Brown Modeling Agency: A Commitment To Modeling Excellence

The modeling industry is one of the most profitable and popular industries on earth. Some of the freshest of faces can be found in this exclusive field of work, and these faces can grace the covers of magazines across the world. One of the more popular up-and-coming modeling agencies in the United States is located in the state of Texas. Brown Modeling Agency is its name and introducing polished-talent is its game. This agency is an actual conglomerate of Heyman TalentSouth and Wilhelmina Austin. This conglomeration has manifested into Brown Modeling Agency, and the company has become a huge success.

Brown Modeling Agency has provided work for numerous high-profile brands such as Dell, Toyota, Landshark Berr, Bing, Bright House, HBO, TNT network, Dodge Ram, Louis Vuitton and many others. Since the company is considered to be a full-service talent agency, it has the potential to spread its talent out across a broad area. This broad area includes industrial video, runway, print, voiceover, film, commercial, corporate events, promotional and conventions. Justin Brown, founder of the company, has turned his dream into a huge success through hard work, dedication and participation. This Reno, Nevada, native has worked as an official model years ago. Sometimes he would make up to $100 per day. After studying business management in college, Justin decided that he’d rather work from behind the camera lens. The field of “development and placement” was his stomping grounds as he personally trained many models.

Justin Brown has stated that, “we are only as good as our talent.” Brown Modeling Agency lives by those exact words as the company has prepped and polished its talent for success. There is truly more to modeling than just standing around and posing. Being able to conduct yourself during castings is very important as well as having the ability to answer thought-provoking questions. All in all, Brown Modeling Agency has created the American dream for many people. It has a strong commitment to excellence thanks to its ability to be a trend-setter and for being a fan-favorite. You can visit their Instagram page

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