US money Reserve President Speaks of The Companies Unquestionable Dedication To Its Clients

Gold market veterans founded the US Money Reserve. There was a need for top notch customer service, sincerity, expert market knowledge and trustworthy guidance that is always crucial when it comes to buying bullion. The U.S. Money Reserve is among the largest distributors of US issued gold, platinum coins, and silver. The company works with many clients who have benefited from the unique opportunities that come with buying of precious metals. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The company has always given the best expected US government silver, gold and platinum coins that can be found on the market. US Money Reserve has many clients. This is due to their ability to trustfully help customers get coins that are of highest value. They have helped many buyers of precious metals to profit making position today.

US Money Reserve does offer three main ways or options that precious metal can be owned. These options are certified coins, bullion coins and bars. All this are generally purchased through fast, secure ways that one can buy bullion. The US Money Reserve sells its products from the world’s most trusted mints. The mints they work with include U.S. Mint, Austrian Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, and South African Mint.

In a recent interview, Philip Diehl who is the President of US Money Reserve and a former US Mint Director discussed the gold market. The interview was by Eric Dye for Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio.

The show provides businesses a platform to share with potential clients their latest products, creation, services, strategies, and experience. The president of the company discussed his background and also the future of the gold market and also the strong customer service that the US Money Reserve has. Read more:

US Money Reserve | CrunchBase and US Money Reserve TV Commercials –

Diehl is ranked among the top and most accomplished US Mints Directors.  In his career, he has been responsible for the transformation of the US Mint.

The agency he says was pretty backward, but his efforts and that of others have seen it turn to a real entrepreneurial agency. His efforts transformed customer services to the best in America.

Delhi has maintained the company’s policies on customer service. The U.S. Money Reserve this year also started a self-directed bullion IRA program where customers can acquire physical gold as a way of preserving wealth.

Customers should choose US minted gold, silver and gold as the US government legally backs them.

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Get the Most Sound Investment Advice from Laidlaw and Company

Laidlaw & Company Ltd. is an investment boutique that provides personalized wealth management and investment banking services, as well as execution, to individuals and institutions across the United Kingdom and United States. The firm’s headquarter are based in the city of New York, New York.

Services on Laidlaw & Company include raising of capital through equity placement with institutional and retail investors who are of high net worth; debt placement and mezzanine capital with corporate Investors; arrangement of the national exchange listings; acquisition financing; the US trading markets; initial public offerings; and AIM-listed transactions in UK market.

The investment banking services of the firm on also comprise divestitures, acquisitions advisory services, fairness opinions, going private transactions, balance sheet optimization/financial restructuring, fairness opinions, recapitalizations and purchase of stock, management-led buyouts, strategic partnering/joint ventures transactions, strategic alliances, mergers, and alternative investments.

Its services on wealth management comprise of portfolio management, financial planning, and investment advisory services.

Portfolio Management

As a registered investment advisor that is independent, Laidlaw Asset Management aims at preserving the capital of their client through diversification. They strongly believe that security selection and asset allocation are the most essential determinants of the performance of an investment. By allocating their clients’ investment money across a prudently chosen blend of asset classes, they aim at helping to maximize the return potential while also managing their exposure to risks associated with investment.

Financial Planning

Laidlaw & Company works with their clients in developing a comprehensive and personally tailored approach to their financial targets. The firm pools together and streamlines investment management on wsj, financial planning, estate planning and risk management services into a process that is efficient and transparent.

Being a pioneer investment firm with more than 170 years of experience, Laidlaw & Company is highly dedicated to provide transparent and independent advice, world class customer service and a wide range of traditional and alternative solutions for investment.

Beneful Changes: Living Up to the Name

Any pet owner knows about Beneful dog food. The name itself is clever enough to make owners want to buy it in order to benefit their pet’s heath. However, with the increasing drive to better our help, many owners are finding it necessary to do the same for their pets. Pets are a very important member of the family and therefore, families want to make sure they are taken care of just as well as everyone else. Huffington Post has given us a great insight on just how critical they are (
Beneful has taken a hit by critics on the ingredients that are in their dog foods, such as the dyes and propylene glycol. Even if the ingredient is approved by the FDA, if it sounds suspicious, they don’t want anything to do with it. People are going as far as to bring a class action lawsuit against Nestle Purina. Little did they know, the dog food formulas for Baneful were already being rethought and improved. They have removed or reduced the amounts of ingredients that have had past complaints about. They have tested the amazon sold products with families and their pets to make sure they are up to standards. They even perform 30,000 quality checks during a 24-hour period of production. has a committed team backing them that are fully devoted to their products and to their customers. The changes they have made are beneficial to the owners and the pets. With all the new, healthy food options for our dogs out available, many may start to check their other options. Those options tend to be a bit more expensive and not everyone can afford it, no matter how much you love your pet. Beneful is making it possible for every pet to have access to healthy food without owners having to break the bank.



Stephern Murray, former CEO of CCMP Capital, Passed Away After Resigned Over Health Concerns

Stephen P. Murray, the former CCMP Capital Chief Executive Officer, passed away at age 52 on March 12, 2015. He stepped down from his position with CCMP in February, 2015 citing health concerns. His career with CCMP had spanned 16 years prior to his resignation.
CCMP Capital focuses its investments within the consumer, energy, health and industrial markets. Generally the investment level rests between $100 million to $500 million in equity per transaction. Previous investments have included outdoor lifestyle retailer Cabela’s Inc. and sandwich purveyor Quiznos Corporation.  Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP:

Murray’s career began with Manufacturers Hanover Corporation with the credit analyst training program in 1982. During his time there, he acquired a degree in economics from Boston College in 1984 – Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP: He continued his work with ME Equity Corporation, the result of the combining of Manufacturers Hanover Corporation’s leverage finance unit and private equity group in 1989 while completing his master’s degree from Columbia Business School in business administration.

Manufacturers Hanover Corporation was then purchased in 1991 by Chemical Bank, which subsequently merged with Chase Manhattan Corporation in 1996 resulting in the creation of Chase Capital Partners in 1996. After becoming the head of the buyout business with JP Morgan Partners in 2005, Murray co-founded CCMP Capital and was ultimately named CEO in 2007. In 2014, CCMP raised a $3.6 billion fund. Read more: Stephen Murray, The Great Investor and Deal Maker for CCMP Capital
During his time, Stephen Murray also served on the boards of various major companies including AMC Entertainment, Aramark, Legacy Hospital Partners, Pinnacle Foods and publicly traded drug company Warner Chilcott.

Originally a resident of New York, Murray was survived by his wife, Tami A. Murray, and their four sons.

Read more: Ex-CCMP Capital CEO Steve Murray passes away