Flint Water Crisis: Lead Pipes Will Remain Indefinitely

Michigan officials have deemed the city water supply in Flint unsafe, but residents are worried that Gov. Rick Snyder is not doing enough. Authorities went door to door earlier this month, advising residents not to drink the tap water and disbursed a case of water to each home.

Officials gathered on January 27 to discuss the issue.

“We have to be sure the water is safe,” Gov. Rick Snyder said.

Some experts, like GoFundMe campaigner for Earth Force Jon Urbana have said that city and state officials have been aware of that Flint’s water supply was contaminated with lead for more than a year. The state agreed to continue to supply bottled water and filters to the people of Flint, but a clean drinking water supply is not their only concern.

“What about the water we bathe in?” one resident said. “What about the water we need to cook and clean with? How will just one case of water continue to to take care of a whole family?”

A vast majority of buildings in the Midwest were built using lead pipes. When Flint switched its water supply from Detroit to the Flint River, residents began lodging complaints.

Gov. Snyder announced that the city would be working to replace the lead pipes, but it was unclear how long the task would take to complete from start to finish.

Premium Pet Food Market Reaches $10B In U.S.

Pet owners who want only the best for their companions can now feed them food that could easily be consumed by humans. The trend of ultra premium pet food shows no signs of stopping any time soon. The over all pet food market is valued at $23.7 billion dollars according to Yahoo Finance and the premium pet food market weighs in at a staggering $10.5 billion in he United States. With ingredients like fresh chicken and turkey, freshly picked cranberries and blueberries These are meals that many humans wouldn’t mind seeing on their own dining room tables. The premium pet food space has been dominated by smaller companies like Freshpet, Blue Buffalo and Merrick Pet Care but now some of the largest pet food manufacturers in the world are embracing the premium pet food trend. Purina now offers on Amazon pet owners to customize their very own special blend for their pets. Other large pet food brands are now buying up these smaller companies to gain entry into the market space. One of the largest pet food brands in the industry, Beneful, continues to produce high quality, healthy pet food at an affordable price. They have entered the premium pet food market with their Beneful Prepared Meals line which has garnered positive reviews from pet owners everywhere. The Prepared Meals line come in individual plastic containers which can be re-sealed to keep the remaining portion fresh. They are made with fresh cuts of meat, fresh vegetable and quality grains.

Private Equity Investments and Investment Mogul Stephen P. Murray

CCMP Capital is a private equity company that specializes in equity growth and buyout investments in Europe and North America. The name of the firm ‘CCMP’ is a reflection of the heritage of the organization, standing for Chemical ventures, Chase capital, Manufactures, and Partnerships. The company has strong proprietary operating resources, which combined with their industry experience drive the firm to operational efficiency and growth. The firm’s operations as an independent entity commenced in 2006 ten months after it was establishment. It was founded to perpetuate successful investment strategies created and implemented by the professionals of the firm, partners of J.P. Morgan and its predecessors.

The company invests from $100 to $500 million worth on Wall Street of equity in each transaction in any firm worth $300 million to $2 billion. In doing so, CCMP Capital helps to develop and grow the business, fund their over levered financial structures, take the public firms private, and enable corporate and management carve-outs and buyouts respectively. In addition, it diversifies estate solutions, particularly in firms owned by the founders.

The company has invested significant amount of time and money in these sectors. It prides in deep understanding of the issues, opportunities and challenges in these sectors and has become a firm of choice amongst the consumers on pehub. In retail sector, the company has invested over $7 billion in subsectors such as multichannel marketing, specialty retail, mass channel supply, and service business. In industrial sector, CCMP has over $4 billion worth of investments in place. The industrial sectors have the following subsectors, manufacturing, industrial, and distribution services.

In the healthcare industry, which hosts specialty products firms, managed care payers, health care service provides, and medical product distributors, CCMP has invested $2 billion. In addition, it boasts of three decades of experience in the sector. Lastly, CCMP has invested $2.7 billion in energy companies and has over two decades of experience in the later. The energy sector has subsectors including power, oilfield, production, midstream, and exploration.

Prominent Private Equity Investor

Private equity investment industry is one of the leading sectors in the investment space. Some successful private equity investors include as Stephen P. Murray, who was also the former president and Chief Executive Officer of the CCMP Capital. Murray attended Boston College where he graduated with a degree in economy in 1984. He enrolled for master’s degree specializing in Business Administration from Columbia school of business. He joined credit analysis program in 1984 at Hanover Corporation. He later became part of MH Equity Corporation. Murray also served in board of directors of major firms such as AMC Entertainment, Aramark, and the Vitamin Shoppe among others.