End Citizens United Trying to Clean the U.S. Politics from the Influence of Big Money

The corporate donations in the politics of the United States have played a significant role in the past few decades. Many corporate companies continue to back the politicians in the United States, and it has tipped the balance in favor of the corporations. As per many political pundits, the politics in the United States is controlled partially by the corporations as many politicians are obligated to favor the corporations and wealthy individuals. The corporations fund the politicians during their election campaign, and it makes the politicians obliged. Read more about the group on Wikipedia.


The Supreme Court decision in the year 2010 to allow corporations to fund the election campaigns made it easier for the corporations to fund as much money as they want into the politics. It made it easier for the corporate-backed politicians to have lavish campaign marketing and rallies to attract more voters. It has created an imbalance that a PAC called End Citizens United wants to straighten. End Citizens United was established in the year 2015 to help the honest politicians combat the corporate-backed politicians. The End Citizens United collects money from the everyday people and uses that money to fund the politicians who have denounced the corporate money.


It makes it easier for the honest politicians to fight the corporate-backed politicians. The End Citizens United has been trying hard to create awareness about how the money has made it difficult to trust the otherwise neutral process of elections. Tiffany Mueller, the founder and President of the ECU believes that if payment is not taken out of the US politics, the corporations would sooner or later take full control of the country’s politics, which would compromise the interest of the everyday people. So far, more than 170 politicians across the country have publicly said that they won’t be accepted money from the corporations and wealthy individuals and would follow a transparent process of campaign funding.

Learn: http://endcitizensunited.org/citizens-united-and-the-campaign-finance-crisis/


All these efforts are directed to help reverse the Supreme Court decision to allow anonymous funding through corporations of the election campaigns. The awareness that the ECU has created in the past few years has helped the country’s politics to move ahead in the right direction. Learn more about the group on Crunchbase.

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