goal to eliminate blindness from preventable causes in children and others. GiveWell is an organization the recommends charitable efforts that live up to its values.

The parasitic blindness is only one of the many neglected tropical diseases that similar non-governmental organizations wish to combat. The diseases typically do not get the attention of the larger diseases. Such illnesses rarely receive mainstream attention in most developed nations.

End Citizens United Trying to Clean the U.S. Politics from the Influence of Big Money

The corporate donations in the politics of the United States have played a significant role in the past few decades. Many corporate companies continue to back the politicians in the United States, and it has tipped the balance in favor of the corporations. As per many political pundits, the politics in the United States is controlled partially by the corporations as many politicians are obligated to favor the corporations and wealthy individuals. The corporations fund the politicians during their election campaign, and it makes the politicians obliged. Read more about the group on Wikipedia.


The Supreme Court decision in the year 2010 to allow corporations to fund the election campaigns made it easier for the corporations to fund as much money as they want into the politics. It made it easier for the corporate-backed politicians to have lavish campaign marketing and rallies to attract more voters. It has created an imbalance that a PAC called End Citizens United wants to straighten. End Citizens United was established in the year 2015 to help the honest politicians combat the corporate-backed politicians. The End Citizens United collects money from the everyday people and uses that money to fund the politicians who have denounced the corporate money.


It makes it easier for the honest politicians to fight the corporate-backed politicians. The End Citizens United has been trying hard to create awareness about how the money has made it difficult to trust the otherwise neutral process of elections. Tiffany Mueller, the founder and President of the ECU believes that if payment is not taken out of the US politics, the corporations would sooner or later take full control of the country’s politics, which would compromise the interest of the everyday people. So far, more than 170 politicians across the country have publicly said that they won’t be accepted money from the corporations and wealthy individuals and would follow a transparent process of campaign funding.



All these efforts are directed to help reverse the Supreme Court decision to allow anonymous funding through corporations of the election campaigns. The awareness that the ECU has created in the past few years has helped the country’s politics to move ahead in the right direction. Learn more about the group on Crunchbase.

Peter Briger, Chairman of Fortress Investment Group, Helped Change Private Equity

Peter Briger is Chairman and Principal of Fortress Investment Group, a large private equity firm with over $43 billion of assets invested for more than 1750 clients. In fact, Fortress Investment Group was one of the first major private equity firms to have a successful IPO and become publicly traded, and Peter Briger was a huge part of that making that happen. Briger, formerly a partner at Goldman Sachs, came to Fortress in 2002 and is currently in charge of the firm’s real estate and credit fund portfolios. He holds an MBA from the Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University, Briger worked in a number of key areas at Goldman Sachs, including the Asian Management Committee and the Global Control and Compliance Committee. In addition, he co-led their private equity and Asian real estate divisions, among other portfolios. At Fortress, Briger leads a team 300 strong who focus on identifying undervalued assets as well as distressed credit investments.

In addition to his work at Goldman Sachs and Fortress, Peter Briger was previously on the Board of Directors of Princeton’s investment company and is a supporter of the Central Park Conservancy. In honor of his achievements in the world of finance, he was named a Forbes Top 100 Business Professional.

Peter Briger is a huge proponent of the potential of Bitcoin. According to Briger, people are used to the way things are and do not question the status quo, but part of his job looking for distressed assets was to think outside the box and imagine possibilities. Peter Briger Co-Chairman at Fortress Investment Group Briger questioned why it was so easy to chat with someone located in a far-flung place on Skype, yet it is far more difficult to send that person a small amount of money. For Briger, this disconnect is the key to understanding Bitcoin’s success.

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Upwork Makes the To-Do List Managable

If you have ever wondered how you could tackle a to-do list, Upwork has taken all of the worry out of the wonder. This is the freelance website that has a lot of potential for people that want to change the way that they get their work done. If you need to book someone this is the largest freelancing website so it makes perfect sense to contact experience freelancers to help get the job done.

Upwork is helping people in more than 180+ countries get work done. A to-do list can expand in a matter of moments. There will be greater productivity. There will also be a lot of different ways to get people to do small tasks or large reoccurring tasks. It just all depends on the type of services that you need. There are people that are in need of writers. Others may have a need for virtual assistants. The experts in a lot of different fields are waiting to help you get the work done. It is all about finding the right platform to get the ball rolling.

There are a plethora of people that are looking for a way to increase productivity and this is the way.

When you have access to freelancers that can go the extra mile when you are pushed for time that makes a big difference. You have the ability to get more things done quickly because you have multiple people that can take on the obligations of a to-do list that you may have. You may not think that this is a big deal if you have a small to do list, but it definitely becomes something that you will give a second thought to if you have multiple things that you need to accomplish within the course of a certain time frame. When this happens you are going to want to get other people involved that can bring things into focus. If you do not have the right type of people in place to help you carve out a better plan it will be very difficult to accomplish your task.