Arthur Becker’s Inspirational Journey

Arthur Becker is CEO and Chairman of Zinio. He is experienced in technology and application management services. Becker has made investments in Vera Wang Fashion Company as well as NaviSite. Over the years, Becker has had a lot of success which has remained mysterious until recently. The businessman had invested in a great business idea since 2011. Even though he has served as the CEO of several companies, his 2011 investment set him apart in both the technology and real estate world.

Arthur Becker got the inspiration to start his business from Vera Wang Fashion Company where he learned a lot about fashion and design. Arthur makes money by fixing and renovating unique properties which he later sells or leases. After he had started his real estate company, it did not take him long before he made profits. After selling some of his investments, he made an immediate profit. Mr. Becker has never doubted his capability as a businessman; he has always believed in his ideas.

According to Huffington Post, Madison Partners, LLC was his first private investment. His previous experiences helped him to land customers in the new business. He also admits that his primary form of getting customers is through referrals. To start new businesses, Arthur advises people to use their experience and to have a good marketing team. He also says that referrals are a great way of reaching a broad market. Investing in business cards, billboards, shirts, and pens is also a good marketing strategy. Timing is what makes him successful. He was best moments were when he got rewards from his first investment.

Currently, Arthur invests in various residential developments where he seeks to develop townhouses for clients. The idea of renovating townhouses and either leasing or selling them have been trending in across the globe. His real estate company has expanded to Florida and New York. Before splitting in 2012, Arthur was married to Vera Wang for 23 years. However, the split did not change his business. Through his experiences and business strategies, upcoming entrepreneurs can learn from him and improve their business practices. More details can be found on Ideamensch.

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