Minority Recapitalization for ARES on the Agenda for Madison Street Capital

Some unexpected changes are coming ARES Security Corporation early on in the year. Investment firm Madison Street Capital has been the sole financial advisor to ARES, a tech company based in Vienna, Virginia that focuses risk management and end-to-end security solutions for their clients’ networks. But now a new element is stepping into ARES’ financial strategies.


In a recent statement by CEO of Madison Street Capital Charles Botchway, Corbel Structured Equity Partners is providing minority recapitalization for ARES Security Corporation. The transaction itself was overseen by Reginald McGaugh, Madison’s Senior Managing Director.


This furthering of Madison’s involvement is a welcome one for a company that thrives on dynamism like ARES does. McGaugh remarked on the furthering of their working relationship, how much their value ARES as a client, and how the future looks now that there’s a new member to their financial structure. All of which could’ve been greatly complicated without the right institutions on board.


Ben Eazzetta, President of ARES Security Corporation, echoed these positive sentiments in a recent statement going on to say that 2016 was a good year for their partnership and that their future together seems even brighter. Impressed by Madison’s ability to streamline the process, the attention to detail during valuation, and the act of raising capital has made for the addition of a partner that pleases ARES greatly. What else could Madison want for their client?


The creativity at the center of this financial strategy is set to help ARES increase its equity value moving forward. With the addition of Corbel, operations are now lent some flexibility in how capital is allocated for ARES. This means sales can increase and new customer bases can be opened up for ARES by making good use of Corbel’s well established contacts in the industry.


About Madison Street Capital:


Servicing public and private business, both in the United States and abroad, Madison Street Capital has become a recognizable game in the highly competitive world of investment banking. Taking pride in a portfolio of diverse clients, both near and far, Madison Street Capital has prioritized understanding of global markets and the development of client trust to become an institution that has made the Madison Street Capital reputation one that’s well deserved. By prioritizing middle-market firms, Madison Street Capital works closely with clients on a more personal front, allowing for the tailoring of strategies that take clients from decision to closing in ways that meet the unique needs of each account.


With years in operation, Madison Street Capital has been tested in hundreds of markets where they continued to reach their financial ambitions. This, along with the collection of experience financial minds on staff, Madison Street Capital has made it self a global leader in financial counseling.

Christopher Burch On The Future Of Technology And Fashion

Christopher Burch is the founder and the CEO of Burch Creative Capital. He attended Ithaca College where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business. It was while he was still in school that he started his first company known as Eagle’s Eye Apparel. He began the firm with his brother. It was an apparel company, and they sold it to the Swire Group a few years later. He has served on the boards of Continuum Group, Guggenheim Capital, and Rothman Institute Orthopedic Hospital due to his business acumen. Burch has been involved in the development of the brands of various high-profile individuals and companies such as Ellen DeGeneres, Nihiwatu, and Cocoon9. Burch is also a real estate investor and has properties in several locations including Indonesia, New York, and Argentina.


Burch is at the edge of technology and fashion. He recently wrote an article on how the two industries would impact each other. Burch starts with a look at history and how fashion boosted the most popular products of the last couple of years. He gives an example of the Walkman in the 90s and the iPod in the last decade which became best-selling products because they were considered fashionable during their time. Burch added that technology grows with the popularity of what is fashionable. He points out that the fusion of technology of fashion and technology is currently happening and a few designers have realized this. He gives an example of Annouk Wipprecht. This is a Dutch designer who developed the Daredroid, a dress that makes drinks. Annouk also developed a self-painting dress known as the Pseudomorphs. Wipprecht said that technology was like a playground for experimentation by designers and there were endless possibilities for designers who embraced it.


Chris Burch gives several other examples of designers who have used their fashion backgrounds to come up with novel products and designs. Terese Alstin and Anna Haupt created a piece of neckwear that carries an airbag that pops out in the event of an accident. He also cites an example of the Frontline Gloves which were created by Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon. They allow firefighters to communicate with each other through gestures when in the line of duty. Burch notes how fashion designers affect the adoption of certain technology products and trends. He points to how Diane Von Furstenberg allowed her models to wear Google Glasses on the catwalk. This shows that designers influence the adoption of technology and a product might need the backing of the fashion industry for it to be taken up.

Discover The Benefits Of Using Financial Planning

Are you looking for a great way to turn around your financial outlook for the year? Jim Hunt, well known financial analyst and strategist offers a wonderful online distance course that comes with tuition assistance on streetwisenews.com. You can also receive 24/7 support by using their CD’s and tutorials. Hunt says that in a tough economic system it was important for him to offer a weekly financial analysis that addresses the stock market and the current economic state. Through his weekly address he plans to help his clients make better financial decisions on vtapublications.co.uk. Hunt told PRN Newswire that a lot of people fail to make sound financial decisions during tough economic times.

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You’re invited to visit his YouTube channel for creative ideas about his investment ideas. Hunt doesn’t hesitate to invest his own money and give the actual results over his channel. He offers a free financial coach directly over his YouTube channel. Hunt says it is important to surround yourself around positive people that can finance or jumpstart your ideas at http://www.vtapublications.co.uk/latest-articles/. You can live a Fortune 500 lifestyle that will help you buy a new house, car, or boat. More importantly, say goodbye to debt and take the first steps towards true financial freedom.

You can learn more about Jim Hunt VTA Publications by visiting their website. Jim Hunt strives hard to be there for his clients to rebuild their trust in the financial sector. You don’t have to work for someone else. Build your own startup business and live the life that you want. VTA invites you to become a patron today. Take back your financial freedom.

Breaking the Lip Balm Tradition: How EOS Took The Beauty Isle by Storm

Lip balm has been a staple in many makeup bags for many years. Reaching into your makeup bag, you would dig blindly for that small tube of Chapstick or Blistex.

EOS, Evolution of Smile, decided lip balm needed a more emotional connection than simply purchasing the same boring tube. There would be a new balm in beauty isles. One that was pastel in its packaging, spherical in its shape and deliciously scented.

Fast Company sits down with the founders of EOS, in an exclusive interview, to divulge the details on their $250 million company that has taken beauty isles by storm. According to Kline research firm, EOS is only second to one (Burt’s Bees) in the lip balm world.

EOS sells about $1 million units in a single week and are projected to increase to $2 billion by the year 2020.

Sanjiv Mehra (EOS cofounder) partnered with Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky (who left before EOS actually launched) to come up with an idea for beauty isles in drugstores. After noticing the lip balm category, the partners decided to jump on the opportunity. Ordinarily considered a product marketed to both men and women, EOS founders wanted to concentrate on women. After working with sensory panels, EOS lip balm discovered that women did not find applying lip balm fun or enjoyable.

Mehra and Teller set out to find a way for women to enjoy their everyday use with lip balm. After consumer research, sensory panels and even working with a clay artist, they decided on the smooth orb-shaped balm that appeals to all five senses.

After creating the actual product, the next hurdle was to get the product in stores. When meeting with male sales representatives many of them did not understand the product. Thankfully, a meeting with a female buyer from Walgreens gave them the foot in the door they needed. Soon after Walgreens, Ulta(http://www.ulta.com/brand/eos), Walmart and Target decided to sell EOS lip balm.

Once the product was actually in stores, EOS needed to create a buzz around their product. After decided that millennial women, aged 25 – 35, were their target audience they started their advertising plan. Beauty bloggers were contacted to review products on social media sites like Facebook, millennial celebrities were utilized, and they even collaborated with companies like Keds, Disney and Rachel Roy.

After seven years, all of Mehra and Teller’s efforts have certainly paid off. Not only are there a million lip balms sold a week they have even sparked copycats made by other companies. EOS is continually working to bring new and innovated products to beauty shelves. Mehra and Teller credit part of their success to their entrepreneurial mind-set with big-company discipline. To learn more, visit evolutionofsmooth.com.

Read the full Fast Company article here.

Mike Baur, An Entrepreneur Improving Lives Through Startups

Mike Baur is a Swiss national whose business and entrepreneurial tactics led to him to become a co-founder and Managing Partner of Swiss Startup Factory. Baur has a banking experience that spans for over 20 years. In those years, he worked at Swiss Private Banking rising ranks to an executive position at the bank. Before his move to Swiss Private Bank, mike was a commercial apprentice at UBS. In 2014 together with Max Meister and Oliver Walzer, they co-founded a start-up, Swiss Startup Factory, whose main purpose was and still is investing in startups. His academic life would see him become a graduate of University of Rochester in New York and earn an MBA, as well as an Executive MBA from the University of Berne. Throughout his professional engagements, his involvement has been credited as invaluable. Some of the notable ones include; being part of the jury at Start Summiteer, a startup drive that would see individuals compete on business oriented ideas. This competition was held at St. Gallen University. In January 2016, Swiss Startup Factory formed a partnership with CTI and mike was named the Deputy Managing Director of the company. The partnership spearheaded the startup acceleration in Switzerland.


Swiss Startup Factory


Since its inception in 2014, Swiss Startup Factory has been offering training, funding, mentorship and connections for startups through a three-month period. Its focus is on supporting startups that are motivated to change the way people do business. This involves the type of products on offer and business models in use. Some of the companies that credit their success to Swiss Startup Factory include, BeaconsMind, Diabird and Fitonic Ag. Those that are still in the development stages include, Freelings, AVANEO, UPTILE, Upscale, Pure Swiss Air Joineer and WeaVR. To date, Swiss Startup Factory is ranked as the number one privately-owned and independent accelerator in the ICT startup category in Switzerland.


Youth Empowerment


In his mission to support the youth, Mike Baur is a co-founder as well as a director of the Swiss Startup Association. Other than funding, his activities also involve mentoring and guiding the youth especially in Switzerland.


Indeed mike’s story is one that shows that empowering the youth through mentorship and funding can have a positive impact on social welfare and still make returns for the investors.



Promoting Human Rights

The New York Times described Thor Halvorssen as “a champion of the underdog and the powerless.” He describes himself as a film producer and human rights advocate.

Thor Halvorssen’s movies include 2081, an adaptation of Harrison Bergeron, by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. The movie depicts a society ruled by a brutal government determined to make everyone equal and tells of a hero whose defiance changes everything.

Halvorssen is CEO and founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum, a yearly global gathering that The Economist has called a “spectacular human-rights festival … on its way to becoming a human-rights equivalent of the Davos economic forum.”

He also founded the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), based in New York, to liberate political prisoners and to promote civil and political rights worldwide. HRF has secured freedom for seven prisoners of conscience, submitted amicus briefs in international human rights cases, and published two books concerning responsibilities of the state and individual rights.

HRF’s mission is to promote and preserve freedom all over the world. It protects and promotes human rights, focusing on closed societies. The organization unites people in defense of human rights and promotion of liberal democracy.

It is a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization focusing on the ideals of the 1976 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

HRF believes all people are entitled to:

  • self-determination
  • freedom of speech and expression
  • the right to worship
  • freedom of association
  • property acquisition and disposal
  • leave and enter their countries
  • due process and equal treatment under the law
  • the right to participate in their countries’ governments
  • freedom from arbitrary exile or imprisonment
  • freedom from torture and slavery
  • freedom from coercion or interference in matters of conscience.

HRF does not condone violence.

HRF promotes and defends individual liberty. It raises awareness about the nature of freedom and its vulnerability. Its programs educate about what makes a free society, why freedom is important and how to nurture, develop and sustain it.

HRF campaigns to free political prisoners, educates people in closed societies, operates individual rights seminars, produces films and other media, conducts legal analyses, and organizes events around the world.



Quality Natural Healthy Hair Care Products, Wen by Chaz, are a Growing Success

Using a chemically-based shampoo and conditioner is detrimental for your hair, and your hair is not looking it’s best. The chemicals, processing, and sulfates that normal shampoos use reeks havoc on a beautiful head of hair, and that is why Chaz Dean has developed his amazing line of natural shampoos, conditioners, and all-in-one products. He has designed a unique blend of quality natural ingredients that combine to make hair soft and luxurious.

Maybe you’ve never experienced the incredible shape your hair can be in. Natural hair care makes all the difference and your hair will appreciate it. Chaz is an experienced salon hairdresser to the stars; Chaz by Dean, his spectacular salon, is located in Hollywood where he uses his products with the celebrities who are his clients, but he has found a way to make it very affordable.

Chaz believes in phenomenal care for your hair. He knows that a beautiful head of hair is a woman’s best asset and it needs to be strong and healthy. A gentle, but efficient shampoo keeps hair healthy and shiny. Over 40 million bottles of Wen hair products have been sold since Chaz began over 16 years ago.

Chaz produces three types of natural, healthy hair care products and they are not sold retail, so the price is reasonable because there is no overhead. Sweet almond, pomegranate, and lavender gives females a choice: the sweet almond provides extra moisture and manageability; the pomegranate add extra antioxidants and the lavender adds a beautiful, light fragrance, all with no extra sulfates. The products are available on Sephora beauty stores and online via http://www.ebay.com/bhp/wen-hair-care.

Using natural ingredients will build strength in individual hair strands so they are less likely to break and cause frizz. The gentle formulas will improve your hair in two weeks or your money back.

Follow Wen hair care on Twitter.

View the company’s crunchbase profile for more informatio