Visual Search Works Well for Footwear

Visual search platform Slyce is making a lot of impact in the retail market. It is particularly making a splash in the clothing and apparel market. Many stores are starting to see the value that visual search is adding to the store. A recent activity with Slyce has shown the company teaming up with Shoe Carnival, which is a footwear company. Shoe Carnival now enables users of Slyce to snap pictures of footwear and find matching products. The images can be taken from any source. They can be snapped from photos, or in the real world, or even in magazines.

Slyce is a technology that revolutionizes shopping. It makes it easier for people to find items that they see and come to want. When they take a picture of an item, they will then be directed to where the item is sold. People no longer have to look at certain items and feel their hearts sink because they don’t know where to get that item. Slyce also directs people to similar items that are being sold at retails. Slyce is proving to be a benefit to both customers and retailers alike. Slyce can be downloaded as an app for smartphones and tablets.

Slyce has been founded by Cameron Chell. He is a serial entrepreneur who has been in business for 25 years. He is especially passionate about discovering new things and assisting with the development of new companies that are centered around technology. Slyce is definitely one of the companies and technologies that change the way things are done. Slyce uses image recognition technology that is accurate. This allows customers to find the exact item they are looking for. They will also know where they can get the item. The scanner presented by Slyce can also deal with barcodes and QR codes. Shopping is going to be made a lot easier for people when they use technology provided by Slyce.

George Soros: A Philanthropist For Democracy

George Soros, the prosperous chairman of Soros Fund Management, founded the Open Society Foundation as his vehicle for making grants to organizations promoting free speech in countries with authoritarian regimes. Soros also favors improving education, reducing poverty and any other programs which indirectly support democratic resistance in countries with repressive governments.

Mr. Soros promotes democratic models on Forbes to the oppressed through his foundation. He understands how people who live in repressive societies feel, since he lived under the Nazi occupation of his native Hungary as a teenager. He’s passionate about freedom for the media and freedom of information, which George Soros views as hallmarks of a democratic society and the means to reduce government corruption. Seeing education as the key to promoting open societies, Soros gives generously to universities, including many in countries that were once part of the former Soviet Union. He’s founded Hungary’s Central European University and generously donated millions to Eastern European universities.

Organizations fighting extreme poverty also see the benefit of Soros’ largess. He’s given almost $75 million to Millennium Promise, a group working toward improving the lives of people living in rural villages in sub-Saharan Africa. George Soros is funded entire villages, with donations helping to improve crop yields and sanitation improvements. Soros has said that he has more than enough money for himself and his family; therefore, he is going to give the remainder away. His philanthropic work makes him feel good and he knows how to achieve long-term benefits for the money that he invests in programs.

Programs on that receive funding from Soros primarily support democracy-building efforts, with a few exceptions for humanitarian and disaster relief efforts. He’s also involved in U.S. elections, donating to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The name of the foundation really says it all; George Soros on politico wants to empower citizens to hold their governing body accountable, the hallmark of an open society.

I Took A Happy Risk and Used Wen By Chaz

Does perfect hair really exist? Do you feel like you will ever be able to have the same voluminous hair that you see women on television have on some of your favorite infommercials? Maybe beautiful hair is obtainable but maybe it’s not. Who really knows. You can hear about the perfect products all day and all night but in order to truly find the product that works best for you it takes risk. So what exactly does risk taking look like in the world of beautiful hair? It means you have to try new products from sephora that may make your hair look amazing or may make your hair look worst than it ever has. It’s up to you to take that risk; however, if you’re like me and you are petrified of taking risks then perhaps you should check out Emily Mcclure’s review of one of the most popular hair care systems out there, Wen hair by Chaz Dean:

When Emily first decided to take the risk and give this new Wen hair product a try she started the day after she had been traveling and her hair was thing, greasy and not beautiful at all. She had tried several products before and wasn’t really sure if this would be the amazing product she had dreamed of but she was willing to take a risk.

After completing the hair care system and blow drying her hair Emily was shocked at how full her hair was. It had a ton of volume and she was amazed that the WEN Hair product actually worked on her thin and unmanageable hair. This might be the dream product she’s been waiting for she thought to herself.

As she approached day 2 and prepared to go through the styling system again she was a bit shocked by the hair she woke up to.It was greasy and unmanageable again. She knew her hair would eventually go back to normal but not as quickly as it did. She doesn’t credit this to the product but she does admit that didn’t follow the directions thoroughly because she was afraid it would weigh her hair down if she used their portion sizes.

By day 7 Emily realized that every day produced different results. She even stated that she felt that the product did wonders on her hair but it would do much better for women with fine and thin hair.

So what exactly is WEN Hair? It is promoted as a 3 in 1 product that eliminates the need for having to buy 3 different products in order to get one result. It was created by Chaz Dean and has been changing the hair of women across the world making them feel more and more beautiful each day.