Ross Abelow Working To Help Homeless Animals

Ross Abelow is an attorney in New York City. He also cares about his community and wants to do what he can to help. Recently Mr. Abelow started a gofundme campaign to help stray animals in New York City. He found that there was a grave need in this area. Not many charities or people were pitching in to help animal shelters, so he decided to step up and try to help.

Mr. Abelow works in the firm Abelow & Cassandro. He specializes in Family, Commercial and Entertainment Law. He received his bachelor’s degree from The State University of New York at Albany and then went on to Brooklyn School of Law. He has much experience in courtroom litigation and has a heart for those in need.

Many animals fall to their death when they simply cannot find shelter from the cold. If they do manage to stay alive they have other animals to compete with for stray scraps of food and places to hide.

Shelter populations are booming especially during the winter months. The shelters simply do not have the funds to continue taking in such large number of animals. They need room, blankets, and food to help the animals stay alive and healthy. Mr. Abelow has set a goal of $5,000 to help the shelters.

The campaign that Mr Abelow has commenced is to aid the shelters in all their costs for the animals.  When the animals are brought in they are malnourished, and sometimes have injuries and even severe frostbite. Medical attention is needed to ease their pain and suffering and help them feel better.

Mr. Abelow understands these needs for he faces them with many of his clients. Through his work in Family and Matrimonial Law he encounters individuals who are hurting inside and need help to subside their pain. Mr. Abelow works with a number of court officials to aid these people in finding the relief that they need.

Helping out with the gofundme campaign will do so much good for stray and homeless animals during the coldest part of the year.

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Zika Virus Panic Is Way Ahead Of The Research According To Dr. Sergio Cortes

The Zika virus outbreak in Brazil is creating panic in other countries. Even though strains of the Zika Virus have been around for years, not much is known about the virus. Brazil knows the virus can create a wave of hysteria because there are signs that Zika and the condition known as microcephaly are related. Dr. Sergio Cortes, the Ministry of Health’s chief medical experts, believes the Zika virus and the number of microcephaly cases reported in the last 10 months have a connection. But the biological details of that connection is unclear at this point.

Dr. Cortes and his team of medical experts are trying to put the scientific pieces together. The team has been successful in identifying the virus in the amniotic fluid of two women that delivered babies with microcephaly. That may not be enough evidence for some people, but according to Dr. Cortes post on, it does mean the virus may have played a part in the arrested development of those two babies.

There are other theories about the cause of microcephaly.  Some doctors say the larvicide that is used in that program contaminates the drinking water in those rural areas. The doctors say that is the reason babies are not developing normally. The larvicide genetically alters newborn mosquitoes, and it appears it might do the same thing to the unborn human fetus.

 Dr. Cortes has an extensive amount of information about the situation on his official website, and it’s worth reading. Cortes has done a considerable amount of research on the Zika virus and microcephaly, but he says more research is needed to determine the exact cause of the birth defects.

The goal right now is to develop a vaccine that slows down the Zika virus, and to try to determine the real cause of the microcephaly outbreak. More than 3,500 cases have been reported so far, and Cortes and his staff think there could be thousands more. A vaccine will help control the Zika virus, but controlling the number of microcephaly is still an unknown based on the theories that are circulating on the Internet.

To read what Dr. Cortes and his staff knows about the Zika Virus visit his LinkedIn page. Dr. Cortes also has posts about the situation in Brazil on his Facebook page. Tweet Dr. Cortes with questions about the microcephaly outbreak.

Helane Morrison: Keeping Financial Dealing on the Straight and Narrow

On January 19, 2016, Project Eve featured a story written by Jordan Taylor. I found my attention captured from the first paragraph. Jordan wrote about the rarity of discovering a person who valued integrity. Even more intriguing, this person worked in the financial industry. I was captivated to learn this individual not only insisted on doing the right thing at all times but also asked others do the same. If the name Helane Morrison is new to you, read on. (Original Article here)

A lot of the material in this piece discussed the economic crisis of 2008. Taylor particularly cited the culture of corruption and greed among some players that caused the calamity. The author describes feelings of distrust and financial loss. Many people lost what they had invested in stocks and real estate. The number of home foreclosures and economic uncertainty was at its highest level in history. I remember this time well because I lost a business and a home, and I remember how people’s fears were palpable. 

I also remember that information about what had happened was slow to surface. Without question, it seemed as though we had all been the victims of some very questionable practices by some in the investment banking industry. The word was that often these folks operated with a total lack of integrity, and this brings us back to Helane Morrison.

Ms. Morrison began her career serving as a law clerk for first, the Hon. Richard A. Posner of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit (1984-1985), and then for Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun (1985-1986). Since entering private practice, she has been responsible for monitoring, litigating, and enforcing SEC violations in several different, private and public positions.

Learning about Helane Morrison and her career got me thinking how much safer our financial sector, economy and country would be with more people like her.  The economic crisis hurt millions of people. I for one feel better because someone like Helane Morrison is on the job. Perhaps a new cabinet position Mr. President?

Learn more about Helane’s career via or visit her LinkedIn account here:

Video Visitation Brings Big Downloads to Securus

While the general public may turn to Apple or Microsoft for everyday tech solutions to their communication needs, the world of corrections turns to Securus Technologies, known as the premiere provider of tech solutions to correctional facilities across North America. And while this company provides a great deal of products and services vital for law enforcement to do its job, they also extend avenues of communication to the family and loved ones of incarcerated persons.

Video visitation is a popular app made available through Securus that’s been made available to the general public for about six months. In that time, more than 60,000 users have downloaded the app through various Android marketplaces (access the app here). Through Apple’s App Store, more than 5,000 users accessed the app. This was a number that beat internal estimates, highlighting the popularity and essential status of such a communication tool.

Securus Technologies’ Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Russell Robert, Video Visitation is an app that strengthens communication through the Internet between inmates serving time and their families and friends.

With the use of Video Visitation, inmates and their families can communicate regularly with the use of video conferencing to any Apple licensed smartphone, tablet or iPod Touch, or the to many mobile devices running on an Android operating system. The mobility of this app is rather unprecedented for what’s already a fairly new method of communication. With the option to call in from anywhere – unlike the limitations of other inmate phone calls platforms – family members can establish meetings with their loved ones without the need of a traditional PC or accompanying accessories. All that is required of them is to access their mobile data plan or any accessible Wi-Fi hot spot and a video conference can take place, relieving the pressure placed on them to meet times for visitation and the burden of frequent travel.

Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas, Texas, and from their headquarters there they provide tech solutions and products to over 3,400 law enforcement bodies and coordinating correctional facilities that house and police some 1.2 million inmates.

Securus’ involvement with these institutions allows for them to communicate seamlessly, bettering their coordination when responding to emergency situations, assist in investigations with biometric analyses, and provide information instantly to surrounding communities to better ensure safety and security for the general public.


Learn more about this company’s services and history here >>

George Soros: EU on the Verge of Collapse?

One of the most remarkable economic experts of our time would be George Soros.  After the war ended his native country was overrun by communists, so he fled for England in 1947. Once there he graduated from the London School of Economics and quickly became recognized as an economic expert. After settling in the United States later on he founded the hedge fund that bears his name.
Mr. Soros is seen by many as an individual that can analyze current market trends and predict when a financial collapse will occur. He recently predicted that the current market was similar to the 2008 crash and he also feels that the European Union is on the verge of collapse as well.

During a recent interview with the NY Books Review, Soros discussed many different topics, including his prediction that the European Union was on the verge of collapse. He noted that the recent Greek crisis taught many in Germany and other parts of Europe the art of “kicking a can down the road” or the ability to continue to keep stalling on a potential disaster. He said that not only does the EU face the crisis of Greece but they also face the crisis of Russia, Ukraine, a potential British referendum, and the Syrian migration crisis as well. Soros also noted during the interview that while he applauds the current decisive leadership of German chancellor Angela Merkel and her attempts to rescue the EU, the leadership was needed much, much earlier than this current time frame.

She would have encountered lot of political opposition, but had she acted decisively at that time she could have prevented the current crisis. Although the interviewer did note that had she elected to bail out the Lehman Brothers she probably would have been ousted from office, Soros said that she did at least risk her leadership position in order to take a stand on the migration issue. However, Soros also said that the crisis and potential collapse of the European Union is far from resolved and many feel that her leadership style has been brought into question. Had she been more farsighted in some of these issues, then perhaps the European Union would be on a more solid footing at this present time.

Queens Of Drama: A Behind The Scenes Peek At Television

Ever wonder what soap opera stars did when they weren’t being soap opera stars? Well, the fine folks at POP decided to give the American TV viewing public a peek behind the curtain with their scripted reality drama TV series, Queens of Drama. The TV show follows the lives of former soap opera stars both daytime and primetime while they form a production company to develop and produce a new soap opera pilot for TV. It’s a bit of a trip down the rabbit hole, but it stars some truly heavy hitting talent in the form of Crystal Hunt, Vanessa Marcil, Hunter Tylo, Chrystee Pharris and Lyndsay Harley. Donna Mills also stars as a fictionalized version of herself and the down-to-earth queen bee of the crew. The show Is a lot of fun for both soap opera fans and non-soap opera fans who just want to know what goes on behind the scenes of producing a new TV show.

Facebook fans of Crystal Hunt are glad to see her back on the small screen in Queens of Drama. Ms. Hunt has been seen most recently in the movies, ‘Magic Mike XXL’ and ’23 Blast’. However, fans of Crystal Hunt love her for her work on soap operas like Lizzie Spaulding on The Guiding Light and Stacy Morasco on One Life to Live. Ms. Hunt won the Daytime Emmy award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series in 2005 for her role in the Guiding Light.

The award was just a highlight in a long career, which began at age 2 with kiddie beauty pageants, which lead to commercials, and then daytime TV. Her role on Queens of Drama allow fans to get a glimpse at the woman behind the talented actress. IMDb indicates that when Crystal Hunt is not acting, she also spends time behind the camera as she did when she produced an independent film titled Talbot County, a horror film that was inspired by a true story.

The reviews of Queens of Drama have been good overall with one press outlet calling the show, ‘must watch soap opera-y goodness’, which seems to be the opinion of the fans of the show. Queens of Drama is a good choice for people who like reality shows, people who like soap operas or just people who are fans of these soap opera actresses. The first season was a thrill with a cameo appearance from the queen of soap opera diva’s Joan Collins.

Queens of Drama had a first season 10 episode arc and there is talk of a second season due to the popularity of the show. Yes, there was in fighting and cat fighting and backbiting, but that’s all part of the magic that reality TV lovers crave.

Kyle Bass: The Attention Seeking Economic Gambler

“Investors beware, the information being given is not reliable and might doom your business if followed!” That would be my first when is see Kyle Bass on the tv or his picture on a newspaper with an article about his new business prediction. For some time now Kyle Bass has been appearing on the media offering bad and short-sighted financial advice. Investors and close followers of economics were once fooled into believing that the Hayman Capital Management founder and chief executive officer was an excellent financial analyst. This was back then in 2008 when Kyle Bass and his Dallas-based hedge fund management firm, Hayman Capital, made a killing after correctly predicting the subprime mortgage crisis that year. He and his firm went ahead to purchase properties seized by the bank after its owners suffered from the crisis and made a huge profit by reselling them later. This move also gave him a chance to sink it to the fame he accrued from his lucky success and took it to the media as an economic analyst.

It seems his well of luck had run dry, as every economic analysis, he gave turned out to be fake and unreliable as his predictions never came to pass. It was one prediction and analysis gone wrong after another prediction and analysis gone wrong. Any sane economic analyst would withdraw from the media, go back to his drawing board and come up with new strategies. Kyle Bass kept on presenting himself to media platforms to give economic analysis. In fact, his frequency of appearance increased with every wrong prediction he gave. Kyle Bass was flying too close to the sun and his “waxed wings” had started to melt. From time to time, he started receiving sharp criticism due to his bad economic advice, but he went on.

He boldly stood against another well-known analyst who was famous for their correct predictions and argued out that the European economy would crash. Of course, it did not, I wonder how Kyle Bass felt after that.

Then came his biggest fall that clearly portrayed him as a real economic gambler who has been cheating investors with his bad economic advice, the Argentina crisis. When the new government took office, the economically illiterate Argentinian despot Cristina Fernández de Kirchner was dedicated to bringing new economic policies to the people of Argentina. This was the biggest mistake ever made in the history of Argentina’s economy. Before the results of the poor economic policies began to manifest and the country’s economy crumble, Kyle Bass stood against other economic analysts and praised the despot and her policies.

FreedomPop Has More To Offer Its Customers

When you start using FreedomPop, you’ll notice that you have a lot more money to work with in life. I no longer have a phone bill to pay for, and I can think of a bunch of other people over the United States and over in Great Britain that are feeling the same way I feel. FreedomPop is the new, unlimited provider of one of the best cell networks out there. They have a free service they provide! The free service actually gives customers a certain amount of data, messages and text capabilities to work with every month. That’s something that phone companies don’t want you to know.

The second you start using FreedomPop’s service, you’ll see what it’s like to have 200 MB of free data usage, 200 minutes of talk time, and 200 messages to send each month without paying a bill or signing a stinking contract. You’ll even have the choice to add this free plan onto your existing wireless plan. What more could you ask for?

FreedomPop has more to offer you. They recently gained a huge amount of funding. The funding they received was 50 million dollars, and they’re going to grow their network capabilities with it.  Then, it will be available to those customers who are traveling to any of 40 countries! The best part is they will update the SIM cards for the phones remotely, so you won’t have to trade in your hardware that fits your device. If you want to read more about the expansion of FreedomPop’s global wifi hotspots, then you should read this article from PC Mag.

The Disease Prevention Measures Taken By The State Department of Health In Xerém Were Directed By Dr. Sergio Cortes

The January flood in the small city of Xerém adds another disaster to the long list of disasters that have occurred in Brazil in the last 18 months. It’s bad enough that the country is immersed in the worst economic crisis in more than 100 years, but adding floods and other natural disasters to the list makes it sound like Brazil is in the middle of some karmic payback.

The city of Xerém is one of those laidback cities in the north of Brazil that is never mentioned unless there is a disaster knocking at its door. A torrential spring rain at the beginning of January provided the knock Xerém needed to be recognized. The Capivari River left it banks and swallowed the city in water, mud, debris and the potential for disease. The Brazilian government sent a team of medical professionals to the city immediately after the flood to help victims as well as educate them. The medical team leader, Dr. Sergio Cortes, is an expert in disease control. Brazil is one of the 24 countries that have a major Zika virus outbreak.

Dr. Cortes and his medical team are capable of identifying the symptoms of mosquito related diseases like the Zika virus, dengue and leptospirosis. The first thing the team did when they reached the victims of the flood was to dispense antibiotics to the people that were exposed to mosquitoes in the area. The next task was to treat the city’s water supply with sodium hypochlorite to make it drinkable again.

According to an article posted by, the first batch of water samples collected in several shelters by the Cortes medical team were considered unsatisfactory. Cortes asked for bottled water donations, according to Exame. The team also needed extra calamity kits as well as food donations.

The Brazilian government plans to destroy the mosquito breeding grounds around Xerém and other cities in the North. The only way to control the spread of disease in Xerém is to educate the residents about the symptoms, get rid of the garbage, and the pools of water that cover the roads in the city, according to Dr. Cortes.

Sergio Cortes has a LinkedIn page that shows his credentials. The doctor also has a Twitter account.