Peter Briger, Chairman of Fortress Investment Group, Helped Change Private Equity

Peter Briger is Chairman and Principal of Fortress Investment Group, a large private equity firm with over $43 billion of assets invested for more than 1750 clients. In fact, Fortress Investment Group was one of the first major private equity firms to have a successful IPO and become publicly traded, and Peter Briger was a huge part of that making that happen. Briger, formerly a partner at Goldman Sachs, came to Fortress in 2002 and is currently in charge of the firm’s real estate and credit fund portfolios. He holds an MBA from the Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Arts from Princeton University, Briger worked in a number of key areas at Goldman Sachs, including the Asian Management Committee and the Global Control and Compliance Committee. In addition, he co-led their private equity and Asian real estate divisions, among other portfolios. At Fortress, Briger leads a team 300 strong who focus on identifying undervalued assets as well as distressed credit investments.

In addition to his work at Goldman Sachs and Fortress, Peter Briger was previously on the Board of Directors of Princeton’s investment company and is a supporter of the Central Park Conservancy. In honor of his achievements in the world of finance, he was named a Forbes Top 100 Business Professional.

Peter Briger is a huge proponent of the potential of Bitcoin. According to Briger, people are used to the way things are and do not question the status quo, but part of his job looking for distressed assets was to think outside the box and imagine possibilities. Peter Briger Co-Chairman at Fortress Investment Group Briger questioned why it was so easy to chat with someone located in a far-flung place on Skype, yet it is far more difficult to send that person a small amount of money. For Briger, this disconnect is the key to understanding Bitcoin’s success.

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Upwork Makes the To-Do List Managable

If you have ever wondered how you could tackle a to-do list, Upwork has taken all of the worry out of the wonder. This is the freelance website that has a lot of potential for people that want to change the way that they get their work done. If you need to book someone this is the largest freelancing website so it makes perfect sense to contact experience freelancers to help get the job done.

Upwork is helping people in more than 180+ countries get work done. A to-do list can expand in a matter of moments. There will be greater productivity. There will also be a lot of different ways to get people to do small tasks or large reoccurring tasks. It just all depends on the type of services that you need. There are people that are in need of writers. Others may have a need for virtual assistants. The experts in a lot of different fields are waiting to help you get the work done. It is all about finding the right platform to get the ball rolling.

There are a plethora of people that are looking for a way to increase productivity and this is the way.

When you have access to freelancers that can go the extra mile when you are pushed for time that makes a big difference. You have the ability to get more things done quickly because you have multiple people that can take on the obligations of a to-do list that you may have. You may not think that this is a big deal if you have a small to do list, but it definitely becomes something that you will give a second thought to if you have multiple things that you need to accomplish within the course of a certain time frame. When this happens you are going to want to get other people involved that can bring things into focus. If you do not have the right type of people in place to help you carve out a better plan it will be very difficult to accomplish your task.