Malcolm CasSelle: Changes in Virtual Asset Exchange

The decentralized technology that powers cryptocurrency known as the blockchain is promising to revolutionize a number of industries. Malcolm CasSelle is an individual who has made a career in the digital technology industry who is planning on taking advantage of the capabilities of this decentralized technology in order to revolutionize the industry of virtual asset transactions.

He has recently created his own company known as the worldwide asset exchange which will operate as a decentralized marketplace for online players of video games to conduct transactions. This decentralized marketplace will be able to eliminate a number of problems that have been present in the virtual asset exchange industry for a number of years. Malcolm CasSelle is well aware of the potential that the blockchain technology has and is willing to implement the changes that are necessary in order to realize these benefits.

Malcolm CasSelle was originally educated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received a bachelor’s degree in computer science. He later went to Stanford University where he attended his graduate classes. He was able to graduate from Stanford University with a Masters degree in computer science.

After completing his formal education Malcolm CasSelle was able to enter the digital technology industry ready to revolutionize the world. Malcolm CasSelle has been able to prove himself as a reliable leader during the start of phases of several companies where he was able to operate in key leadership roles. In addition to his success in executive leadership roles of the various digital technology companies during the start of phases, he is also a successful venture capitalist. Malcolm is that was able to invest during the early stages of several notable companies such as Facebook and Zynga.

Now he is promising to help change the way that business is conducted in online video games with his new company worldwide asset exchange. The company will use a digital token known as the wax tokens which operates as a cryptocurrency. This will allow individuals around the world to conduct business using a common store of value without the need for a foreign exchange market.

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