The Inspirational Story of Wes Edens.

Wes Edens is one of the pioneers of Fortress Investment Group. He worked as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer for 5 years. He is tasked with overseeing the private equity section. He is also one of the pioneers of Milwaukee Bucks, Inc. He worked at Newcastle Investment Holdings as the Chief Executive Officer for 5 years. He has business interests in sports. He is the owner of FlyQuest, a team composed of young adults. He is passionate about helping young people attain their full potential. He is a graduate of Oregon State University where he specialized in Finance and Business Administration. He completed his studies in 1984. The firm was acquired by a Japan-based firm called SoftBank at an estimated value of $3.3 billion. According to the acquisition agreement, the management was to remain intact.

The firm was also to retain the name and their normal operations.Wes Edens has played a key role in the growth of Fortress Investment Group. Cfius is a body tasked with ensuring that agreements made in the country do not result in a negative impact on the economy. The agency approved the deal. Foreign entrepreneurs are facing a lot of challenges in their endeavor to own American businesses due to the restrictions imposed by the regulatory body. Some scholars have criticized the practice as it may undermine foreign investments. Softbank is a multi-national company with an estimated value of $100 billion. The firm invests in the latest technology. Other multinational companies have also expressed interests in owning Fortress Investment Group. The owner of SoftBank pledged to invest about $50 billion within four years.

Donald Trump has acknowledged the role that the institution has played in creating more job opportunities.Wes Edens was actively involved in the acquisition of Springleaf Financial Services. Many publishers attributed the success of the deal to his role. In 2015, the firm had an estimated value of $3.5 billion. He heads Sringleaf Financial services as the chairman. Fortress Invest Group has 80% in the financial institution. In 2010. The deal was valued at $125 million. He also heads other organizations such as Nationstar Mortgage where acts as the chairman. The company was also acquired by Fortress Investment Group as one its plans to expand their operations. The deal cost the firm $575 million. Nationstar operated in many states and has successfully constructed more than 30, 000 homes to its clients.

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