Cancer Treatment Centers of America Is Working To Raise Awareness For Prostate Cancer


The most common type of cancer in men is prostate cancer. Statistics show that more approximately 11.6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Currently, an estimated 3,085,209 men in the United States are battling this condition, and the numbers are increasing every year. In order to increase the survival rate, and improve the quality of life for those battling prostate cancer, we must ensure that proper education on the condition is provided to all men.

This Fall, Cancer Treatment Centers of America teamed up with the National Football League Alumni Association and LabCorp to raise awareness for prostate cancer, and make screens more accessible. On September 1, the trio launched the new program, which allows men ages 40 and over to receive a free Prostate Specific Antigen screening at any LabCorp location. After the first 2,000 free screening slots are filled, screenings will continue to be offered at a discounted rate of just $25 throughout the remainder of the sign-up period.

With the rates of prostate cancer on the rise, Cancer Treatment Centers of America is working around the clock to encourage men who are considered high-risk to begin regular screening at age 40.

The first step to fighting cancer is proper screening and diagnosis. Founded in 1988, Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a national, for-profit network of five specialty hospitals. The centers use approaches like radiation, surgery, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy along with a combination of integrative therapies for cancer treatment. Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded by Richard J Stephenson after he lost his mother to cancer. Dissatisfied with the treatment options available for cancer at the time, Stephenson began looking for ways to revolutionize cancer treatment. Cancer Treatment Centers of Amerca is accredited by the Joint Commission and a top performer on Key Quality Measures.

Why José Auriemo Neto is among the Professionals Behind JHSF’s Success

JHSF is a reputable Brazilian property development firm with a keen interest in commercial and residential properties, high-end hotels, and shopping complexes. JHSF was also honored to get a development contract for an international business airport in Brazil.

JHSF made its debut in the Brazilian real estate sector in 1972. The company managed to stay on top of the game by identifying new opportunities in the highly-competitive industry. It also operates based on the fact that developmental projects should be focused on achieving sustainable outcomes. Over the years, JHSF has managed to adhere to this principle through its quality, pioneering, daring, and innovative operations.


As it expanded, JHSF built its offices in São Paulo, Salvador, and Manaus to maintain its local presence. The firm also ventured into international real estates markets such as New York, USA, and Punta del Este in Uruguay. Through its local and global offices, JHSF manages to carry out more projects and increase its revenue. The company is credited for carrying out projects, such as the Catarina Integrated Urban Development, which includes an executive airport and a shopping center.


The PINI Award is one of the most prestigious awards JHSF has bagged due to its commitment to excel in the real estate industry. In 2014, the firm was announced as the recipient of PINI’s best developer award.

JHSF’s CEO José Auriemo Neto

José Auriemo Neto is a Brazilian businessperson and executive known for his exemplary leadership performance as CEO of JHSF. As a FAAP graduate, he became part of JHSF’s staff back in 1993. He worked diligently in helping the firm to achieve its business objectives. He is acknowledged as the developer of Parkbem, which is a JHSF subsidiary focusing on parking lot management.

Under Auriemo’s tenure as an executive officer at JHSF, the firm carried out projects such as Shopping Santa Cruz, a shopping center. JHSF also diversified its portfolio of shopping centers in Manaus and Salvador. The company also ventured into the retail sector through its alliances with Jimmy Choo, Hermes, and Pucci, which are world-renowned fashion brands. As CEO, José Auriemo Neto led JHSF in signing the partnership agreement with these brands.

Eric Lefkofsky is working to improve the lives of others

The rate at which cancer is spreading is very worrying. With that said, Eric Lefkofsky decided to help the medical industry out after his wife was diagnosed with cancer. He co-founded Tempus which was in charge of coming up with a platform where the data collected in hospitals could be analyzed in a structured manner to help the cancer patients access better and accurate treatment. This company was focused on enabling the use of data to come up with medicine.

Lots of data had been collected about patients but it was not been utilized fully. Most of it was physically recorded. Eric, at Tempus, came up with a software that was able to capture this information and store it in a structured manner so that could be used to find the most appropriate treatment for patients. In the market at the time, it was difficult to make good use of the data that had been collected because it was not centralized and comprehensive. Eric assisted in streamlining this data to make it efficient for use.

He believes that soon doctors will be able to come up with cures for diseases such as cancer through the use of structured data. He further states that if clinical and molecular data are combined and analyzed intensively the secret behind critical diseases such as cancer can be found and treatment secured. With the data being updated in real time, patients will be able to receive informed treatment solutions from their doctors through analysis of their gathered data and progress reports.

Eric Lefkofsky was born and bred in Michigan. He is a lawyer by profession although he hardly involves himself in that field of work. He is a Juris Doctor graduate of the University of Michigan Law School. Prior to this achievement, he had graduated from the University of Michigan in 1991. He later relocated to Chicago to further his career at Tempus where he holds the Chief Executive Officer position. He is continuously working on advancing the analytic platform at Tempus in order to assist people to get precise medicine for their diseases.

Eric has worked for many institutions and companies including the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Lurie’s Children’s Memorial Hospital, Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business among others. He has held different positions in these places.

Orange Coast College Introduces New Recycling Facility

The educational institution known as Orange Coast College recently built and introduced a new recycling center in Costa Mesa. This new recycling center is among the largest in Orange County as it occupies 5 acres of land. With this new facility, a number of members of the city and surrounding community will have a quality place to store a number of useful materials. There was a considerable investment in the facility as $7 million was spent to build it. The project took one year and four months to complete as construction crews worked very hard to have this built in a timely manner ( Once this facility was completed, a number of staff members of Orange Coast College celebrated the opening of this new facility. As a way to introduce the recycling center, members of the college cut a ribbon as part of the ceremony.


Orange Coast College is a community college that offers two year degree and certificate programs. By attending this college, students can study a variety of fields which will prepare them for a bachelor’s degree program or for a career. Anyone who attends this college will have the opportunity to study fields such as the social sciences, biology, business administration, nursing, accounting and healthcare technology. Along with offering a number of academic programs, Orange Coast College offers students a number of activities to do outside of school. These activities include clubs and student organizations that offer opportunities to expand their learning experiences.


What makes Orange Coast College an ideal choice for higher education is a combination of online degree programs, affordable tuition and a quality faculty. Students can learn their fields of study by taking online courses. This allows them to attain a degree more conveniently. Like a number of other community colleges, Orange Coast College offers tuition that is quite cost effective and therefore makes it easier for students to get the education they want. As well as offering more affordable fees for education and online programs, Orange Coast College has a faculty that provides students with quality instruction. As a result, anyone who attends Orange Coast College will be in position to have a very satisfying educational experience.

How Vincent Parascandola Transforms AXA Advisors.

Vincent Parascandola is a renowned financial advisor in New York, United States. He owns an advisory firm, AXA Advisors that provides clients with in-depth knowledge of finance as well as business strategies. More clients are attracted to the company because of their quality services that involve capitalization of their money. Vincent Parascandola provides training to clients and ensures that they invest in the best way that helps their money to work for themselves. The company has received an incredible reputation for its efficiency and quality of services.

The financial advisor serves AXA Advisors as the vice president as well as the senior executive. He acquired a degree in computer science from Pace University, Lubin School of Business. He has been working in the corporate world for the last seventeen years, gaining experience in security registration. Vincent Parascandola hires employees who are experts on consultation matters. He employs over five thousand employees who represent the firm in the United States. He motivates his workers through competitive salaries, substantial awards and encourages their professional growth.

Vincent Parascandola has financial advice that assists his clients to establish their objectives concerning investments. He encourages his customers to start planning for their retirement earlier before they retire, which helps to boost the productivity of individuals. Parascandola maintains customer relationships that are long-term, which allows the individuals to prepare for the future through savings and investments. Vincent also assists clients who have an unreliable record of savings by developing investment strategies for them. The services he provides are subject to rules and regulations of FINRA and SEC. The financial advisor is also a broker in the industry. Visit Pocomuseum for more.

AXA Advisors has its headquarters in New York. The financial advisor ensures that their customers are satisfied through meeting and exceeding their needs. The company provides services to mutual funds, variable life insurance, business planning, asset allocation and life insurance for specific people. AXA Advisors free financial analysis except for economic planning services that have a fee, which is pocket-friendly. The firm is always at the forefront in maintaining its clients as well as providing quality services to their consumers. The enterprise also offers high-value services to its shareholders. Check out his Vimeo account for more.

The Flexibility of Life Insurance Plans Offered by Freedom Life Insurance

Bloomberg revealed that Freedom Life Insurance is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, but is a nationwide life insurance company offering many different life insurance plans to the public.

Life insurance is a product that all people need to have, but many don’t fully understand how it can work for them.

It is essentially a way to insure the income of the income earners of a family or business against a premature death so that those who are left behind don’t have to suffer the economic consequences of the loss.

There are two fundamental types of life insurance, term life insurance and permanent life insurance. Term life insurance lasts for a temporary period of time. Learn more about Freedom Life Insurance:

It is typically issued for periods of 10, 15, 20, and 30 periods of years, and when that term period is over, it expires and there is no more life insurance coverage.

Permanent life insurance lasts as long as a person is alive, and whenever a death occurs, the face amount of the policy is paid directly to a beneficiary that is named by the policy owner.

Permanent policies have a cash value that builds up inside the policy to offset the increased mortality risk as a person ages. This keeps the premiums level all throughout the policy.

The cash value of a permanent policy can be borrowed which will decrease the amount of the death benefit by the amount of the loan.

When the loan is repaid, the original death benefit is restored to its original amount. The policy can also be surrendered and any cash value will be paid directly to the policy owner.

Freedom Insurance offers both kinds of life insurance in separate policies or combined in order to devise a plan that suits the customer, both in the amount of desired death benefit and cost.

The trained agents of Freedom Life Insurance are experts at planning and helping customers to get the best life insurance plan for their money.

Jason Hope Highly Popular Serial Entrepreneur, Futurist, and Technology Commentator

The world of technology is fast growing, and many new technologies are being developed now and then. It is primarily due to the efforts and vision of the technologists and entrepreneurs like Jason Hope, who has made tremendous contributions in the field of technology and has invested in many technology firms over the years.

He is also a mentor to many young entrepreneurs and has helped many young companies to realize their dream by funding them and guiding them to success. Jason Hope feels that one of the technologies that would be making waves in the future, if not already, is the Internet of Things technology. It is a technology that would be taking over the world by storm and replace the existing technology shortly. The Internet of Things technology would connect every known electrical appliance we know, and it would use advanced technology to perform more efficiently in a collaborative manner and resume him.

Jason Hope has been following the developments in the world of technology for a long time and felt that the Internet of Things technology has a lot to offer to the world. It would make the transportation sector less helpless and help the corporations to work more efficiently, and much more. Just about every industry would be able to make use of the Internet for things technology. In the aviation industry, many airline companies have started to incorporate the IoT technology to their planes as it makes air travel safer and also helps the ground staff and technicians to do their job with higher accuracy. It offloads much of the worries that the technicians had to go through while fixing the damages in the planes and increases the skills in their work and more information click here.

The transportation sector would be greatly benefitted by the use of IoT technology as it would help the people to know what is the situation in the route they are about to take. When the people would be able to access in real-time the traffic-related data, it would help them in making the right decision regarding travel. It would also promote the use of public conveyance so that people do not get stuck in the traffic for long. It would also help in reducing the carbon footprint in the environment and contribute to less pollution in the environment. Jason Hope has done his MBA from WP Carey School of Business and graduation in finance from Arizona State University and what Jason Hope knows.

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The Santa Maria Valley Way For High Quality Wine

Julia JacksonThe Santa Maria Valley region of California is one of the best, most well-respected wine growing regions in the world. The environment here is very luscious, especially when it comes to growing grapes. This is also the home to one of the leading wine producers in the world and that wine producer is Jackson Family Wines. This company was founded by Jess Jackson back in the early 1980s. Jess Jackson and his family would go on to take this small brand to another level of success. Barbara Banke, Jess’ Wife, handled much of the business side of things, and their kids helped out in many ways. Those kids are actually grown now days, and they have continued the daily operations on these hallowed grounds.The youngest daughter, Julia Jackson, got a hands-on approach from a young age. She would work in the fields along side of her siblings and father.Julia Jackson

At the time, Julia was very young, and she had no interest in this profitable industry. She would go on to do some modeling in Los Angeles as well as attend the prestigious Stanford University. Julia completed an intense general management program here in which she obtained certification. She also attended Scripps College and earned a bachelor’s degree in studio art. Julia’s close friend just so happened to be a French girl. After studying about the business in Bordeaux, France, she would return home to begin her professional career.Julia works as a representative for Jackson Family Wines, and this company is well-known throughout the world. Its Fog Tide Chardonnay is very fruity as well as being aged in steel tanks. Seeds of Empowerment is Julia’s pride and joy. This organization epitomizes what she stands for as it celebrates female ambition in the work place. All in all, this is the Santa Maria Valley way of a successful wine producer.

Performance Improving in Companies with NuoDB SQL Database

NuoDB SQL is an elastic database created for container-based environments and cloud applications. NuoDB assists in adjusting cloud database performance and also the size depending on the demand without risking transactional consistency, standard-based SQL or the integrity of the data. NuoDB Database Company, situated in Massachusetts, Cambridge, was established in 2008 as NimbusDBand changed to NuoDB in 2011. The co-founders of the company are Jim Starkey and Barry S. Morris.

Its elastic Database, SQL, was patented in March 2011 and approved in July 2012. The Database can handleboth read and write options for active to active deployment, across hybrid or multi-cloud database environments up to three data centers. Cloud database has improved in its transactional consistency with the elastic SQL on board.

Other than transactional consistency, NuoDB has other advantages such as flexibility, scalability, data durability and continuous availability. NuoDB database uses a tiered operating way whereby multiple tiers of transaction engines (TE) and storage managers (SM) are running on the same platform making customer performance efficient.

TEs contain nodes that can be adjusted according to the transaction volume. Unlike traditional cloud database, with the SQL based database, you do not have to replace the hardware because it can expand its databases by adding the servers. NuoDB has been appreciated and is used in companies like Alfa Systems, Kodiak, UAE Exchange and Dassault Systemes.

Stream Energy: Helping Customers Save Money Everyday

In a recent article released by Stream Energy, millions of energy users are unaware of the energy that is being wasted daily. Leaving unused electrical appliances and cords plugged in is accounting for much-wasted energy, up to $130.00 worth of wasted energy yearly. Which translates into a ten dollar monthly savings off the utility bill. Let’s face it, we all are guilty of leaving the device charging cords plugged in because it’s habit, or not unplugging the coffee pot or toaster oven because we don’t think to do it, but if the cords and appliances were unplugged during the day or if all cords were plugged into power strips, it would save so much in energy costs just to flip a switch and shut them down. Being energy smart and remembering that even though there is nothing plugged into the charging cord or that the appliance is off, that those things still draw energy all the time. If more individuals can remember to do this, it would lead to some pretty nice savings.


Stream Energy was founded in 2005 in Texas as a company that sold gas and electric in deregulated areas. Stream Energy solely relied on word of mouth to build their business and now their gas and electric services are available in Washington DC, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. In 2014 the business Stream Energy decided to merge with it’s sister company, Ignite, to sell the Stream Energy line of goods and services including: telephone services, energy monitoring software for people’s smartphones and tablets, that way they can energy usage and temperature gauges when away from home, and lastly, Stream Energy offers a unique medical service.


Stream Protective Services offers a full line of services, from credit monitoring, tech support, roadside assistance or 24/7 medical service (LinkedIn). Customers of this service have access to a board-certified physician, either by video visit or calling the physician any time if day. The physician can even call in prescriptions for the customer. To read more about Stream Energy’s unique approach to services, please click this