Jason Hope Offers Donation To The SENS Foundation

No one wants to look old. However, as age catches up with us, it is not possible to avoid these looks. There have been medical advancements that are being conducted with the hope of looking young. There are numerous medical conditions that are giving people sleepless nights just because of age. Medical experts have come to realize that as people age, medical conditions such as cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure are common. There are many lives that have been lost thanks to these age-related illnesses. Medical doctors are investing their time in conducting research so that they can introduce a therapy that will delay the effects of age. Jason Hope has joined this industry, and he is making a significant impact.

SENS Foundation attracted the attention of Jason Hope several years ago. The organization took the responsibility of researching about anti-aging products years ago, and their results have impressed many. Jason Hope has been supporting the SENS Foundation after he found out that they were more focused in their plans compared to the numerous companies in the global market. The biotechnology used in this platform is what makes it different from all the others that are working in the same industry. The company founders and top management have used the resources they have been getting well, and this has attracted more donors in the institution.

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Technology is an exciting area that is going to change the entire world when used in the correct way. When it was brought into the world several years ago, many felt that they could use it in the office. The medical department realized that they could also use this innovation to make treatment options that were better for the patients. The SENS Foundation has relied on technology when conducting its research, showing everyone that it is going to make the discovery it needs faster compared to any other company. Jason Hope believes in whatever the company has been researching on. Being a firm believer of the internet, the businessman says that this company is headed in the perfect direction, and an anti-aging therapy will be invented in the near future.

Search more about Jason Hope: http://www.sens.org/outreach/press-releases/jason-hope-pledges-500000

Todd Levine, An Award-Winning Business Attorney

Todd Levine is a co-founder and an attorney at the Kluger Kaplan law firm. The attorney’s areas of interest are disputes in business and legal cases that are about real estate. The clients of Todd Levine are real estate brokers, developers, property owners, institutions, contractors and investors.




The firm has its main office in Miami, Florida and other offices in Minneapolis, Boca, and Raton. The firm’s services cover a wide area of expertise from commercial and construction litigation to family law and employment litigation. Other areas include sports, entertainment, fashion law, trust, probate, guardianship, and class action.








The law firm is among the best in the legal industry and has received several awards. In September 2008, the law firm won an award for its dedication, professionalism, competence on legal matters and outstanding customer service.




Todd Levine alongside Alan Kluger and Abbey Kaplan topped the list in the Real Estate Litigation category. Bruze Katzen took the top position in Commercial Litigation and Security Law categories. Kaplan received recognition in Entertainment Law, Commercial Litigation Acquisition and Merger categories. Alan Kluger got honored for his excellent performance in Commercial Litigation, Finance and Banking, and Family Law Litigation categories.




Phillipe Lieberman and Steve Silverman received recognition on Commercial Litigation. In the category of condemnation law, attorney Daniel Rosen topped the list. Deborah Chames and Jason Marks also performed well in the Family Law category.




Other Awards




The outstanding performance of Todd Levine has also earned him recognition in the Florida Trend Magazine, Super Lawyers Business Review, South Florida Business Journal, and Daily Business Review.








Having thorough information on every case increases Todd Levine’s chances of winning legal cases. The attorney also prefers having an outline where he organizes his thoughts and arguments with simplicity and in a logical manner. Also, he engages himself in proper preparation to be more productive and meet the expected needs of his clients.