Connecticut’s Southridge Capital LLC Provides Quality Financial Services

Since its inception back in 1996, Southridge Capital LLC has served its diverse range of financial clients incredibly well. This private equity firm operates quite efficiently under Chief Executive Officer Stephen M. Hicks, who also happens to be company’s founder. He and his executive team are committed to providing the highest quality of financial services possible to their clients. Moreover, Southridge Capital has had a significant impact on growing companies, and it has invested nearly $2 billion in these companies so far. In addition to this, some of the services offered by this organization are financial analysis, restructuring analysis, balance sheet optimization, and quality advice regarding mergers and acquisitions as well as legal settlements.


Based in Connecticut, Southridge Capital is able to provide top-notch financial services to both corporations and individuals. This company also seeks to help the surrounding community when it can. CEO Stephen M. Hicks has created something known as the Daystar Foundation, which has made a positive impact on the recipients of its charitable efforts. Daystar and Southridge have taken things even further in this area by working together with Bridgeport Rescue Mission, Ridgefield Fountain Landmark and Save a Child’s Heart Foundation. As impressive as Southridge Capital’s business success is, it is even more remarkable to observe the impact that this organization has made outside of the financial world.


In recent times, Southridge Capital LLC made a bold move in an attempt to pursue further success by investing a few million dollars in a gaming and marketing business called Elite Data Services Inc. This will help Southridge immensely when it comes to using technology the the most effective way for marketing efforts and customer satisfaction. Throughout Connecticut, Southridge Capital is known for offering the strongest services in the state when it comes to securities brokerage. This organization is quite adept at analyzing its clients’ assets and figuring out how to liquidate them in the most efficient way possible for maximum financial growth. Advice regarding financial plans and overcoming various business obstacles are among the services that clients depend on Southridge Capital LLC for. For more details you can checkout




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