Straight Razor Art at Donald Scott NYC


Donald Scott, the CEO of Donald Scott NYC is a renowned hair artist. Donald has popularized the use of straight razors with a modern twist. Traditionally, men took their time to groom themselves using straight razors ( Today, men do not have much time to groom. They have ditched straight razors for the modern cartridge razors for faster results.


Benefits of using straight razors and different techniques for cutting hair


There are countless advantages of using straight razors. They save money because they don’t need cartridge replacement. Sharpness lasts for as long as six months. The razor is unlikely to cause skin irritation because it is run against the skin once or twice. Fringe and framing hair requires a razor for soft, thin and light banks. Texturizing and thinning hair can be done artistically using a razor. At Donald Scott NYC, the art of the straight razor is reinvented.


Donald Scott NYC‘s most popular products

  1. The Carving Comb Wide is used on its own or with shears to texturize hair with ease. It is perfect for the curly hair.
  2. Prepare Liquid Tool Glide is ideal for sliding the razor.
  3. Groom stik Pro grooms hard to reach areas
  4. DS/4X works perfectly for finishing the nape of the neck.

Groom Stick Pro from WPRNY on Vimeo.

Investment Expert Igor Cornelsen Has Some New Ideas

The world of investing can seem really confusing even for those who have experience in this area. An investor on Tumblr must be aware of many factors including the history the markets, how to balance various types of investments and what to do to help minimize risks. This is something that skilled investor Igor Cornelsen knows about. Igor Cornelsen is one of the world’s most respected capitalists and someone who fully understands all aspects of the market. His entire career has been about showing others how they can benefit from the right kind of expertise in order to have investments that work for them and offer them the chance not only to earn money but also to see their nest egg grown and expand.

At Home in Brazil

While Igor Cornelsen currently makes his home in the United States where he closely follows the markets, his own background stems from his upbringing in the nation of Brazil. Here in Brazil he made a huge fortune helping to run many Brazilian banks. Under his expertise, many bank patrons benefited from his ability to correctly examine the markets here and figure out how to provide expert advice for those looking to invest here or just looking to consider being part of the huge and booming Brazilian financial sector on Twitter. The work he did here made him one of the most respected businessmen in all of Brazil, allowing him to consider other kinds of options in choosing a career and expanding his holdings in other nations.

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Foreign Exchange Investment

Igor Cornelsen is noted for his ability to offer guidance in many areas of the market. He has been able to offer solid advice for those who want to invest in securities in the United States as well as investors who look to Brazil to see potential growth. While he has chosen to retire, he has also continued to provide areas of help including advice about foreign exchange investment. Foreign exchange investment is a specialized field that can yield both risk and reward, allowing an investor to increase their portfolio holdings and expand into new types of important investments.

Brown Modeling Agency Making Modeling Dreams Come True

It is a truism that models are born and not made, but there are a series of caveats attached to that statement. Anyone who has viewed an episode of What Not To Wear realizes the importance of makeup, hair styling, and clothes selection. But the simple truth is that both fashion and print modeling is reserved for tall, thin, beautiful women with perfect teeth, skin, faces, and bodies.

The lure of becoming a model begins at an early age. A gangly pre-pubescent girl may have her heart set on becoming a model even before she has stopped growing, and this is the time to start a modeling career. It begins with classes in modeling schools available locally. Here the aspiring model will learn how to stand, sit, walk, pose for the camera, carry herself, style her hair and do her makeup. By getting started early and learning these basics, the aspiring model will have a head start and a reference point by having contact with personnel at this modeling school.

After the modeling student has gained a sense of poise and before the body has reached full proportion, it is important to exercise and follow a diet regime that allows the body to grow lean muscle and be ready for the rigors of a demanding life on the runways of the world or in front of the camera.

According to, some models during their early education have no sense of what is required of them and must learn and practice by spending hours in front of full-length mirrors. Other students seem to be prepared to go out into the professional world and become a star. It is a learning process, and steps must be taken to achieve success.

Do not at an early age create an image for yourself. Avoid tattoos, piercings, dying your hair, contact sports, drinking, or smoking. There will be time for that much later when your image has been achieved by modeling school or at your initial contact with a modeling agency.

After graduating from modeling school and approaching maturity, it is time to turn to a professional agency to further their career. Create a resume of your work and study, complete with photos taken from class or shows. This resume will be clear proof that the model can do what is required. Professional photos are an asset. The model should know when she is ready for this photo collection to be made and the photos will become a vital part of her portfolio. Find a professional modeling agency like the Brown Agency, set up an appointment, and get ready to become a star.

The Brown Agency in Austin is a recommended modeling agency and can help aspiring models reach their goals.


Investment Banking Expert, Martin Lustgarten

Investment banking is a scenario whereby a private company offers various financial services to governments, corporations, and individual persons. It acts as an agent of setting prices and capital formation. The financial services rendered include mergers and acquisitions, equity research, sales, raising capital, retail & commercial banking and security underwriting.

In Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), an investment bank advises prospective sellers, which is called sell-side engagement. On the other hand, when it takes the advisory role to the buyer, it is called buy-side assignment. The advice given to buyers and sellers is on negotiation, business evaluation, pricing, procedure, transactions, and implementation. An investment bank assists companies to raise capital and security underwriting. For instance, if a company wants to give new securities to the buyers, investment banks act as intermediaries between them.

Regarding Sales & Trading and Equity Research, the banks connect buyers and sellers in addition to marketing securities, thus delivering prices and liquidity to investors. For facilitation of trading securities purposes, banks also buy and sell securities out of their own account. Institutional investors like mutual funds, pension funds, hedge funds, and university endowment are known to use investment banks for trading securities. The investment banks will then charge commission fees for the services rendered.

If there is an expert in investment banking, it could be none other than Martin Lustgarten. In the recent past, he has made great fortunes by coordinating imports and sales from various countries like France, Venezuela, and Singapore. In Venezuela, the situation was rife, whereby the dollars were few, and the government had some difficulty in tackling the issue. Martin Lustgarten approached the banks of Venezuela and struck a deal with them. He offered to sell them dollars at a little bit hiked prices. The deal saw Martin make a fortune amidst tough economic times.

His dual citizenship of Australia and Venezuela has made his investment even more successful. He is an international financier that has provided money and loans to companies in Venezuela. He is the best role model for investors as he has worked in many countries like South Africa, America, Australia, and Venezuela.