Sheldon Lavin: Guiding OSI Group Towards Environmental Sustainability

Industry awards honoring excellent leadership are marks of extraordinary and inspirational leadership. In 2016, Vision World Academy added an exceptional individual to its ever-growing list of honorees: Sheldon Lavin. The current owner, chairman and chief executive officer of OSI Group, a world’s leader in valued-added food proteins, was honored by the India-based academy with a Global Visionary Award. Mr. Lavin was honored for his excellent track record at OSI Group. The academy honors individuals with who overcome tremendous odds through hard work and determination to realize their dreams. Through the awards, the academy hopes to inspire the next generation of such exceptional individuals. Sheldon Lavin has persisted in his quest to grow OSI Group with an excellent track record. Through his visionary leadership, the Group has become a global entity with operations in over a dozen countries. Implausibly, OSI Group has transformed from a domestic food processor into a multi-billion dollar multinational corporation.

Growth Strategies

OSI Group’s tremendous high profile clients such as Burger King and McDonald’s are attracted by the company’s reputation as a provider of excellent services. They are also attracted by the company’s global footprint and commitment to environmental sustainability. Under Sheldon Lavin’s leadership, the company established a strong presence both domestically and internationally through strategic partnerships and acquisitions. Domestically, the company increased its operations by acquiring facilities owned by Tyson Foods in Chicago.
The company’s current facilities surpassed the 70 mark in the past few years through the acquisition of strategically placed companies. In Europe, Sheldon Lavin oversaw the acquisition of Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. Based in The Netherlands with operations in Germany, Baho Foods is a leading food processor in Europe with numerous subsidiaries. He has also spearheaded the company’s tremendous expansion in China through partnerships and the opening of new facilities. This saw OSI Group win a contract to supply foods at the Beijing Olympics held in 2008.

Awards and Career Background

Lavin has spent his entire career at OSI Group after initially joining as a financial consultant. Under Sheldon Lavin’s watch, OSI Group has won numerous industry recognitions, especially for its excellent environmental and sustainability initiatives. Its United Kingdom subsidiary, OSI Food Solutions UK, was awarded the Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council in 2016. This is in addition to the other two the company won in 2015 and 2013. Its subsidiary, OSI Riverside, received California Green Business Award. In 2014, Orange Bay Foods which is OSI Group’s subsidiary operating in Japan was awarded the Furusato Award.


An Entrepreneur’s Passion Override Business Models and Mike Baur Says to Trusts Those Instincts

When an entrepreneur begins their startup, it is typically after coming up with an idea they consider brilliant or useful to the market. Often times, there is a need within the market that an entrepreneur identifies. Through tireless efforts, market research, extensive analysis and investment research, they finally execute a business plan.


Mike Baur, Executive Chairman of Swiss Startup Factory, believes that the business plan is only the byproduct of a person’s passion. Entrepreneurs bring an enormous amount of passion and excitement to investments, which ultimately is the selling-point for raising the capital needed. According to Mike, investors are not looking for an entrepreneur’s best power-point presentation; they’re looking for an entrepreneur’s passion. Mike co-founded Swiss Startup Factory three years ago. The privately-funded company now runs the number one startup accelerator program in Switzerland.


It is Mike’s belief that investors want to feel the passion that drives an entrepreneur’s ideas. Often times, an entrepreneur wonders if they have the right skills and ideas to become successful as a startup. Mike says that spontaneity is an entrepreneur’s guide to having the right business ideas. He doesn’t believe in searching for ideas. For Mike, the ideas will come to a person who is passionate. The moment an opportunity arises that shows a gap in the market, an entrepreneur who has the right passion will connect with the right opportunity. “Spontaneous ideas are always better than cramped ideas,” says Mike.


Mike co-founded Swiss Startup Factory with business partner Max Meister. When considering whether there would be anything done differently three years ago, they both are in agreement that the vast majority of the actions taken during the process were conducted the right way. However, when hindsight is 20/20, they also believe that there are always small changes that can be implemented. Max says, “I would have surely dedicated more time to investigating the motivations of potential entrepreneurs.”


Mike concurs with that assessment and believes that having a sound business plan does require a good work ethic, but the passion and motivation is a key factor. He says that is what ultimately determines if an entrepreneur has the capacity to build something successful and maintain it as a fully operational business. Mikes says, “The [dry spell] phases separate those entrepreneurs who really want it from those who do not really want it…If you overcome, you emerge stronger from it as an entrepreneur and as a person.”


Swiss Startup Factory assesses more than 1,000 startup projects every year. The 10-week accelerator program batches startup teams only once a year.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Exemplifies Loyalty To Bradesco

Upon taking his seat as the President of Bradesco Bank in March 2009, Itau Unibanco – Bradesco Bank’s close rival in the private banking sector of Brazil was able to take over the lead in the financial industry of the country. Despite having lost the stable footing of the bank at that time, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was more concerned with maintaining the quality of Bradesco Bank’s services than in outperforming the competitors.

However, when August 2015 came, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi took a daring step. And with the support and endorsement of the then Chairman of the Board of Bradesco, Lazaro Brandao, he purchased HSBC Brasil, paying $5.2 billion United States dollars in the process. It was one of the most costly acquisitions of the year in the financial sector of Brazil but it served Bradesco Bank well. With the combined assets of HSBC Brasil and Bradesco, the Bradesco Bank was able to regain its market share three times over in terms of number of branches, total amount of invested funds, and number of account holders.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi remarked that with the acquisition of HSBC Brasil, Bradesco Bank was able to expand in all aspects in a short time. He further revealed that when the negotiations were still being discussed prior to the finalization of the agreement, the money needed for the procurement of HSBC was not yet ready. Technically, the regulatory organizations projected that Bradesco will still be able to get the approval by the first three months of 2016.


But due to his ingenious manner of carrying out and getting favorable results when handling such transactions, he was able to hasten and closed the deal satisfactorily. This event paved the way for Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi to be named the Entrepreneur of the Year in the Finance by Money.

Born in 1951 in Marilia City, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi finished his education at the University of Sao Paulo’s Faculty of Philosophy, Science and Letters. He began working for Bradesco Bank in 1969 where he was appointed as a teller in the Marilia Branch. Through sheer perseverance and dedication, he rose through the organization ladder until he was selected to become the bank President in 2009.

As part of his contribution to the organization’s suitable administration, he established a corporate university that was intended for the reformation of the leadership teams, where he discussed ideas with all the bank’s executives. As part of the reformation implementation, he allowed branch executive head to decide on their own accord on how they would manage their respective branches; and he did so with the most minimal intrusion from the head office.

As part of his long work habit, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, arrives for work at around 7:00 am and works until 6:00 pm, although he often lasts until dinner time. He was likewise tapped by President Dilma Rousseff to be the Ministry of Finance, but he declined due to his loyalty to Bradesco, which makes him one of the best leader and employee any organization can ask for.

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Freedom Checks Leading the Focus of Matt Badiali

Matt Badali has established a career in the business of investment. Initially, Matt Badial had started a career at the University of North Carolina where he taught geology.

He moved on from the position when he was invited to join the tea of a big-game investor who needed a geologist among the ranks as he wanted to invest in the sector of mining, energy, and natural gas. For over a year, Matt Badiali had to travel to a variety of locations around the world to evaluate the resources and make sure that the claims were correct. He would assess samples of gold, examine oil wells, on-site field maps. Visit to know more about Freedom Checks.

Matt Badiali received years of coaching from his employer in the business of investment. He also worked with various executive officers in the oil n mining industries during his travels which provided him a lot of hands-on experience. Matt Badiali has worked with experts like the oilman Mr. T. Boone Pickens, had meetings with the Chairman of the American Silver Mr. Ross Beaty. Other experts include the Chief Executive of the Sprott U. S. Holdings Mr. Rick Rule who has been his mentor for some years. Matt Badiali later presented his work to several geologic conferences and companies such as the Exxon Mobil and the Anadarko.

Later on in his career, Matt Badiali became the owner of an oil well. His stocks cost only $0.06 per stock of the Kaminak Gold Corp. His fellow people in business did not believe that such stocks could yield any profit but after the 50 percent drop in the stock market was at full force, Matt Badiali old his stocks for $2.64 per share. For every one hundred dollars he invested in that stock, he profited $4 400. Read this article about Freedom Checks at Banyan Hill. Watch this video at Youtube.

Matt Badali is currently the editor of the S & A Resource Report. The monthly advisory has a focus on investments in metals, energy, and manual resources as a whole. Over the years, Matt Badiali has written about various business in this line of work such as the leading Jinshan God Mines, Northern Dynasty Minerals, and the Solver Wheaton, to name a few.

He writes about various other topics in business and investment such as his latest focus, Freedom Checks. This is a concept that has been around for long years. The Freedom Checks are special payments that can be issued by a small minority of companies in the United States of America as long as they fill out two conditions. The company has to be based in the US and to make most of its revenue from the national business. Check:


Paul Mampilly Says Tech Company Apple Is Likely To See Its Stock Go Down In 2018

Apple certainly has made many contributions to the IT industry over the years since Steve Jobs founded the company back in the 1970s and later became part of developments like the iPhone, Macbook Pro and iPad. But investor Paul Mampilly has stated that since Tim Cook took over the company, Apple has really not sent any innovative products out into the market and that their stock prices have only been steady because billionaire Warren Buffet and a few other investors have interests tied to Apple. But the truth is the company appears to be heading downward because its products only have minor improvements to them as opposed to aspects that could actually change the industry. Learn more about Paul Mampilly at Crunbchbase.

Paul Mampilly says that one demographic they no longer have a big hold on is young elementary and high school students at public schools. The old Apple and Macintosh computers that used to dominate those classrooms has been overtaken by other tablets including Google’s new line of Chromebooks. These tablets also have new voice activated features which Apple did have a lead in when it introduced Siri in 2011, but it’s since been passed by Google’s Alexa and Amazon’s Echo. Eventually if Apple does not deliver groundbreaking technology that its competitors in Microsoft, Google and Amazon are doing, its stocks can only stay so high before a correction comes. Follow Paul on Facebook.

Paul Mampilly has had interests not only in the tech industry but specifically in the “Internet of Things” category with blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and robotic sciences. He writes about those stocks in his newsletters at Banyan Hill, an independent financial information journalist platform he joined in 2016. Prior to that he was an advisor to big investors at banks like Deutsche Bank, Sears, ING and Banker’s Trust. He also managed billions in assets for a high-ranking hedge fund known as Kinetics International Fund for several years. Mampilly invested $50 million in stocks in a competition with the Templeton Foundation that he turned into $88 million and did so during the height of the 2008 housing bubble.

Paul Mampilly decided to stop spending long hours in the office and spend more time with his loved ones in 2012, but he didn’t stop investing in stocks on his own. Instead of giving his portfolio advice to millionaire and billionaire investors, he now helps middle class people get that advice for a much cheaper price than what brokers charge. His newsletters show not only his portfolio, but also show subscribers how they can start building their own portfolios and be in complete control of them the whole time. Nearly all of Mampilly’s subscribers have said that they’ve made more gains in their stocks than they ever thought were possible.


Jason Hope’s Crusade For Anti-Aging And Everything In Between

When you hear the words “anti-aging,” you probably scoff. How many skin creams have been peddled to the desperate consumer? But scientists take this role seriously.

Aubrey de Grey, co-founder of SENS Research Foundation and a biomedical gerontologist, views aging as a disease. Advancements have been made to prevent this disease, though funding is hard to come by. With a generous donation of $500,000 to SENS from Jason Hope, this organization was able to build a laboratory: the Cambridge SENS Laboratory.

“I am most passionate about furthering the research into anti-aging through preventive measures. I was impressed with the efforts of the SENS Foundation from the beginning and I knew that I had to help,” he told

Jason Hope believes that biotechnology will be able to cure aging diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s, the gamut of conditions that plague humanity. He continues to offer support to de Grey and the scientists pioneering the anti-aging research front.

Jason Hope is a philanthropist and supports countless other organizations. Among the many, this includes Teach for America Phoenix, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter, and the Tony Hawk Foundation.

He graduated Arizona University with a degree in finance, and later received an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. He’s used this to take a firm grip in the technological world, and one of the results are the grants he offers high school and college students in Arizona. On his site, they can submit their ideas as they pertain to technology. If he likes them, he will grant them $500- $5000 to give a helpful start.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is another focus of Jason Hope’s. IoT, if you haven’t heard of it, consists of devices that are able to be connected to the internet. This spans from simple things like smart phones and tablets to kitchen appliances and even vehicles. It’s been predicted that by 2020, 30 million devices will be a part of IoT.

Jason wrote an e-book on the subject called “Understanding the Internet-of-Things Revolution: A quick guide for thriving in the IoT era.” He thoughtfully outlines everything you need to know about the IoT, and his thoughts on how it benefits society, as well as any risks.

Jason Hope resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he continues his philanthropic work.

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David MCDonald Rises From Project Manager To President And COO

In the process of becoming one of the international food processing industry’s largest and most successful companies, the OSI Group has had to handle many technical and infrastructure challenges. Fortunately, they’ve been able to call on multitalented Iowa native David McDonald for help addressing and overcoming those issues for over 30 years. McDonald has gone from growing up on an Iowa farm to earning a bachelor’s in animal science at Iowa State University to successfully negotiating billion dollar deals with governments and businesses in China, India, Australia, Europe and the Americas.

David McDonald has a diverse set of talents that are perfectly suited for his role at the OSI Group. And as he has been promoted from project manager to chief operating officer and president, he has gained other valuable skills and vast experience in the international food processing industry along the way. David McDonald has made vital contributions to the company’s acquisition of the Holland based Baho Foods and UK based Flagship Europe. Those moves helped the OSI Group increase their customer base in Europe. Baho Foods and Flagship Europe serve customers in dozens of countries.

The OSI Group has enjoyed tremendous growth in Asia, especially China, over the past 20 years. And David McDonald has played a significant role in it. He has done a stellar job negotiating with foreign governments, local suppliers, management teams and a growing workforce in that region of the world. McDonald has recently helped the OSI Group to complete a food processing facility in India and over the past two decades he has spearheaded their efforts to build 10 facilities in China for processing poultry. As a result, the OSI Group is the top processor of poultry in China.

The tenure of David McDonald with the OSI Group has coincided with the company’s emergence from a Chicago area meat market that provided meat patties for McDonald’s and fine cuts of meats for supermarkets and restaurants in Illinois into a top source of specialized processed food for millions of consumers around the world. The company now has over 70 food processing facilities worldwide and customers in 85 countries. While David McDonald is not solely responsible for the company’s growth, he has made a tremendous contribution to it. The excellent work he has done has resulted in the company steadily promoting him from project manager all the way up until he became COO and president.

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The American Institute Of Architects Is A Membership-Focused Organization That Has Embraced Areas Like Health Care, Efficiency, And Sustainability As Part Of Its Modern Credo

Originally founded by 13 architects in 1857, The American Institute of Architects (AIA), has been operating since 1857. The AIA makes its headquarters in Washington, D.C. The AIA notes that it has 90 thousand members and 260 distinct chapters located internationally.

AIA’s mantra is to promote the standards and principles of the architectural milieu by being of service to its members. The AIA strives to provide resources for its members in order to be preeminent at their jobs. Robert Ivy, who is the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer at AIA, believes in advising fellow architects on specific issues. Mr. Ivy guides them to study outside their field of work and to focus on subjects like the public health, sustainability, and efficiency. AIA is one of the most influential architectural group in the world.

Robert Ivy yearns for a future where architects and designers, who produce new concepts and structures, will focus on solving or neutralizing the deleterious issues involving ineffective designs. Ivy further suggested that modern architects start addressing key issues involving the public health by using design and architecture methods.

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Ivy insists profusely on the idea that architecture and design can directly influence many different areas of health and sustainability in a virtuous way. Whether that architect or designer is addressing a building solution for an area in a city or suburb to lessen the impact of natural disasters, or improving certain areas of the public health, Ivy supports a non-traditional philosophy for AIA.

When asked about which examples from the past were focused on the public health, Ivy argued that there have been historical design endeavors of the past that addressed these concerns. Some of these projects go back to the founding of the Nation’s Capital, in Washington, D.C. The original architects ended up draining the swamps that made up the D.C. area in the 1700s. Ivy also noted that Olmsted’s design for Central Park, New York, focused on cutting out the blight and the substandard housing that was included on that part of the original property in New York. Frederick Olmsted was a social conscious architect and critic who lived during the 19th century.

Ivy received a Masters of Architecture from Tulane University in 1979 and a bachelor’s degree in English at Sewanee: The University of the South. Ivy was born in Louisiana. Ivy serves on the advisory boards of four different architectural schools, Mississippi State, Tulane, Auburn, and Tongji University located in Shanghai, China.


Matt Badiali Gives Americans An Alternative Course Of Investments Through Freedom Checks

The number of ‘get rich’ schemes that currently exist on the market is no joke, and the internet is filled with such instances where people are trying to scam others to make money for themselves. Right from organizations that work through pyramid schemes, binary trading options that make over cash and don’t pay up to companies that are looking to steal your information outright and misuse it. Because of the abundance of these, people are always skeptical when met with the next best way to be able to earn more. They fear to try this out because it can cause them to lose a lot of their current financial backing. But while being wary of the latest scams that are on the internet is always a good practice, Americans may be missing out on the next best way to be able to earn more for themselves. Visit to know more about Freedom Checks.

Banyan Hill Publishing, a well known financial publication recently analyzed Freedom Checks, the new way to earn more. While at first glance most people would be lead to believe that this is just another one of the scams to present themselves on the market, the analysts at Banyan Hill Publishing decided to dig a little deeper to accurately uncover what the finer intricacies of this new way to earn are.

In the article that was published, Banyan Hill Publishing decided to first introduce their readers to the person who gave rise to ‘Freedom Checks,’ which was Matt Badiali. Matt had been working in the field of mining and energy operations for several years and was known for being a prominent researcher who worked with a number of significant companies. Through his research and analysis, he was able to hide the investment potential that people had access to when they invested into companies within this sector. While these investments work like traditional stocks, the value behind these lies in the energy development that America is seeing. With the growth of homegrown energy countries and with the decreased import of oil and natural gas, the people investing stand to make a good amount within a short period. Moreover, those who wish to grow and increase their potential can also hold onto their investments longer until they see a good time in the future to earn from it.

Through Freedom Checks, one can turn even a small investment of $1000 into a significant return of over $360,000.