Yeonmi ‘s Journey to Freedom

Yeonmi Park grew up in North Korea during her early age, but left the country in search of freedom elsewhere. When Park escaped from North Korea, she was only an adolescent, but she managed to overcome all the odds and challenges she faced, and now she is the author of a book on Amazon called ‘In order to Live’, which she released a few months ago. In her book, Park says she was only dreaming of freedom because she didn’t know even know its meaning. On 31st March 2007, Park escaped from North Korea together with her mother, and they crossed Yalu River at night and arrived in China with no idea of their next step. Indeed, it was beginning of another page of suffering in her life. The cause of her suffering in China was due to the fact that she was living their illegally and didn’t want to be noticed. According to a report on Nk News, Yeonmi Park’s father had been arrested in North Korea, but was later released due to his poor health. He eventually crossed into China to unite with his family but died a few months because he had untreated cancer for a long time. While living in China, Park faced constant abuse and went without food for days, but she eventually succeeded in her dreams. In a group of about five people, they passed through the Gobi desert at night, being guided by a compass, and also the stars until they reached Mongolia border, where they were assisted by missionaries to board a plane to South Korea. The journey took her about two years, and in South Korea there was freedom she was dreaming about. After living in South Korea for a long time, she decided to join other North Korean defectors who were advocating for freedom back in their home country.  Yeonmi Park wants North Koreans to enjoy freedom like majority of people in the world. Link

Attorneys In New York

In New York finding a lawyer can be time consuming and difficult. Finding the appropriate lawyer depends on what area of law expertise you will need. Narrowing down the right lawyers may lead to research and reviews to ensure the best legal representative for your case. This can be done by looking at lawyers in the field or looking into a lawyer site that lists accredited lawyers in the New York area. Once you find a site that lists educated lawyers then you can review the profiles of each lawyer and see which one would be a good fit for your situation.

There are many lawyers who give a free consult in person or over the phone for you to see what your options are and what the lawyer thinks can be done for your situation. Usually the consult will give a chance to meet and get to know the lawyer, and if you feel working together would be good match. Locating the right lawyer for your case is a good idea, and can make a difference in how you feel the representation will go. One lawyer in New York who would has been a legitimate and reliable lawyer is Ross Abelow.

This man has been practicing law for over 20 years in New York. He specializes in Family Law, Entertainment Law, Litigation Commercially, and married law issues. He graduated from Brooklyn New York Law School with his Juris Doctor Degree. Ross Abelow has been helping individuals and business in the community with their legal matters. The representation he gives to his clients is of the utmost professionalism and ethical standard. These qualifications is what distinguishes graduate school lawyers apart from one another. Lawyers with standards such as Ross Abelow are good to represent their clients.

Lawyers are required to practice with a means of codes and laws that are to be upheld in the community and society. He has made sure that the legal codes of ethics and rules are followed with each case he handles for clients. This makes him a good lawyer with great values that clients want to have offered to them. If your needing a good lawyer in the New York area then start with Ross Abelow.


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Purina’s National Dog Show Winners

When we think of Thanksgiving day television a few things come to mind football, parade, and the National Dog Show hosted by Purina News. 2015 marked the 14th year for this grand event with over 20 million people tuning in to watch this event.

The dogs are broke down into different categories with a winner followed by 2nd , 3rd , and 4th place . The winners from each category than competes for best in show.Each dog falls into one of seven categories, we have the Hound Dog Group which is where we find dogs that are breed for the hunt such as beagles and blood hounds. Next we have our Working Group this dogs are breed to be hearty and reliable you can find them all around town doing varies jobs , examples of this group are labs and German shepherds. Than you have the toy Group which our your tiny cute little guys , this group is sure to make you go awww. Than you have your Terrier group which may be surprising to see how many different breeds of terrier there are. Next comes your Non- Sporting group which is home to dogs such as Bulldogs and Lhasa Apsos. Than you have your Herding dogs which are great helpers on the ranch , farm or even for herding up the kids . These are another class of working dogs whos instinct is to round up the troops no matter what the troops may be .

A fun show for the whole to enjoy before the big meal and the big game.

Lime Crime: Redefining Beauty

Lime Crime has redefined beauty. Where the sky was the limit when it came to combination of colors by fashion ladies, Lime Crime went to space. Started in 2008 by a visionary girly-girl, Doe Deere, Lime Crime has devoted its out-of-the-box creativity and resources to make women shine brighter than diamonds. Meant for women who are unapologetically themselves, Lime Crime cosmetics’ array of bright colored lipsticks is, in one word, magnificent. Doe injected a fresh dose of imagination to the cosmetics industry and with it she brought her fantasy world of beauty to reality. Lime Crime has achieved great success. It boasts of a vast line of products that include four eye shadow palettes, a line of rainbow – colored liquid liners, an array of loose pigments, a queens selection of glittery lip gloss, and of course a long line of lipsticks so bright, they are illegal. Simply put, Lime Crime has left those who have a wild imagination of beauty spellbound.

Branded “The queen of unicorn” Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime. Her passion for colorful passion began way beyond 2008. She began living her dreams in 2003 when she opened an eBay account under the name Moniker Thunderwear where she was selling DIY clothing. She rebranded the accounts name to Lime Crime in 2004. In 2008 she started the cosmetics company whose success has continued to rise with more women choosing the brand. Choosing bright color as her trademark was not a matter of economics but a burning desire to fill in the gap in fashion where one could find a daring bright line cosmetic. Doe grew her dreams amidst critics about using the internet as her platform. But just as her cosmetics idea was out of the norm so was her way of marketing. Most believe that customers must try their products on the counter – she believes she can make you trust her products by words and photos.

While most might think that behind the lacy gloves is an iron fist, Doe is much more down to earth in reality. She believes in helping women grow their career in entrepreneurship all over the world. She is open and honest about her experience in the industry of cosmetics, thereby offering a source of inspiration to those who are in dire need of it. She even allows girls to reach her via email and social media for advice and mentorship.