David MCDonald Rises From Project Manager To President And COO

In the process of becoming one of the international food processing industry’s largest and most successful companies, the OSI Group has had to handle many technical and infrastructure challenges. Fortunately, they’ve been able to call on multitalented Iowa native David McDonald for help addressing and overcoming those issues for over 30 years. McDonald has gone from growing up on an Iowa farm to earning a bachelor’s in animal science at Iowa State University to successfully negotiating billion dollar deals with governments and businesses in China, India, Australia, Europe and the Americas.

David McDonald has a diverse set of talents that are perfectly suited for his role at the OSI Group. And as he has been promoted from project manager to chief operating officer and president, he has gained other valuable skills and vast experience in the international food processing industry along the way. David McDonald has made vital contributions to the company’s acquisition of the Holland based Baho Foods and UK based Flagship Europe. Those moves helped the OSI Group increase their customer base in Europe. Baho Foods and Flagship Europe serve customers in dozens of countries.

The OSI Group has enjoyed tremendous growth in Asia, especially China, over the past 20 years. And David McDonald has played a significant role in it. He has done a stellar job negotiating with foreign governments, local suppliers, management teams and a growing workforce in that region of the world. McDonald has recently helped the OSI Group to complete a food processing facility in India and over the past two decades he has spearheaded their efforts to build 10 facilities in China for processing poultry. As a result, the OSI Group is the top processor of poultry in China.

The tenure of David McDonald with the OSI Group has coincided with the company’s emergence from a Chicago area meat market that provided meat patties for McDonald’s and fine cuts of meats for supermarkets and restaurants in Illinois into a top source of specialized processed food for millions of consumers around the world. The company now has over 70 food processing facilities worldwide and customers in 85 countries. While David McDonald is not solely responsible for the company’s growth, he has made a tremendous contribution to it. The excellent work he has done has resulted in the company steadily promoting him from project manager all the way up until he became COO and president.

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The Roc Nation’s Brain: Desiree Perez

Roc Nation is a product of the music mogul Sean Carter, but it is Desiree Perez who is making it a reality.

Jay Z launched the service a decade ago. He leveraged his connections and success in the music industry to grow the business rapidly, and learn more about Desiree Perez.

The entertainment company handles music publishing, live tours, media, merchandise, and investments among others. Besides the founder, the firm has worked with many popular artists such as Wale, Timbaland, and Shakira.

The company has a sports division that is focusing on elevating athletes just like the music artists.

A year after launch, Desiree Perez joined the stable. She joins a growing list of female executives making their mark in a traditionally male-dominated world. They are taking up authoritative roles in the music business.

Some of the positions female executives are serving include label presidents, promotion executives, and marketing positions.

Besides Desiree Perez, some of the other powerful names include Julie Greenwald of Atlantic Records fame, Nicki Farag of Def Jam Records, and Ethiopia Habtemariam of the renowned Motown Records among numerous others.

Desiree Perez is considered an influential mover and one of the toughest executives to watch in the music industry. A recent Billboard ranking brings to the fore the crucial role women are playing in the music business, and Instagram.com.

At Roc Nation, she is charged with bringing together the various elements to make explosive and profitable music including production, tours, and documentaries. She coordinates new releases with Jay-Z and other members of the management team.

She prefers to remain in the background away from the spotlight. Her husband, Juan Perez also works at Roc Nation making it a close-knit family affair.

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Ara Chackerian – Insight into Medical Investments

Florida State graduate Ara Chackerian is changing the world of psychiatric care. He has used his twenty years of medical investment experience combined with his ten years of building medical businesses to create a new company that offers cutting-edge therapy through the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation equipment.

Ara Chackerian, a managing partner of ASC Capital Holdings, has used his investing experience to help build a variety of medical companies, such as PipelineRx, BMC Diagnostics, and Embion/Provider Links. ASC Capital Holdings uses its investing power to build upcoming medical technology companies.

Brad Hummel worked with Ara Chackerian when building a network of medical offices across northern California. The two business partners teamed up with a transcranial magnetic stimulation expert, Dr. Richard Bermudas, to create TMS Health Solutions.

TMS Health Solutions features seven different locations, with each office being designed by premier New York architect Josh Heitler. He designed each office to stand apart from the average doctor’s office. He designed consultation rooms and treatment rooms that exude comfort and tranquility.

Chackerian is grateful for his business success and gives back with every opportunity he can find. He loves the environment and often spends time in nature. He has used his funds to create sustainable agricultural practices in Nicaragua and Armenia and has founded several conservation organizations. Check out Ideamensch to see more.

He is not the average businessman. His schedule is chaotic, and he prefers it that way. He has always found it difficult to follow a schedule or calendar, and he has found that the best thing to do is to focus on whatever excites him at the time. He has an ability to remain calm in any situation and credits this ability with much of his success.

Chackerian is a firm believer in education and wants to educate the public in a medial sphere. He relies on his education and everyday experiences to generate new ideas.

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Barbara Stokes, CEO of Green Structure Homes Delivered of Alabama LLC.

Barbara Stokes is the Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Homes Delivered (GSH) of Alabama, LLC. The company was founded in 2008 by Barbara and her husband, Scott Stokes who is the COO of the company. Stokes graduated from Mercer University with a BSE degree in Biomedical Engineering and Physics in 2001. Her past work experience was with Boeing and Pisces Corporation where she gained experience in securing and working with government contracts. This experience has lead to the success Green Structured Homes. Read more about Barbara Stokes at crunchbase.com.

GSH is a construction company that builds mobile and modular commercial buildings and residences throughout North America. GSH also works in conjunction with FEMA to quickly re-house victims of natural disasters and rebuild communities that have been devastated by natural disasters. GSH is headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama.

Barbara Stokes is a firm believer in stimulating the local economy. She ensures that GSH purchases goods from local businesses whenever possible. In 2017, Stokes secured an $28.5 million contract with FEMA. This move will generate a large amount of new jobs across North Carolina, Minnesota, Alabama, Florida, Virginia, Louisiana, Texas, and Pennsylvania. The money from FEMA is to build modular homes to support relief efforts for victims of Hurricane Harvey. GHS is a leader in quickly producing a large volume of modular homes with exceptional quality in a short amount of time. This makes them the perfect company to land this type of contract with FEMA.

Check: http://www.palmbeachillustrated.com/2017/07/19/brain-power/

Barbara Stokes’ leadership is developing GSH into a technologically advanced construction and development company that consistently lands large and important contracts. Some of GHS’ contracts include:

  • GHS built UL-Rated Level 8 Bullet Resistant Modular Guard Shacks for the United States Navy.
  • GHS engineered and installed all utilities and modular structures near Mississippi State University, including student housing for the university.
  • For The United States Army, GHS designed and supplied under ground utilities for training
  • GHS designed and engineered custom shelving for thousands of pounds of equipment for The United States Air Force.

With Barbara Stokes’ expertise and experience, the company is sure to continue to land major contracts in the future. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

Rock Out with Lime Crime

Lime Crime is a vibrant cruelty and vegan free make-up line. This make-up line is Produced with unicorns and unicorn lovers in mind. Their products are never tested on animals nor does the products contain any animal or byproducts including whey or beeswax. Lime Crime products are 100% vegan and are certified by PETA and The Leaping Bunny Program.

The Leaping Bunny certification has rigorous background checks through their cruelty free makeup standard. Third party manufacturers are used to ensure that all products are cruelty free and not tested on animals at any time. These facts make Lime Crime headquarters is the perfect work environment for and is made up of those who love makeup and animals. LimeCrime has strong emotion about and are proud of their animal friendliness.

If you want bold and ground breaking make-up, Lime Crime is for you! Look expressive for any occasion. LimeCrime products will give you the motivation to be exactly who it is that you want to be. Lime Crime has a turbulent energy and offers such awesome products that will have you eager to put together a trend setting look for your next outing.

Turn heads with one of LimeCrime’s semi-permanent vegan hair colors. Choose from color names such as salad, on mute, dirty mermaid, anime, and blue smoke. These hair colors are a guarantee not to damage your hair as they are 100% vegan. The colors in both full coverage and tint, both work best with pre-bleached platinum to pale blonde hair. The full coverage color will ad a tint to light brown hair as well as dark blonde. The results will be enchanting.

Ever had chromed out finger nails? Well now is your chance! In as little as ten minutes you can have the hottest, shiniest nails at the party! Dance and feel beautiful and confident after applying the nails with the firm hold glue that is included. LimeCrime is rocking!

Evolving Your Finance Into A New Generation

Talk about a great generation to begin with a new financial perspective. The developments of the world, the U.S. nation and international economies brings a great dynamic to your financial potential. That potential is evolving in this moment as we speak. Markets around the world are known to zig-zag their way upward and without a straight line.

These environments of growth are sure but will require a bit of work on your end. NexBank is leveraging a better financial standing because of the constant growth we share. Dallas, Texas is now grabbing the world’s attention as it develops into a city recognized around the world the way New York is.

Begin With NexBank And A Few Financial Goals

This expansion is why it makes sense to get involved with our agency. NexBank leads Texas as a financial institution. This leadership is a result of our local standing. You and the NexBank agency are on the same block, in the same neighborhood and are witnessing the same innovation brought to the city. The more this innovation grows the more your prospect does.

The commerce brought into Dallas, Texas is creating more jobs, better ease of life and is allowing more world-class services to be at your doorstep. NexBank comes to your doorstep with a simple opportunity to make banking easier. The advantage the agency enables is based on your locality and close proximity to the bank.

Your Freedom To A Better Financial Life

The freedom of your financial life begins with an account. You must account for the many small details. These details are the numbers and concepts that financial professionals know all about. It takes a collaborated effort to build the best foundation for financial success. You won’t regret getting a jumpstart on a better financial future.

The work you do is also little. We take care of the complex issues and processes. The objective we have at this firm is your financial future. The greater that future is, the better our relationship becomes. This means that it’s in our best interest to make sure you succeed. You’re walking into a new life and one that brings a brighter future toward your money.

Doe Deere Tells Her Fans What Success Means In Her Life

In life, success is defined in many ways. Some people may think success is about having lots of money. Others can define success as having the opportunity to spend lots of time with friends and family. For many people, success is the chance to do a job they really love and enjoy. Such is the case with leading makeup company Doe Deere. Deere has been fortunate in her own life. She’s enjoyed a great deal of success. She’s done it doing a job she really loves. As one of the country’s leading experts on the use of makeup, she’s helped truly transform this industry. She knows that she’s been very lucky. She’s been able to take an idea she had in her head and watch it come to life.

Loving Her Life

Passion is crucial to Doe Deere. It was passion that led her to think about the world of makeup in a fresh and new way. She began to think about how she could take the world of makeup and move it in an entirely new direction. She looked closely at what was on the shelves. She quickly noticed she did not see any products that she liked. All she saw were rows of makeup in colors that did not appeal to her in any way. She saw endless lines of beige and other shades of brown. While she liked the natural look, it wasn’t for her. It was not her own personal style. She tended away from shades like brown and into other colors instead. She personally loved using brighter colors in her own life and her own wardrobe. This started to make her think. She spend time investigating other possible forms of makeup that she did not see on the shelves in her local markets. She learned how they were made and what went into them. She also learned that it would be possible to make her own personal makeup. This led to her own personal sense of inspiration. She realized that she did not need to rely on what she saw on the shelves for her makeup. Instead, she could create her own.

Founding Lime Crime

Her own personal style is all about making the world of art into the world of makeup. As she started Lime Crime, she was happy to learn that others shared her vision. They were not happy with the choices they saw on the local shelves. They wanted to have more and more choices. They did not like the colors they saw. She showed them another way to be and to use makeup. This is why her company started to do so well and quickly began attracting a loyal and happy customer base. Her fans loved her work. She began to expand her business to meet their needs and saw it took off. People followed her and bought her products. She’s married art to commerce and helped her fans. This is what true success means to Doe Deere in her life. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/doedeereofficial

Todd Lubar and The Outstanding Leadership Roles That He’s Gone Through

Running a business has different levels of challenges, risks, and problems, and those who have survived running a company should have a lot of wisdom to impart. One of these outstanding businessmen who have, either by luck or sheer skill and talent, survived the challenges of running a business is Todd Lubar, the successful businessman based in Maryland. How exactly does his business leadership look like? Let’s find out in the article below.



The Syracuse University Education



It could be said that all of the outstanding success of Todd Lubar today could have started and caused by the Syracuse University Speech Communication class that he took. The language education that he took from the school was formative to the career that he has right now.



Right now, he is the renowned President of TDL Ventures, which is a team of marketing professionals that help various clients reach their goals. Before this was the case, he still had gone through a lot of challenges that shaped the way he had handled the attitude to success and business.



Another significant achievement of Todd Lubar is the fact that he was able to carry one of the most difficult job positions in his career, which is the Senior Vice President of Charter Funding. This company was just one of the Magnus Financial Corp’s divisions that contributed to a lot to its growth.



It can also be said that a great strength of Todd Lubar is mortgage banking. He has used his strength to acquire many powerful companies, managed them well and led them to the leading positions that they are Some of these companies include the ones from the demolition industry, real estate, and recycling business. The fact that he’s able to diversify across a series of varying sectors means that Todd Lubar has the skills to not just focus on one area of business, but to a variety of platforms, making him versatile enough to lead in different areas. Check out Yelp for more.



About Todd Lubar



Despite his busy schedule, Lubar spends his personal life in Bethesda, Maryland, with his two beautiful children. He spends time with his family in travels and sports. You can visit his Instagram page.


See more: http://www.toddlubar.com/


Whitney Wolfe Redefining How We Date

Whitney Wolfe is going to be remember as one of the most important entrepreneurs of our day. She played a major role in giving the world one of the most amazing changes in the dating world out there. Thanks to Bumble we now have a completely new way of looking at how we will date. Women are making the first moves and that creates an entirely new dynamic for things. The initiative is creating an entirely new way of thinking about things and how they should be. Empowered by this app for young women are going to redefine how just about everything happens.


Bumble is all about creating an experience that puts women in a position to decide who they want to chat with. That has created the ability to filter out anyone they don’t want and it has made it viable for women to decide who they want. Wolfe has made it clear that she wants to make all of Bumble business designed to give women empowerment in the tech world. She wants to make it clear that the tech industry is the perfect place for women to decide to put themselves and that her app is going to be the centerpiece of that.


You don’t need to look far to see that Whitney Wolfe’s app is also expanding beyond the world of dating. It includes attempts to add business and social media to the platform in order to ensure that people are connected to the app at all times. That ability to use the app for many purposes is what separates it from other dating apps. It’s not one dimensional and it tries to become an important part of your life. She hasn’t been in this app business for too long, but we don’t need to look far to realize she has some serious potential.


Whether or not Whitney Wolfe becomes one of the greats is going to be define by how Bumble goes into the future. We can already see that the app is getting very popular and we already know that it’s got a place in the phones of young people. Other dating apps are going to follow their example and eventually we’ll see things change into something completely different. The app world has seen a change in many ways, but what we’ll get out of Whitney Wolfe in the end is certainly going to be worth considering.


Meet Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi The New CEO Of Bradesco

Banco Bradesco, the second largest bank in Brazil in terms of market value, will have a new CEO in the person of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. The bank’s former chairman, 91-year old Lazaro de Mello Brandao is stepping down from his post. He has been serving in this capacity for the past 25 years. Brandao’s exit has triggered a race for his seat from among the hopeful executives of the bank.

Cappi has held the position of chief executive officer and will still function in this position until he assumes office in March of this year. The financial institution will hold an election for the person who will hold his former position of CEO.

Before relinquishing his post, Brandao has served in various executive positions at Banco Bradesco for the past 75 years, earning him the distinction of being one of the longest staying bank executive in the world. He started his career in the bank at 16 years old in 1943 as a lowly bank clerk. Through the succeeding years, Brandao eventually climbed up to become an executive of the bank. He held the bank’s CEO post from 1981 to 1999. After that, he became one of two chairmen of Bradesco, the first time the bank ever had the experience.

During his tenure as chairman, Brandao followed the management style of promoting the bank’s executives instead of looking for outside talents. The selection of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi for the chairmanship of the bank is in keeping with this culture. Company insiders revealed that the choice for the next CEO to replace Cappi was limited to the seven highest ranking bank executives at Bradesco. Underlining the bank’s management culture, Cappi said in a media event that the choice will be coming from the bank’s own talent pool.

Read more on economia.estadao.com.br

The bank executives of Banco Bradesco who are being considered for the CEO post are the following:

André Rodrigues Cano who is 59 years old and is currently in charge of the bank’s human resources department
Octavio de Lazari, 54 years old, and is presently the head of the bank’s insurance team.
Marcelo de Araujo Noronha, 52 years old who is currently in charge of corporate and investment banking and card operation.
Domingos Figueiredo Abreu who is 58 years old and is presently the head of the lending and treasury departments of the bank.
Alexandre da Silva Gluher, the 57-year old current chief risk officer of the bank.
Mauricio Machado de Minas who is 58 years old and is now the head of Bradesco’s IT department.
Josué Augusto Pancini, 57 years old, and is now responsible for the bank’s branch network and its high income segment.

To emphasize this management style, Brandao explained that in order to ensure its continuity, they have to renew the board of the bank. He also added that his stepping down was his own decision. However, he mentioned that he will still be in charge of several holding companies of Bradesco.

Cappi, the incoming chairman of Banco Bradesco, was born on Oct. 6, 1951. Forbes entered his name in 2016 as one of Brazil’s best CEOs. He has earned his college degree at the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters of Sao Paulo de Marilia. Cappi also earned a degree in Socio-Psychology at the Fundacao School of Sociology and a degree in Politics at Sao Paulo. His career at Bradesco spans 40 years wherein he held various positions of importance. He became the fourth president of the bank in 2009. Eight years later, he was appointed Chairman of the Board of Trustees in 2017. He is now poised to be its top honcho this coming March.

See: https://www.terra.com.br/economia/trabuco-assumira-presidencia-do-conselho-do-bradesco-banco-nomeara-novo-chefe-executivo-em-marco,9fb1d7fe927d7f26678a7543f82f02edw3u6oihm.html