Supporting the GoFundMe Campaign by Ross Abelow will Help Reduce the Deaths of Stray Animals

Not many individuals are concerned about the welfare of animals, especially those that lack any form of relationship or association with them. However, there are some people like Ross Abelow, a New York-based attorney, who possess a caring heart. In the recent past, he has gone public to declare the unveiling of a GoFundMe campaign, whose sole purpose is to eradicate the increased number of stray animals in the streets of New York City. Subsequently, the campaign’s target was set at $5000 to facilitate animal shelters around the city.

The cause of increased death of homeless animals on the streets of New York City has been greatly attributed to the dwindling temperatures due to the winter season. Vulnerable animals on the streets lack shelter, which exposes to greater harm from the frigid weather. As a lover of his community, Abelow hopes that more people can engage in his course by donating funds through his GoFundMe campaign page.

The money contributed via the GoFundMe campaign will be utilized in purchasing various supplies for the animal shelters in the city such as vaccines, blankets, drugs, and food products to feed the animals. In this case, the animal shelters help provide temporary shelter and provisions to the stray animals prior their adoption by the pet lovers.

A Detailed Look at Ross Abelow

Ross Abelow represents one of the most sought after attorneys in New York, where he currently resides and operates. On the same note, he runs the Abelow and Cassandro law firm where he is a major partner. He stated active legal practice after graduating from the Brooklyn College of Law. Apart from studying law, he is an alumnus of the State University of New York. His practice in the legal field extends for a duration of more than 20 years making him quite resourceful in terms of legal knowledge and experience.

Abelow’s legal skills stretch into various legal fields such as commercial litigation, entertainment, matrimonial, family law. His expertise in entertainment law has been utilized by various players in the entertainment industry in a bid to acquire a good defense in court as well as legal counsel. Abelow is also known for sharing his views and knowledge with the public through his personal blog, which touches on both finance and law. The public can also get in contact with Ross Abelow through his social media networks such as Mashable and Facebook. Primarily, this is because he loves to engage and interact with the public through online sites.

Madison Street Capital Meeting Buyer And Seller Qualities

Small has firms can grow and develop more by increasing their assets and also ensuring that they are properly managed. Madison Street Capital has untapped the growing asset management industry to meet the needs of small middle-income firms through using strategic analysis to ensure that buyer and seller qualities and top notch and meeting the needs of each party . If one is interested in raising the value of an organization, Madison Street Capital has the advice and information from the buyer’s side and the seller’s side. This strategically boosts the value of the organization according to bloomberg business; people are also top most assets in a company, and Madison is there to advice on how to manage the clients without going against the culture of the organization.
Madison Street Capital employees are experienced in the asset management industries, the assets which the also help create a good valuation. Madison will help a small middle-income manager realize both long term and short term objectives of the firm, come up with new growth ideas, and adopt better investment strategies. For Madison Street Capital leadership strategies in a firm determine a lot on the ability of the firm to go beyond small profits and to become outstanding from all other competitors.

Madison Street Capital is the leading provider of acquisitions and mergers advisory and corporate finance. The firm has been the most outstanding company in the list of middle investment banking firms. It connects great minds with great minds especially buyers to sellers and also connects middle-income investors to the highly trusted creditors. Their major focus is especially on idle income firms to make their goals and objectives come to pass through proper financial advice and assistance. Madison conducts a financial evaluation on a firm and then advises accordingly for companies to avoid sinking in a pool of challenges. Their experts know the challenges and opportunities in asset management, and they help firms explore them to the maximum.

The headquarter office of Madison Street Capital is in Chicago Illinois, but it is operational globally as it has holdings in Africa, Asia, and North America. The firm runs in assistance of seasoned professionals who give advice after conducting a deep analysis of the problem and ensure that the recommendations will be of assistance. Madison Street capital has other services including financial opinion, financial reporting, business valuation services, buy and sell side services for private equities and also advice hedge funds on mergers and acquisitions. Madison Street capital services are shown in a youtube video to spread to different companies from manufacturers to business majored companies.

Fabletics Releases Its Spring/Summer 2016 Line


The Clothes Maiden recently featured an article on the spring/summer 2016 collection of Fabletics. What makes Fabletics active wear, and specifically its upcoming collection, stand apart from the rest of the fitness fashion industry is its use of bold colors, wild patterns and unique fits. Kate Hudson has been the face of the Fabletics brand since its founding. Hudson has been intimately involved in the design of Fabletics‘ clothing and is frequently seen wearing it herself. Because Hudson has an active lifestyle as a mother of two kids, she is in the perfect position to design active wear for other women to fit their style and busy schedule.

One thing is for sure with Fabletics clothing, workout wear no longer needs to be drab and boring. Fabletics releases new outfits on a monthly basis for its online customers and offers incredibly deep discounts off of retail prices, especially for its VIP monthly membership subscribers. The online retailer has enjoyed phenomenal success since it was first established its online store in 2013. In fact, it has even expanded into men’s athletic wear through its partner brand, FL2, which was founded by Kate Hudson’s brother, Oliver Hudson.

Fabletics has boasted incredible levels of customer satisfaction and is constantly gaining new VIP memberships through its even deeper outfit discounts for first time members. The even better part of the deal is that shipping for VIP members is free. Although Fabletics is based on an automatic billing schedule for its VIP members, they make it very easy to cancel membership at any time by calling the customer service phone number. Also, VIP members have the option to simply skip a month if they are not ready to purchase any of the new outfits. And, even if VIP members forget to log in to their online account and skip a particular month, their credits can roll over to the next month to be applied to another outfit purchase. The flexible membership model lets VIP members who decide to cancel renew their membership at any time.

If you are looking to upgrade your fitness wardrobe, check out Fabletics for a wide range of outfit options to fit all personal style types and workout routines.

Wen by Chaz Improves Fine Hair


Wen by Chaz was put to the test by a Bustle editor in a week long trial to see how the famous cleansing conditioner stacked up against her typical hair care routine. Suffice it to say, that at the end of the seven day challenge, the editor was happy to announce that she would reach for WEN any time she wanted her hair to appear thicker and more shiny. Her before and after pictures posted for each day of the week show that her hair was remarkably more shiny and bouncy on the days when she showered and styled her hair with Wen by Chaz. However, on the days when she did not have time to use Wen by Chaz, she unfortunately did not enjoy the same impressive results. For her, she concluded that Wen by Chaz could be used when she wanted to give her hair an extra boost, but that she could not use the product and then simply not wash her hair the next day.

 WEN was designed by famous hair dresser, Chaz Dean. It has received numerous celebrity endorsements, including rave reviews by Brooke Shields and Angie Harmon. In addition, thousands of women express extremely positive results from using Wen as a a part of their daily hair care routine and claim that it has made their hair healthier than ever.

While you may find that Wen by Chaz shares many similar ingredients of other shampoos on the market, what you wont’ find in its formula are any sulfates, which can do extreme damage to the health of your hair over time. Wen by Chaz also combines the effects of many different hair care products into its one cleansing conditioner, which prevents over processing and excessive damage to your hair over time.

Dog food options expanding to meet customer demand


Demand for dog foods that are better for your pets have been leading to an increase in the variety of dog foods that are currently available for dog owners. While these higher quality products have an higher cost associated with them, both to produce as well as to buy as a dog owner, they are becoming more popular than ever and now make up almost a third of the dog food market.

Dog owners clearly love their pets and are spending more to buy dog foods that are organic and preservative free in nature as a result. This has led major dog manufacturers to adapt and start producing organic dog foods. Some brands, like Beneful which is owned by Nestle Purinastore, have acquired smaller competitors who have specialized in making organic foods and now offer a full range of organic dog foods to their customers. Others have tried to introduce their own lines of organic foods, but have not been as successful as Beneful in introducing these products to the market.

Preservative free products are also exploding in popularity and many smaller nimble brands are introducing options for preservative free dog foods. Freshpet only has annual sales of $100 million and has yet to earn a profit, but already has introduced a preservative free dog food that needs to be refrigerated in special refrigerators that are located at retail customers. These products are significantly more expensive than dog foods with preservatives as they need to be stored and turn over more frequently, but many believe that these dog foods are better for your pets.

Finally, brands are increasingly introducing more specialized dog food blends for pets. These dog food blends are set to provide dog owners with mixes that work for their pets and may not appeal to the market at large. An example of this is Beneful’s dog food blend that has coconut derived fat included in it which is easier for some dogs to process. While this may not be needed for all pets, many elderly dogs will benefit from this mix and be healthier as a result of consuming this dog food.