George Soros take on the Looming ‘Leave Campaign’ in Britain

Born In 1930, George Soros is by far one of the most respected business gurus globally. This respect has not been achieved through sheer luck. George is a renowned investor, philanthropist and author of many great books; that he uses as tools to impart his acquired knowledge and vast experience. He is the founder and chairperson of Soros Fund Management and chairperson of open society foundations.

George Soros has developed a distinguished career of not being camera shy. He does not cower from addressing global or local looming issues. George has hit newsrooms in the recent past with a powerful message addressing the intention of Britain to leave the 28-nation European Union.

Soros is quoted saying that the British vote to leave the 28-nation European Union could have far-reaching effects. These effects extend to potentially damaging British citizens living standards as well as trigger a plunge in the British economy worse than that witnessed in Black Wednesday. Soros approximates that the pound could fall by 20%; worse than the 15% plunge witnessed when Britain crashed out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. This was said in an exclusive with the Guardian newspaper.

This marked George Soros entry in the ‘remain campaign’; joining celebrities like David Beckham, who have had their say on the looming leave campaign. Soros and Beckham are only a tip of the iceberg with many financial experts warning that the move by Britain could have serious detrimental effects on Britain’s economy.

It carries on to be seen if Britain will listen to the advice offered by renowned experts in global economies as well as renowned celebrities who have taken issue with the leave campaign.

The leave campaign believes that the vote to leave the EU will have no effect on their financial position, Soros terms this belief as wishful thinking. This is because numbers don’t lie and as far as George Soros is concerned; the British Economy and households are bound to hit this plunge in the event that the vote goes through. In the past, George has offered free advice to economies around the globe, and all his predictions have come to pass.

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George Soros | Open Society Foundations (OSF)

The leave campaign continues to mock the advice offered by economic experts and celebrities by taking steps to actualize their intention. The recent involvement of David Beckham as a strong oppose of the leave campaign is an additional loss to the leave campaign, this comes after a recent claim by the EU that Beckham’s wife Victoria backed Brexit; quoting MS Victoria in 1996: Euro-Bureaucrats are destroying every bit of National identity and individuality.’ Beckham said that this statements are a non-issue and were uttered before the couple spent long spells in Madrid, Milan, and Paris. Beckham’s family enjoyed living in these great European cities and was welcomed by fans.

Aaron Banks, who leads the leave campaign, remained shell-shocked with other Brexiters saying that celebrities like Beckham and Vicky are divorced from the reality of the EU.

Soros whose massive wealth emanated from betting against the pound in 1992; estimates that the average income loss set to hit British households in the event that the leave campaign succeeds between 3000 to 5000 pounds. These estimates are in line with the Bank of England and the International Monetary Fund.

While the 1992 economic crisis served as a blessing in disguise to the British economy. Having brought down interest rates and spark the economies recovery; Soros feels that a devaluation would not be healthy at all costs.

It continues to be seen if the Leave campaign will heed the advice of the experts.

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Youth is so Impetuous, and so Exposed to a World of Information

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• Hair-soap is regulated, not approved, by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

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Beneful: Treats for Healthy Teeth

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Is a shared office space the answer to your freelancing woes?

Coworking Space and Workville NYC


The concept of coworking is pretty simple: people, who aren’t necessarily part of the same organization, work together in a shared space and share the rent. Because the workers aren’t generally competing, they tend to share ideas freely and help one another. The result is a creative energy that often brings about new discoveries and breakthroughs.

While coworking in recent years has been pretty much restricted to people doing desk-based tech work such as web development, programming, writing, etc., there’s really no reason why other fields and industries can’t turn more to coworking. This style of working helps freelancers who generally work from home feel less isolated and get more done because it’s more difficult to put off tasks that need to be done when you see the same group of people every day, and they know what you’re supposed to be doing.

Startups that aren’t quite able to afford their own space often turn to coworking, and teams benefit from working around individuals not affiliated with it. Giant corporations like Google sponsor coworking spaces so that their employees in remote locations have a place to work other than their homes.

The author of a Harvard Business Review article points out the similarities to modern day coworking spaces and Renaissance-era workshops in Italy where artists, scientists and thinkers worked together in shared spaces.

Workville NYC


Workville NYC is a beautiful shared office space full of natural light near Times Square in New York City. A variety of working areas are available – from shared desks to offices – and the space even has three terraces. The diverse and energetic group of professionals sharing the space at Workville results in an overall culture of excellence. Conference rooms are available for members at Workville, and it’s possible to host events there as well.

Workville also partners with a number of influential brands and uses these connections to the benefit of its members. For example, members can get good hotel reservations through Workville’s partnership with the Refinery Hotel or set up a personal investment account with financial powerhouse Morgan Stanley, another partner.

In brief, Workville is a space that combines the charm and creative spirit of a traditional coworking space with all the amenities of a big city.

Securus Technologies On Track For Most Inmate Calls

Securus Technologies has received notoriety in the correctional facility market for implementing a program that has resulted in the culmination of the highest rate of inmate calls in American history. This achievement has made Secures Technologies one of the most popular brands in inmate visitation technology. The development of the video enhanced software has caused a massive shift in the inmate communication systems in correctional facilities. Instead of communicating via telephone systems and personal visitation, inmates are now able to use linked in data networks to communicate with their loved ones via video chats. This development has caused a marked improvement in inmate behavior and relations with civilians.
The most remarkable difference between traditional correctional communication systems and the ones developed by Securus Technologies is the network the software uses.  No other communications software has ever allowed inmates the ability to communicate with the outside world with such ease of use and non limited communication. While their communication may be limited by the specific corrections facility in which they are being held, their are no limits placed upon communication by the communications software because of the use of data networks. Watch this video on Youtube.

This new development in inmate software technology has reportedly caused the number of inmate calls on this device to surge on a national level. Reports by from March of 2016 listed the Securus Technology communications software as the most popular communications program that the corrections industry has seen since the development of the telephone system. Prisons have reported high levels of success with implementing the programs into their facilities and are pleased with the resulting effects the software has on the behavior of the inmates.  More information can be found here.