Brown Modeling Agency: A Commitment To Modeling Excellence

The modeling industry is one of the most profitable and popular industries on earth. Some of the freshest of faces can be found in this exclusive field of work, and these faces can grace the covers of magazines across the world. One of the more popular up-and-coming modeling agencies in the United States is located in the state of Texas. Brown Modeling Agency is its name and introducing polished-talent is its game. This agency is an actual conglomerate of Heyman TalentSouth and Wilhelmina Austin. This conglomeration has manifested into Brown Modeling Agency, and the company has become a huge success.

Brown Modeling Agency has provided work for numerous high-profile brands such as Dell, Toyota, Landshark Berr, Bing, Bright House, HBO, TNT network, Dodge Ram, Louis Vuitton and many others. Since the company is considered to be a full-service talent agency, it has the potential to spread its talent out across a broad area. This broad area includes industrial video, runway, print, voiceover, film, commercial, corporate events, promotional and conventions. Justin Brown, founder of the company, has turned his dream into a huge success through hard work, dedication and participation. This Reno, Nevada, native has worked as an official model years ago. Sometimes he would make up to $100 per day. After studying business management in college, Justin decided that he’d rather work from behind the camera lens. The field of “development and placement” was his stomping grounds as he personally trained many models.

Justin Brown has stated that, “we are only as good as our talent.” Brown Modeling Agency lives by those exact words as the company has prepped and polished its talent for success. There is truly more to modeling than just standing around and posing. Being able to conduct yourself during castings is very important as well as having the ability to answer thought-provoking questions. All in all, Brown Modeling Agency has created the American dream for many people. It has a strong commitment to excellence thanks to its ability to be a trend-setter and for being a fan-favorite. You can visit their Instagram page

Mighty Fortress Church Welcomes You To Worship

Minnesota is the home to some of the most beautiful churches in the country. The Hennepin Ave church was once named the second tallest building in the state. Hennepin Ave United Methodist Church was designed to mimic the architecture of a church in Cambridge, England. Another church in Minnesota that is absolutely breath taking is St. Andrew’s Church. St. Andrew’s Church has been converted to an arts academy. It was designed with a mixture of Spanish and Romanesque architecture. Catholic churches are known for their stained glass windows and attention to detail. The Church of St. Marry in Melrose has professionally painted ceilings and jaw dropping stained glass windows. Of all the amazing churches found in Minnesota there has been one that has stood out the most. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Linkedin.

Mighty Fortress Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota is also a must see. Besides them having a beautiful place of worship, it is the best place in the state to go to when wanting to know more about Christ. Mighty Fortress Church welcomes you to join them in worship. Meet others with like-minded principles and build long-lasting relationships. At Mighty Fortress Church you can expect an authentic style of worship along with relevant modern teachings.

Many church goers have stopped attending service because of the negative atmosphere that is often created. Countless churches end up creating the same meaningless rituals every Sunday. Mighty Fortress Church want’s to tear down those walls and create an inviting atmosphere that is open to everyone from all walks of life. You are encouraged to come as you are. Come and worship Christ in a way that will be pleasing in His eyes not others.


Mighty Fortress Church is lead by Bishop Thomas Williams. Bishop Thomas Williams has been in the ministry for over three decades now. Bishop Williams has a lot of wisdom and sees a solution to many of the worlds problems through the word of God. Bishop Williams graduated from Rhema Bible Training Center and also holds a two doctorate degrees. Bishop Williams has a wonderful family that is truly committed to serving God and the community. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on

James Dondero Gives Back Big to Dallas

James Dondero achieved his impressive personal success in finance, but it is clear that the co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management is fulfilled most in life by giving back to the city he calls home.

After earning two bachelors degrees from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce in Accounting and Finance, he started his career at JP Morgan. Shortly thereafter he managed over a billion dollars in fixed income products for American express, before turning a small concept company, Protective Life’s GIC Subsidary into a $2 billion dollar enterprise. Finally in 1993 he decided to found his own in investment firm, Highland Capital Management, which has enjoyed enormous success to this day. Follow James on Linkedin.

James’s philanthropy to Dallas area causes is impressive both in breadth and depth. He has given to causes including a $1 million gifts to The Family Place, $1 million to the Dallas Zoo in order to build a new Hippo Exhibit called the Highland Hippo Hut, and funds a $2 million scholarship program to Southern Methodist University. Mr. James Dondero also helps fund fabulous causes such as Education Is Freedom, which provides financial assistance to at-risk youth looking to attend college, as well as Snowball Express, which provides fun and memorable experiences to children of our fallen military heroes. Read this article at

While James Dondero has certainly enjoyed enormous personal success through hard work and business tenacity, his most admirable quality is his penchant for giving back. James is certainly an important and respected member of the Dallas Community, and someone who will always be remembered for what he has done for others.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America and Pacira Pharmaceuticals Create the Opioid Risk Reduction Initiative

PR Newswire recently released an article that was published on Markets Insiders on the recent collaboration between Pacira and Cancer Treatment Centers of AmericaThe article details the three goals of the Opioid Risk Reduction Initiative, the brainchild of Pacira Pharmaceuticals and Cancer Treatment Centers of America to raise awareness about opioid alternatives for pain management and the management of opioid use. The Chief of the Division of Anesthesia at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Neil Seeley, reveals that narcotics have been the center of pain management after surgery for cancer patients. If the patient remarked about the pain, oncology clinicians would prescribe more narcotics. This became problematic with the awareness of the risk of long term opioid use, revealing that it is not necessarily safe for post-surgical pain.

The Opioid Risk Initiative seeks to help both clinicians and patients by providing in-depth evidence-based material on opioid alternatives. They seek to educate the cancer patients about the different alternatives. However, when alternatives are not an option, they also seek to provide information about how to use opioids for responsible treatment. However, the Opioid Risk Initiative seeks to start a conversation in the medical community at large, seeking to stimulate awareness about responsible use of opioids and provide information on opioid alternatives. Likewise, they also seek to create a standard in hospitals to reduce opioid use for cancer patients completely.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network of hospitals across the nation which realizes that no patient is exactly the same. They understand that each patient needs a personalized approach to their treatment. Their experts use the most cutting-edge technologies to manage side effects from cancer treatment. Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides precision medicine by taking the treatment to a cellular level. Doing so with genomic testing, immunotherapy and targeted therapy helps the oncologists to realize the molecular characteristics that let the tumor grow.

Amazing Mathematician; Michael Lacey

Born in 1956, Michael Lacey is an American mathematician with a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 1987. Michael got his Bachelor of Science degree in 1981 from the University of Texas, Austin.

Under the direction of Walter Philipp. Michael Lacey did a thesis on probability in Banach Spaces. The thesis helped solve problems related to empirical characteristics functions and the law of iterated characteristics functions.

Michael Lacey has an extensive resume that dates back decades. Michael Lacey started his postdoctoral career as a professor at the Louisiana State University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

While at the University of North Carolina, Michael and Walter Philipp worked on a thesis that proved the central limit theorem. From 1989 and 1996, Michael lectured at the Indiana University. Whilst at the Indiana University, Michael received a postdoctoral fellowship from the National Science Foundation.

During the tenure of this fellowship, Michael Lacey and Christoph Thiele solved the Bilinear Hilbert Transform for which they were awarded The Prix Salem Prize, jointly funded by Princeton University and the Institute for Advanced Study, in 1997. Read more: Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

Since 1996, Michael Lacey has been a professor of mathematics at the Georgian Institute of technology. While there, Michael has received more fellowships and awards. In 1998, Michael gave a 45-minute address at the international congress of mathematicians in Berlin Germany. In 2004, Michael received a Guggenheim fellowship in which he worked with Xiaochun Li. In 2008. Michael received a Fulbright fellowship in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In 2012, Michael Lacey received the Georgia tech National Science Foundation-ADVANCE mentorship award. In the same year, Michael became a member of the Simons fellow and was admitted into the American Mathematical Society.

In 2001, Michael became a full professor at the Georgian Institute of Technology and has since retained his position.

Over the years, Michael has made several publications and received several grants towards his work. Michael has received several grants from the National Science Foundation and the Conference Grant.

Some of Michael’s publications include Multiparameter Riesz commutators, Two Weight Inequality for the Hilbert Transform: A Real Variable Characterization among others. Michael Lacey has also mentored several undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Neurocore/ Treating Depression

Neurocore is a brain performance center that treats a variety of conditions such as ADD, Depression and other neurological disorders. Neurocore is located within Grand Rapids Minnesota. One of the main disorders that the center treats is Depression. Depression can be quite serious causing a person to literally withdraw and become isolated from friends and loved ones. Neurocore has had great success treating patients with Depression. Follow Neurocore on Facebook.

Neurocore actually has a proven treatment for Depression that actually strengthens the brain so that symptoms of depression are brought under control. Depression can be caused by:

*Tramautic life events.

*Hereditary or genetic traits.

*Alcohol or drug abuse.

The first step that Neurocore used to treat depression is a complete evaluation and assessment of the depressed patient. Therefore, Advanced EEG Brain Mapping is utilized to pinpoint the potential cause. In addition, once the brain mapping technique is completed a rating scale is used to determine the severity of the depression. Once all the information is evaluated, a Neurocore Specialist creates an appropriate treatment plan for the depressed patient.

Due to the fact that depression can be caused by inappropriate electrical activity reaching critical portions of the brain, medication may be of great value to restore normal electrical activity within the brain. In addition, intensive therapy can also greatly reduce depression. Proper nutrition can work wonders for someone suffering from acute depression. Poor diet can intensify even mild depression. Therefore, Neurocore emphasizes the importance of a good diet and exercise.

Neurocore can help depressed patients naturally change their internal wiring so that their depression will subside naturally. Neurocore does employ no drug therapies as an initial treatment for depression. However, in unusually severe cases of depression medication is used but only as a last resort.

See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Training a patient to essentially change their thought patterns and focus is a natural means of controlling depression. This technique has worked for many patients. Testimonials can be viewed on the Neurocore web site.

Finally, refocusing your thoughts on positive aspects of your life as well as therapy and change in diet can work wonders for those suffering from depression. This technique is generally employed by Neurocore. However, keep in mind it is not easy for some to conquer depression using this technique but it is possible if you stay focused and following your treatment plan. Please see

Remember, serious forms of depression should never be ignored and can be recognized if the following symptoms are present:


*Social disconnection from others.

*Low energy levels.

*Lack of interest in pleasurable activities once enjoyed.

*Suicidal thoughts.


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