The Roc Nation’s Brain: Desiree Perez

Roc Nation is a product of the music mogul Sean Carter, but it is Desiree Perez who is making it a reality.

Jay Z launched the service a decade ago. He leveraged his connections and success in the music industry to grow the business rapidly, and learn more about Desiree Perez.

The entertainment company handles music publishing, live tours, media, merchandise, and investments among others. Besides the founder, the firm has worked with many popular artists such as Wale, Timbaland, and Shakira.

The company has a sports division that is focusing on elevating athletes just like the music artists.

A year after launch, Desiree Perez joined the stable. She joins a growing list of female executives making their mark in a traditionally male-dominated world. They are taking up authoritative roles in the music business.

Some of the positions female executives are serving include label presidents, promotion executives, and marketing positions.

Besides Desiree Perez, some of the other powerful names include Julie Greenwald of Atlantic Records fame, Nicki Farag of Def Jam Records, and Ethiopia Habtemariam of the renowned Motown Records among numerous others.

Desiree Perez is considered an influential mover and one of the toughest executives to watch in the music industry. A recent Billboard ranking brings to the fore the crucial role women are playing in the music business, and

At Roc Nation, she is charged with bringing together the various elements to make explosive and profitable music including production, tours, and documentaries. She coordinates new releases with Jay-Z and other members of the management team.

She prefers to remain in the background away from the spotlight. Her husband, Juan Perez also works at Roc Nation making it a close-knit family affair.

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Ara Chackerian – Insight into Medical Investments

Florida State graduate Ara Chackerian is changing the world of psychiatric care. He has used his twenty years of medical investment experience combined with his ten years of building medical businesses to create a new company that offers cutting-edge therapy through the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation equipment.

Ara Chackerian, a managing partner of ASC Capital Holdings, has used his investing experience to help build a variety of medical companies, such as PipelineRx, BMC Diagnostics, and Embion/Provider Links. ASC Capital Holdings uses its investing power to build upcoming medical technology companies.

Brad Hummel worked with Ara Chackerian when building a network of medical offices across northern California. The two business partners teamed up with a transcranial magnetic stimulation expert, Dr. Richard Bermudas, to create TMS Health Solutions.

TMS Health Solutions features seven different locations, with each office being designed by premier New York architect Josh Heitler. He designed each office to stand apart from the average doctor’s office. He designed consultation rooms and treatment rooms that exude comfort and tranquility.

Chackerian is grateful for his business success and gives back with every opportunity he can find. He loves the environment and often spends time in nature. He has used his funds to create sustainable agricultural practices in Nicaragua and Armenia and has founded several conservation organizations. Check out Ideamensch to see more.

He is not the average businessman. His schedule is chaotic, and he prefers it that way. He has always found it difficult to follow a schedule or calendar, and he has found that the best thing to do is to focus on whatever excites him at the time. He has an ability to remain calm in any situation and credits this ability with much of his success.

Chackerian is a firm believer in education and wants to educate the public in a medial sphere. He relies on his education and everyday experiences to generate new ideas.

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Barbara Stokes, CEO of Green Structure Homes Delivered of Alabama LLC.

Barbara Stokes is the Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Homes Delivered (GSH) of Alabama, LLC. The company was founded in 2008 by Barbara and her husband, Scott Stokes who is the COO of the company. Stokes graduated from Mercer University with a BSE degree in Biomedical Engineering and Physics in 2001. Her past work experience was with Boeing and Pisces Corporation where she gained experience in securing and working with government contracts. This experience has lead to the success Green Structured Homes. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

GSH is a construction company that builds mobile and modular commercial buildings and residences throughout North America. GSH also works in conjunction with FEMA to quickly re-house victims of natural disasters and rebuild communities that have been devastated by natural disasters. GSH is headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama.

Barbara Stokes is a firm believer in stimulating the local economy. She ensures that GSH purchases goods from local businesses whenever possible. In 2017, Stokes secured an $28.5 million contract with FEMA. This move will generate a large amount of new jobs across North Carolina, Minnesota, Alabama, Florida, Virginia, Louisiana, Texas, and Pennsylvania. The money from FEMA is to build modular homes to support relief efforts for victims of Hurricane Harvey. GHS is a leader in quickly producing a large volume of modular homes with exceptional quality in a short amount of time. This makes them the perfect company to land this type of contract with FEMA.


Barbara Stokes’ leadership is developing GSH into a technologically advanced construction and development company that consistently lands large and important contracts. Some of GHS’ contracts include:

  • GHS built UL-Rated Level 8 Bullet Resistant Modular Guard Shacks for the United States Navy.
  • GHS engineered and installed all utilities and modular structures near Mississippi State University, including student housing for the university.
  • For The United States Army, GHS designed and supplied under ground utilities for training
  • GHS designed and engineered custom shelving for thousands of pounds of equipment for The United States Air Force.

With Barbara Stokes’ expertise and experience, the company is sure to continue to land major contracts in the future. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.