The Importance of Human Activism in Political Liberation and Freedom

Political freedom has been realized by the existence of different types of human activism around the world. Many people have been made aware of their rights to life and privileges found in their respective constitutions. Freedom comes with a price and many people who fought for freedom and liberation ended up being killed. This was the beginning of human activism that took a positive turn towards ensuring every person around the world is treated equally. This has seen rise to many activists across the world that have fought for liberation among countries. Thor Halvorssen is a leading and renowned human activist that has been participating in the liberation of oppressed people in the society. He is the founder of Human Rights Foundation that was established in 2005 with its headquarters in New York City. Thor Halvorssen was born in Venezuela from a powerful family of a government minister and a vocal mother. He started her activism process while in Harvard University where he contributed as an editor of the university publication. Through this process, he garnered a lot of experience and courage that saw her move to become a well-known and famous human rights advocate.

His depute in the world of activism was evident when his father was detained without trial by the Venezuelan company when he was serving as a powerful cabinet secretary. This sparked street protests that were led by Thor Halvorssen where they demanded the release of his father who was innocent of the charges against him. The protest went on until the international communities gave their voices concerning the issue ion Venezuela. After the intervention of Amnesty International, Thor Halvorssen’s father was released and given a position on the Pan-American committee. Thor Halvorssenhas also invested a lot in the film industry. He has produced many films that have hit the global limelight.

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Why WEN By Chaz Is Awesome

WEN is not your ordinary hair care product. The Sweet Almond Mint by WEN is extremely popular and high in demand. It is popular amongst women of today for a reason.

Unlike traditional shampoos and conditioners, WEN by Chaz is sulfate-free. If you didn’t know already, sulfate is damaging to the hair. A lot of shampoos today use sulfate to help cleanse the hair, but it is a harsh ingredient. Sulfate dries out the hair and increases the chance of split-ends. WEN hair products are milder with natural ingredients that will clean, and treat your hair at the same time. The end results are beautiful, soft, and manageable hair.

The creator of WEN is Chaz Dean. He is a world-famous, celebrity hair stylist with years of experience. Chaz is revolutionizing today’s hair products by giving us more natural, yet effective ingredients. His products will work with all hair types and come in different scents. It will make coarse, frizzy hair more manageable. It will make fine, stringy hair more voluminous and fuller. WEN Hair by Chaz is truly a one size fits all for hair. WEN has other products such as treatment sprays, styling crèmes, conditioners aiming at any hair type. WEN products will create a more beautiful hair and a more beautiful you.

EOS Makes a Huge Impact in the Lip Balm Industry

If you’ve been to your local drug store lately, you’ve likely seen EOS lip balm in the lip care section or at the checkout counter. EOS debuted seven years ago when the founders of the company were able to get the products in a Walgreen’s location. After the sales were successful, EOS lip balms were featured in Target and Walmart locations, and can still be found at most drug stores and discount department stores.

EOS lip balms were virtually unknown a few years ago. Now, EOS is the second best-selling lip balm in the United States, right behind Burt’s Bees. The company is also predicted to be a huge part of the growth of the lip balm industry, and sells around 1 million units every week. It is said that the lip balm market will increase to $2 billion by the year 2020, and EOS will likely be at the forefront of this movement, since consumers are attracted to the natural and organic products that are found in EOS lip balms. Balm flavors include passion fruit, honeysuckle honeydew and vanilla mint, and EOS also has a few shimmer lip balms that add a hint of color to the lips, and the company sells hand lotions and shaving creams.

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Plan a Party Like a Pro! Simple Tips That Make Parties Amazing

Let’s give you some secrets from a party planner that will enable you to plan an event stress free with much success. Let’s get started! The first tip is to create a list of everything you need to do and of all the people you need to contact. You should create separate lists for each category, and you can even scan them and upload them online so that you can access them from your phone wherever you are at any given time. You can use a free online storage service such as DropBox.


Now, using a self serve drink bar is a great way to save time and effort and save yourself from stress. This will also allow the guests to create their own concoctions and take drinks whenever they feel like it. A good idea, however, is also to create one special concoction that is custom and is already prepared. This way, you will add a special flavor to your party, but since it’s only one drink, you won’t have to be stressed out much. In addition, a pro party planner tip is to plan one alcoholic drink per hour for each and every guest.


Next, to keep yourself from being stressed out, make sure to keep appetizers simple. There is no need to make yourself crazy about it. Let’s go into some pro party planner ideas. First of all, use ready made ingredients so you save time by not having to make everything from scratch. A few specifics? Try toasting small pita breads and provide Middle Eastern dips, such as hummus or eggplant dips. It’s these small and tasty stuff that aren’t too complicated but are still very tasty that will make your party a success.


Who are the best corporate event planners in NYC? It definitely is Twenty Three Layers. They have contacts with the best vendors, and are widely known and respected as one of the best event planning companies in NYC. Whether you need a wedding, a corporate event, a birthday party, an engagement party, or anything else, they are the ones to get in touch with.


The Culture at Nationwide Title Clearing Creates the Results

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is the nation’s leading post-closing provider of document services for the nation’s largest financial institutions, services mortgage companies, and lenders. Eight out of ten of the top mortgage institutions rely on Nationwide for their primary source of wholesale documents.


From somewhat humble beginnings, Nationwide has grown from a small, local title company to a national influence in a dynamic way that impacts the entire national mortgage community. There are now over 600 employees located in three different states. The home office is located in Palm Harbor, Florida with a Data Center in Dallas, Texas. The Dallas facility is a huge backup center just in case there is an emergency, and the main computer and data systems go down, there will be no lapse in service for customers.


Nationwide has the capability to reach into every county in the United States, over 3,600 of them, and to secure any document that is needed for the retail lenders and mortgage companies. Speed and accuracy are the main criteria for success, and the industry is very competitive, and pressure packed. Nationwide has even made it possible for customers to reach into their portals and recover documents using their proprietary code. That make for an instant retrieval.


The key to success is that the information must be accurate and it must be delivered fast, or the documents may not be available at the time of the closing on the property. That would be bad because it would require rescheduling or worse, a buyer could back out of a transaction.


Nationwide has a compliance ratio of 99.98& and a failure ratio of only .78%. These two metrics alone signify that nearly 100% of the documents are making it on time and in a very accurate fashion.


John Hillman, the CEO of Nationwide states clearly that it is the employees and the culture generated by the whole team that is responsible for the ongoing success of the company. He emphasizes that there is a team effort that picks up where someone else lets off, whether through fatigue, illness, or misunderstanding. It has the feeling of everybody pulling together to make it all happen.


That is the thing about compliance, Hillman went on to say. There is a lot of talk in the industry about compliance, but in many cases, the talk does not produce results. Hillman claims that when employees understand the importance of things, they will rise to the occasion, and that is just what Nationwide’s employees have done over the years.


Fabletics Grows as Kate Hudson Builds Social Media Presence

Fabletics keeps the crowd looking for more with the customer relationships that are being built. Kate Hudson is going toe to toe with Jeff Bezos, and it appears this brand is one the best for competing in the clothing industry. There is a high value placed on the Fabletics brand. There is a lot of brand value placed on the membership services. People are impressed with the work that Kate Hudson has put in, and she is really to give people a lot of access to clothing that is not found anywhere else.


According to Forbes magazine, Fabletics has used what is called reverse show rooming. She is putting a positive spin on shopping online by adding an additional feature. The retail industry has changed a lot in the last couple of years, and the subscription service is something that has made people take notice of this organization. Kate Hudson is working it from 2 different angles. She has the online store and the offline brick and mortar store. She has managed to get people to take interest in this company online, but she has also managed to get people to see what this company is doing offline as well.


Fabletics is the brand that has managed to become a leader in the industry because of all of the research that has already been done. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg were already in place to compete with Amazon. They had already implemented a successful business model with JustFab. This would lead them to another company called JustFab Kids. These were 2 business models with subscription services that were already gaining momentum. Once this type of business model was already established it was easy to design a line for women. People have been come intrigued by this brand because the celebrity factor was added to the branding process. Co-Founder Kate Hudson proved to be a very effective business leader because was focused on making the brand accessible from the very start.


She started in America, but expanded to Australia. She expanded to Canada. She started with a website, but physical stores would soon follow. All of this time was spent trying to build a global presence. All of these things allowed people see the brand in a new light. It wasn’t just a brand that was locked into a few fly by night fashion trends. To the contrary, this was a company that was here to stay. Hudson found a way to be nimble in getting the word out about the product through social media, and it didn’t even cost a fortune to do this. It was to her advantage to come into the industry during a time when there was so much free technology available for promoting products.


Jeff Bezos isn’t a big social media person, but Kate Hudson embraces social media. This is a huge difference between them. This will be the thing that allows her run the fitness gear arena. She is connected to Fabletics customers.