Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe on Marketing

The old maxim “advertising is the soul of business” seems to be gaining a companion: “content is the soul of business.” Every day that passes, more and more companies become adept at content marketing, accompanied by her partner, inbound marketing. Going with headquarters to the pot, entrepreneurs expect to get results quickly, as if the strategy itself was the solution to their problems. But let’s remain calm. First, what is content marketing and inbound marketing?

According to José Borghi, CEO of Mullen Lowe Brazil, former Borghi Lowe, inbound marketing is a strategy to attract audiences by delivering a material to help solve their problems, ie, delivering relevant content. It is through this commitment that the brand gains authority in the market and customer trust. In turn, content marketing enters this process with the construction of relevant material.

If all goes well, the customer makes a purchase, or contract service, says José Borghi. OX of the question here, is the development of the strategy. Excited about the novelty and the possibility of getting more customers, many companies end up making a strategy that is poorly planned and done in a hurry. Some content marketing concepts spread wrongly, lead to an alleged instant solution, says the publicist Mullen Lowe Brazil, former Borghi Lowe . Some of them are:

“Look smart. It is clear that the company will publish on your website or blog intelligent work with original content ensuring that it is applicable in all social networks,that the brand will earn points,” comments José Borghi. But in content marketing strategy, it is not enough. There needs to be a plan that goes far beyond an interesting content. We need SEO optimization, the buyer persona study, buying journey, etc. Find that only a published text will be the salvation of the country, may end up being disappointing, reinforces the President of Mullen Lowe Brazil.

Be useful. In fact, this is one of the main pillars of content marketing and advertising. But do not just offer useful content considered without knowing who the reader and what is really useful to him. What you need to ask is: who you are writing? At what time of the journey is the consumer in at that stage? It is no use to present the testimony of a satisfied customer, for example, talking about the benefits of having purchased a product, whether the consumer is still starting to research about what exists in the market and read full article.

Today’s consumer is well informed before they buy anything. In this case, what the company needs to provide is information, not evidence – emphasizes the CEO of Lowe Mullen Brazil.

At the height of social networks, it is clear that the company and its contents cannot be ignored. Disclose the material in different areas is critical. But if social networks are not selected and studied, the broadcast material will fall into the content of turmoil that people receive on a daily basis and for which no interest. In addition, the advertising of Mullen Lowe Brazil recalls that being present is not just posting stuff and go. You have to participate. If readers say, we need to respond to comments, be really present.

If the content and inbound marketing strategies are followed, it is quite possible that the entrepreneur will not see the expected results. If this strategy at some point seemed to be an easy solution, you need to rethink. It requires preparation and patience and more information contact him.

Erick Lefkofsky: The CEO at Tempus and Renowned Philanthropist From Chicago

Tempus is an organization whose aim is to redefine the use of genomic data in medical practice. Tempus aims at ensuring patients benefit from the treatment offered to others who were treated before by giving physicians the necessary tools to gather more data. One of the key employees at Tempus is Eric Lefkosfsky.

About Eric Lefkosfsky

Eric Lefkosfsky is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus. He is also the managing director and co-founder at Lightbank, a firm investing in disruptive technology. Lefkosfsky is also the chairman and co-founder of Groupon, an e-commerce marketplace, and one of the founders of Uptake Technologies. He also serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago. Lefkosfsky got his degree from the University of Michigan and attained his Juris doctor from the Michigan Law School.

The Role of Eric Lefkosfsky at Tempus

According to the Tempus website, Lefkosfsky is helping health care professionals at Tempus to make personalized, data driven, real time decisions through analyzing the genetic code of patients in relation to molecular therapies. Tempus uses genomic sequencing to enable doctors get a better understanding of tumors in patients. The organization collects and runs an analysis on large volumes of genomic information through proprietary algorithms, and statistical analysis, to help uncover opportunities for assisting physicians to offer more personalized and precise medicine.

The Philanthropic Activities of Eric Lefkosfsky

Lefkosfsky has donated millions in cancer research, and has been active in many philanthropic activities. In 2006, he joined with Liz, his wife, to form the Lefkosfsky Family Foundation, a charitable trust. The mission of the trust is to offer support to charitable educational and scientific organizations, and initiatives worldwide. The purpose of the organization is to advance research, and programs that improve human life. The foundation’s donations are analyzed quarterly, and the choice of its donations is limited to a few areas, including human rights, education, arts and culture, and medical research. A large portion of the donations go to Chicago, Lefkofsky’s hometown, with most of the money injected into arts and culture. The largest contribution they have made to date is the donation given to Steppenwolf Theatre Company. The donation amounted to $7 million. The foundation has also given $2.5 million to the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, and $1.5 million to the Art Institute of Chicago. Lefkosfsky has also spend a considerable amount in education, with his biggest donation, $1.2 million, going to the University of Michigan, where he is an alumnus, his resume.

Putting Some Loving in Lip Care

Chapstick has been the go to lip balm for years The biggest choice when shopping for lip care was tinted or not, and what scent to buy. There was nothing fun, stylish, or even the least bit wild about this go to staple that has dominated the lip care market for ages. This was, of course, until seven years ago when Evolution of Smooth hit the scene and took the lip balm market by storm.

Better known as EOS, these stylishly circular lip balms are all the craze when it comes to lip care. High-end style magazines, celebrities, and average Joes cannot seem to get enough of the fun, flirty new product. The demand for EOS lip balm has sky rocketed it above the previous leaders Chapstick and Blistex to make it the second most popular product in it’s’ sector only behind Burt’s Bees.

The creators decided to think out of the box when it came to oral care and specialized on the gender neutral sector into a product line that was formatted specifically for women and their day to day needs. Each and every sphere of Evolution of Smooth was developed to please the five senses, from taste to touch and sound. Through innovation, determination, and a lot of footwork, EOS has since become a 250 million dollar company.

Evolution of Smooth and their lady pleasing product has taken the stagnant oral care sector by storm. The specialization of a product that meets the demands of day to day life of women is revolutionizing how consumers look at lip balm. EOS is truly a company on the ball, and the sky is the limit when it comes to those fun and flirty little lip spheres. EOS products are available on Target and Costco nationwide.

Felipe Montoro Jens has Vast Experience in the Finance Realm

Mr. Feilpe Montoro Jens is 46 years and serves in many organization in different positions, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Odebrecht Properties at Odebrecht S.A, and In Energipar Captacao S.A he serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Also, he is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Odebrech Participacoes e Investimentos S.A. Mr., Felipe Montoro Jens served as a senior Officer of Finance as well as the Senior Investment Officer at Odebretch S.A and further served as the Director of Santo Antonio Energia S.A. He has also served as the Director of Braskem S.A from April 30, 2010, to August 27, 2013, and at Concesionaria Trasvase Olmos S.A he served as the Director. Felipa Montoro Jens is also serving as the Chairman of Concessionaria Do Centro Administrative do Distrito Federal S.A.

The man owns two companies: Felipe Montoro Jens is a partner of a company in the state of Sao Paulo, and another is in Rio de Janeiro and the two companies combine have a capital of R $ 4,754,706,546. He is not only good in business, but his vast experience gives him a great economic background. In the 2011 World Economic Forum on Latin America held in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Mr. Felipe Montoro Jen discussed the region challenges on Bloomberg.

According to him setting of targets that are realistic is a big issue in the region and to deal with the challenge then the regional and international governance need strengthening and enhancing of productivity and innovation on for equitable growth and establishing effective partnerships to sustain the development.

He attended two great schools: Fundacao Getulio Varga was founded in 1944, and it is a center of excellence, and it is ranked as one of the world’s best higher education institution at He also attended Thunderbird School of Global Management, the school was founded in 1946, and its main aim is to educate the leaders of the world. His excellent background explains his great leadership skills and his success both as an employee and an employer.

Equities First Holding Differentiating Borrowing

Equities First Holding is a company that offers lending services for businesses and individual investors. The company began operations in 2002 and has its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana with a satellite office in the City of New York. On the evaluation of future performance and risk of stock, bond, and treasuries it offers loans. The company can provide borrowers who require capital quickly or who do not qualify for more conventional credit based loans and its gaining popularity by allowing such borrowings. For the last decade, the company has proved that it offers a substantial amount of money to any loans presented to its capacity and thus works parallel to the industry and has determined high-end capabilities.

The company believes that it is through stock-based loans they provide a hedge against people’s problems and solutions and that is why the company is seen useful during harsh economic times. According to Al Christy, the company understands that people are seeking alternative sources of finance, especially during tough economic times. Thus the company is utilizing this niche and is becoming the most trusted businesses in the line of investment.

So when working with Equities First who benefits the most? Indeed this is a question that is not inevitable and thus crucial to both the company and the borrower. The ideal candidate while transacting with Equities First Holding is an individual or business with a high net worth who need a quick loan. Also, considers are those that do not qualify for traditional loans from banks. Borrowers with stock and need a loan can use the stock as collateral to obtain a loan with the company as long as they believe the stock value will appreciate for instance in a period of three years. Such individuals transfer the stock to the enterprise, and the stock becomes the collateral.

Equities First Holding does not in any way restrict uses of loan. So if you seek a loan for business expansion, for a personal emergency or you need to repay a loan, you’re welcomed to borrow with the company. It is evident that working with the company means a win -win for both the borrower and the company. So take the first step and contact Equities First Holdings and enjoy the benefits.