Vincent Parascandola; the Great Financial Expert

Vincent Parascandola can be described as an exceptional financial guru. He currently serves as a Senior Executive Vice President at AXA Advisors, a retail distribution channel for AXA Group. Parascandola is considered one of the key professionals who has helped transform AXA Group from a humble insurance company to a market leader. Vinny‘s responsibility as a Senior Vice President is to mentor and enhance the productivity of new and experienced financial experts.

Before joining the AXA Group, Parascandola began his career as an agent for Prudential. His career progressed quickly, and he joined MONY Life Insurance Company where he advanced and held numerous management positions. At MONY Life Insurance, Parascandola acquired proper understanding and experience that molded him into what he is today. In 2004, Vinny was called to join AXA Advisors as a Divisional President and has since worked his way up.

While working at the AXA Advisors, Vinny rose one rank at a time to his current coveted position. He served as the President of one of AXA units called the Advantage Group. Besides, he once worked at AXA Group’s New York Metro Branch, where he served as a Co-manager. While working at the Metro Branch, Vinny effectively managed more than 400 hundred financial officials. Controlling such a huge number of professionals is a clear indication of that he harbors exceptional leadership qualities.

Under his outstanding leadership, AXA Advisors has developed more than 6000 financial professionals who assist AXA Group’s clients with their financial needs. Parascandola has been a recipient of many awards. Some of the top-rated awards that he received include the GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Award.

Also,Vincent Parascandola is a sought-after international speaker who always delivers captivating speeches during industrial functions and corporate conferences. Apart from AXA Advisors, Parascandola is a member of GAMA and is the former Chairman of LIMRA’s Field Officers Committee. Mr. Vinny received his B.S degree from Pace University, New York. Due to his unending triumphs after graduating from Pace University, he was invited to give the commencement speech to the graduating class of 2014.


Vijay Eswaran- The Co-Founder and President of QI Group

Mr. Vijay Eswaran is the Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of the QI Group. The company has grown into a powerful corporation with interests in financial services, health sectors, education, hospitality, and direct selling. It is headquartered in Hong Kong and has offices in more than 20 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. Recently, QI Group manages to generate an annual revenue, which was more than 750 million dollars.

Mr. Vijay Eswaran was born in Penang, Malaysia, but later attended LSE (the London School of Economics), from where he graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Socio-Economics. After completing his studies, Mr. Vijay had to put a try on his career. He worked in many countries such as the UK, Belgium, and France. As a result, he was able to develop interest in the binary system of business. Read more: Dato’ Sri Vijay Eswaran Speaks At World Economic Forum 2016

Mr. Vijay love for the binary system of business made him took a professional course at CIMA in the UK. He also enrolled for an MBA at SIU (South Illinois University). While studying for his MBA, Mr. Vijay was working part time for Synaptics, a multilevel marketing company. He later left for Malaysia to take a job offer with the Cosway Group. His job experience with Cosway Group was the basis of the foundation QNET, which later grew into QI Group.

It was challenging at the beginning because of limited connections and capital. Furthermore, Asia was experiencing a major economic crisis during that time.

Apart from being a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Vijay Eswaran is a respected speaker. Mr. Vijay likes to share the knowledge that he has gathered through his business experience. His audience includes leading universities and leadership conferences such as Commonwealth Business Forum and World Economic Forum.

Mr. Vijay also likes spreading his knowledge in business through writings. He has written many books including In the Sphere of Silence, 18 Stepping Stones, and In The Thinking Zone.

Besides being a businessman, Mr. Vijay Eswaran is a passionate philanthropist. This has been demonstrated by various activities he has participated in. He is the founder of RYTHM Foundation and Vijayaratnam Foundation. These foundations facilitate the implementation of various initiatives that support community development, education, culture, and environment.

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Highland Capital Managment-Providing Much Needed Services

Highland Capital Management has just taken on its first healthcare-centered private equity fund located in Asia. The fund will draw In the firm’s expertise in the area of healthcare and the fund’s strategy is aligned with the firm’s capabilities. The main market of the fund will be companies in Asia as well as in North America. The firm’s largest industry exposure is healthcare and Highland Capital Management is worth billions. According to Matt Jameson, director and co-head at Highland Capital Management, the healthcare market in the US has many factors that affect companies in the middle market. He also believe that the “graying” of America and increased availability to healthcare services in Asia are creating more government and consumer demands. There are many opportunities coming up for investors in healthcare because of this.


Highland Capital Management is one of the most experienced and largest global credit managers and specializes in credit strategies. Some of the credit strategies handled by the company include credit hedge funds and separate accounts, just to name a couple. Highland Capital Management offers alternative investments as well, including natural resources, emerging markets, and long/short equities. The client base of Highland Capital Management includes foundations, endowments, corporations, financial institutions, governments, and high net-worth clients, to name a few. Highland Capital Management has its headquarters located in Dallas, Texas and has offices in New York, Seoul, Singapore, and Sao Paolo.


Community is extremely important to Highland Capital Management and they are always supporting good causes. Since 2005, the firm has donated a generous $10 million to organizations all over the world.

How Does Eric Pulier Advance Enterprise Technology?

Our company uses enterprise technology, and we have found that what Eric Pulier has done helps many companies like ours operate. We have saved quite a lot of money and time with the enterprise software that Eric created, and someone who is trying to send information to their field employees may use this technology, and this article explains how we have benefited from this. It is important for us to have the enterprise software on all our devices, and we use it every day.


#1: What Does Enterprise Technology Do?


We have cell phones and mobile devices that carry information for our field technicians, and we send them information through this software. There are many different people who receive information for us every day, and we expedite the services that our technicians offer. We take payments through the same sort of system, and we often send information to our customers in this manner.


#2: What Does Eric Pulier Do?


Eric Pulier created enterprise technology, and he is updating it often to ensure that it does work for the companies that use it. We have been through a number of iterations of enterprise technology, and Eric Pulier has been managing this technology for some time. There are quite a few people who will use this technology, and he has had a long career in technology.


#3: Public Service Work And Consulting


Eric Pulier created enterprise technology for the government, and he has worked on the Y2K committee for President Clinton. He has been on the cutting edge of the industry for some time, and he knows that there are a number of people who need this technology. He has advised many companies on how to use enterprise technology, and he has shown that companies will rise when they have used his technology.


Eric Pulier is one of the best entrepreneurs in the world, and he has created a much better platform for companies to manage their resources. They may connect multiple devices through this software, and it allows companies to be far more efficient than they would have been without it.




Adam Milstein Brings Light To The Issue of Jewish Public Perception

The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions groups have increased the amount of physical violence and harassment reported on college campuses. Often these attacks are focused on AEPI Houses and Jewish students. A student from UCLA was accused of having duel loyalties due to her Jewish heritage and was not allowed to join the Judicial Board on the student government. Another student at Stanford was prevented from running for the Student Senate simply because she supported Israel.


The BDS groups are run by individuals who have dedicated their lives to promoting anti-Israel speeches and campaigns. They have a large amount of support; so much so that the Jewish students defending Israel have little to no impact of them. These pro-Israel groups do not lack support, but rather a lack of organizations with strong presence and national reach. It is for this reason they struggle so much to be heard over the voices of the anti-Israel groups.


Students Supporting Israel was then created in an effort to change this. All the students in SSI supported Israel even though not all of them were Jewish. They believe that Jewish people have the right to sovereignty in their original homeland. Soon the student government even accepted a pro-Israel resolution thanks to the work of SSI. The Group then began rapidly spreading across the US and has made huge changes in the last five years.


Adam Milstein is a pro-Israel activist and strong supporter of SSI. He served in Israeli Defense Forces and during the Yom Kippur War. In 1981 he moved to the United States with wife and began attending college to get his Masters degree. From there he got a job as a sales agent. He is now working to raise money for the Jewish community and often advocates on their behalf.


Additionally, Adam Milstein does a lot of philanthropy work and founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in order to help strengthen the Jewish people, Israel, and their relationship with the United States. He also seeks out and helps develop other organizations to further education and public awareness on these issues.

Orange Coast College Rowers And Their Amazing Programs

There are quite a few people who are looking for better places to attend college, and they will find that Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California is one of the best places to go. They have an amazing rowing program, and this article explains why the college is a fine place to attend. The athletic programs are strong, and there are many students who will benefit from visiting this place.

#1: The College’s Location

Costa Mesa is one of the sunniest cities in America, and it is a fun place for students to come for their education. It allows students to soak up sunshine every day, and they will feel much better about their outlook on life by attending here. Orange Coast has been placed in a location that makes the college experience better for all students. Read more: Orange Coast College Reviews | Glassdoor

#2: The Athletic Programs

The athletic programs at the school are quite varied, and the rowing program is one of the best in the country. Someone who wishes to play sports at Orange Coast will have an opportunity to play, and they may participate in a number of activities that are unique to the school.

They have an amazing rowing crew that is respected around the country, and it is a lovely place to learn to row. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

#3: Educational Opportunities

There are many majors offered at the school that will allow students to learn anything they want at any time. Students who come to this school are given the chance to learn something that will inform the rest of their life, and they work with amazing professors who have trained in their fields for years. The student experience is quite complete due to the location, sports and classes.

#4: Choosing This School

Choosing this school is an important part of a teenagers life plan, and they may select this cool because of the classes, athletics, climate or all three. The school offers an amazing experience for all students, and it is a place where students may come to have a new lease on life, to learn something new or to gain the education they require.

Orange Coast College has grown quite a lot over the years, and it is a place where the athletic and studious collegian may come to learn. They will go to school in one of the sunniest places in the world, and they will be impressed by the school’s offerings.


Arthur Becker’s Inspirational Journey

Arthur Becker is CEO and Chairman of Zinio. He is experienced in technology and application management services. Becker has made investments in Vera Wang Fashion Company as well as NaviSite. Over the years, Becker has had a lot of success which has remained mysterious until recently. The businessman had invested in a great business idea since 2011. Even though he has served as the CEO of several companies, his 2011 investment set him apart in both the technology and real estate world.

Arthur Becker got the inspiration to start his business from Vera Wang Fashion Company where he learned a lot about fashion and design. Arthur makes money by fixing and renovating unique properties which he later sells or leases. After he had started his real estate company, it did not take him long before he made profits. After selling some of his investments, he made an immediate profit. Mr. Becker has never doubted his capability as a businessman; he has always believed in his ideas.

According to Huffington Post, Madison Partners, LLC was his first private investment. His previous experiences helped him to land customers in the new business. He also admits that his primary form of getting customers is through referrals. To start new businesses, Arthur advises people to use their experience and to have a good marketing team. He also says that referrals are a great way of reaching a broad market. Investing in business cards, billboards, shirts, and pens is also a good marketing strategy. Timing is what makes him successful. He was best moments were when he got rewards from his first investment.

Currently, Arthur invests in various residential developments where he seeks to develop townhouses for clients. The idea of renovating townhouses and either leasing or selling them have been trending in across the globe. His real estate company has expanded to Florida and New York. Before splitting in 2012, Arthur was married to Vera Wang for 23 years. However, the split did not change his business. Through his experiences and business strategies, upcoming entrepreneurs can learn from him and improve their business practices. More details can be found on Ideamensch.

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The Things that Adam Milstein Believes in

Having helped many people across the globe since 1981, Adam Milstein now lives in Encino in California with his wife. He has been blessed with three daughters from the first marriage with Gila Milstein whom she met during their time in the army. Looking back since he was a child, Adam Milstein has had a successful life achieving everything he always dreamed of. About the dream of owning his firm, he has achieved this dream as he owns a company known as Hager Pacific Properties. Due to his expertise in economics and business, he is responsible for the accounting stuff of this institution. On an acting capacity, Adam Milstein is a managing partner at this firm. He specializes in helping other people achieve their dreams by building homes for them. Hager Pacific Properties is a company that specializes in multifamily properties and industrial, retail and offices. What the company does is acquiring properties and rehabilitating them for profit. Most of the money that he uses for philanthropy comes from this firm and learn more about Adam.


Adam Milstein is also an educated man. He holds a degree and a master’s degree. As for the degree, Adam Milstein attended the famous Technion College for a degree in economics and business. He graduated with this degree in the year 1978. Later on, he started his master’s program at the University of Southern California. He has managed to follow in the footsteps of his father in many ways. For instance, the two gentlemen have invested in the real estate. Also, the two have served time in the Israel Defense Forces, and the two are also immigrants and more information click here.


Adam Milstein is also very active when it comes to philanthropy. His major involvement in this field began when he founded the Adam and Gila Family Foundation alongside his wife in the year 2001. Since then, this foundation has changed the lives of many Jews in one way or the other. This is not the only organization that Adam Milstein is involved with. For instance, he serves as the chairman of other charitable organizations called Israel-American council, Hasbara Fellowships and Israel on Campus Coalition and Adam’s lacrosse camp.


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Top highlights on IoT and how it is improving service delivery

As much as there are a lot of rumors about the damage the Internet of Things (IoT) is making in people’s lives, the benefits outweigh the limitations. For instance, the wireless connection component is changing how automobiles operate, medical facilities, and even common home appliances. A technological research guru, Gartner Inc., recently predicted that 25 billion things would be automated by the year 2020. One of the key components, Bluetooth beacon technology, allows objects to communicate with people and vice versa. Beacons are tiny embedded stickers that can be placed on anything. Beacons allow the gathering and relaying of information.According to the self-proclaimed futurist and technology guru, James Hope, Bluetooth beacon technology is working magic in the airline industry. Discussed are the top areas this technology is improving in airlines:

Improving safety

Virginia Atlantics Boeing 787, is one of the plane enjoying the wireless connection. Every area of a plane from the nose to the rudder is connected. Thus, it allows timely collection and analysis of real-time data and timely fixing of the plane’s mechanical issues. Furthermore, these beacons can monitor the condition of safety items, and this gives the travelers a peace of mind.

Improving client service

The level of competition in the recent days does not leave room for substandard services. Some of the recent challenges include fluctuating ticket prices, intensified security, and deregulations. IoT is improving the delivery of services by allowing easy check in for customers whereby issuing boarding of passes assigning of seats is made via email and 24 hours before the takeoff time. Also, you receive a tailored travel options whereby beacons acts as personal guides throughout the travel. Furthermore, you can get seat sensors that monitor things like: fatigue, low hydration levels, and uncomfortable temperatures and alert the cabin crew immediately to make corrections.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope has earned a great reputation as a futurist. Hope’s clear understanding and passion for technology allow him to study the market and then make predictions about where technology is headed. Hope is a finance graduate and has a master’s in Business Administration both from Arizona University.

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