NewsWatch TV Offers a Way to Reach Out to Your Audience

For twenty eight years, NewsWatch TV have provided viewers with the latest in entertainment, technology, medical, and consumer product news. First airing in March of 1990, originally NewsWatch was a once per month program, but soon proved so popular that the series was picked up for weekly broadcast. Now airing at 7 A.M. on Monday mornings on channels such as ION, AMC, and a multitude of local affiliates, NewsWatch TV has become a cultural phenomenon in more ways than one. Not only has the series become a fan favorite, it has also served to launch and sustain some of the world’s biggest companies.

With a long list of Fortune 500 companies on their roster of clients, such as Sony, Intel, and Casio, NewsWatch TV have again and again shown themselves capable of showcasing a company, it’s products, and their upcoming projects to a major household marketing network. The non-stop work ethic of the series, as well as the commitment shown to production and distribution of the show have won NewsWatch a variety of awards over the years. The series had produced over 1,000 episodes by September 2017, and in the same year took both the Gold and Silver Marcom Award, and the National Videographer Award. In 2016, the series won the Silver Telly, and was up for a second.

NewsWatch TV have made a name for themselves as the best of the best when it comes to PR work. Though the bigger names may be the most prominent ones on NewsWatch TV’s long list of clients, smaller, up and coming companies are some of the ones who benefit most from the series’ segmented style. Couture Workstations and SteelSeries Professional Gaming Gear are just a few of the budding businesses that NewsWatch has helped put in the public eye. Could your company be next?

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