The Career of Fortress Investment Group Co Founder Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone has been the co chief executive officer and principal of Fortress Investment Group for over a decade. He co founded the firm back in the late 1990’s. Under his leadership, he has helped Fortress Investment Group become a leading asset manager for institutional investors. Over the course of his career, Randal Nardone has spent a number of years as an attorney and a financial services firm executive. He has held a number of positions that have enabled him to demonstrate his knowledge, expertise and leadership skills. After a long and successful career, Randal has been named to the Forbes list of billionaires.

After he completed his undergraduate and law school education, Randal Nardone began his career as a practicing attorney. As a lawyer, Randal was involved in providing legal services to a number of clients. His experience as a lawyer would enable him to assist clients who were looking to address their legal concerns. When he was working at the law firm Thatcher, Proffitt & Wood, Randal served as a member of its executive committee. He would then leave the firm to pursue a career in finance.

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During the 1990’s, Randal Nardone joined a new financial services firm called Blackrock Financial Management. While he was a member of this firm, he was serving as its principal. This was a high ranking executive position that enabled him to manage the daily operations of the firm. Nardone would then join another top financial services firm known as UBS. At UBS, Randal spent time as the managing director. This position required him to get clients for the firm as well as managerial oversight.

In 1998, Randal Nardone co founded an asset management firm called Fortress Investment Group. This firm would specialize in helping institutional investors manage assets in various industries. These include real estate, technology, transportation, energy and entertainment. When opening up Fortress Investment Group, Randal would collaborate with fellow entrepreneur Wesley Edens. Together, they built the firm into a prosperous and reputable financial management firm that serves many clients all over the world. Recently, Randal helped finance a significant acquisition where the firm was sold to a Japanese conglomerate known as SoftBank.



Fortress Investment Group Career Opportunities

Fortress Investment Group is a well known investment management company based in New York City. The firm is currently looking to hire professionals for a variety of positions. These positions will provide professionals with the opportunity to have a rewarding career as well as become a contributing member of one of the most successful asset management firms in the world. The firm is currently hiring for positions that include private equity analyst, real estate analyst, senior recruiter and also an FP&A Asset manager/analyst.

The first job available at Fortress Investment Group is as a real estate analyst. Applicants will be able to accept a position that allows them to analyze commercial real estate assets. They will be expected to evaluate rent rolls, loan payments and values of various properties. The position is currently available in either New York or Dallas, Texas. For those seeking this position, it will be beneficial to have a knowledge of real estate, proficiency in programs such as Excel and also have previous experience in either real estate finance or as a financial analyst. Learn more about Fortress Investment Group at

Another position available at Fortress Investment Group is as a private equity analyst. This position entails evaluating investment options such as financial securities. It will often include researching and analyzing credit backed securities. The applicant for this position will be required to use calculations to assess various securities and then submit their findings to management. As a private equity analyst, an individual will be in position to help the firm complete major deals with clients. Applicants should have experience in financial or in other fields such as accounting.

When it comes to available jobs at Fortress Investment Group, professionals in human resource management can look into a position as a senior recruiter/vice president. At this position, professionals will be able to hire and recruit new employees. The applicant will be in charge of also interviewing applicants and preparing them for future interviews. Those who are experienced in human resources will be in the best position to get hired for this available job. It will also be beneficial to have good communication and interviewing skills as well. Applicants should also be proficient in evaluating job applicant resumes too.

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Peter Briger: Head of Fortress Investment Group, Credit Division

Peter Briger, also known, Pete, is the co-chairman and principal of Fortress investment group. He has been a member of the board of directors since 2006. He has worked his way up the ladder in the company. In 2002, he was the member of the management committee of the Fortress. He is in charge of the credit and real estate business in the company. He has also worked for Goldman, Sachs, and Co. before joining fortress.

In addition to being the co-chairman and principal, he is the head of credit and real estate business. He is the co-chief executive officer at fortress since 2017. He is a member in different organizations, Peter Briger is a member of the advisory board of spearhead, he sits on the board of caliber schools and a member of the board of advisors of the hospital for specialized surgery.

Fortress group has been a trendsetter ever since it was formed in 1998. The company was founded as an equity firm. It was the first investment firm to go public and the first to be bought. Softbank group purchased the company for £3.3 billion. However, fortress continues to operate independently with its headquarters in New York. The principals Nardone, Briger, and Edens, remain in the company top management position. The company has three operating segments which are private equity, credit, and permanent capital vehicle.

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Peter Briger leads the credit division which was formed in 2002. The division comprises of fortress Japan opportunity funds, fortress credit opportunities funds, fortress Japan income fund, fortress real estate opportunities and Drawbridge long dated value funds. Briger manages the credit division with Dean Dakolias who joined the Fortress group in 2001. The credit division focuses on the credit and real estate of the firm.

Peter Briger has been listed as global business professionals on Forbes. Briger is an active supporter of the tipping point a non-profit organization. The organization serves low-income families in the San Francisco area. He did his undergraduate studies at Princeton. He went to the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton school of business for his master’s in business administration.

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Doe Deere’s Life

Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime who is a little Jewish girl, was born in Xenia Vorotova in Izhevsk in Russia. She considered the United States as an ideal place where she thought that anything is possible.

All the amazing things including movies, magazines, and popular music made her fell in love with the US. She was obsessed with their English language, the American Culture and often wondered how life would be like in the States. When she was 17, her world turned upside down when her young sister and mother decided to move to the U.S.A, seeking a better lifestyle there.

The New York City was their destination which was considered as a platform where many immigrants and many people can start their career and build a better lifestyle.

Why are American immigrants more likely to become entrepreneurs? :

The population of New York was 7.4 million in 1998 which is the overwhelming difference to Izhevsk’s half-million. Being a teenager, the movies and TV she got to watch were not even close to what the actual city was like, from its 24/7 noise to jam-packed underpass vehicles.

They knew they would face a “live or die” kind of situation in that city. So, they started working to build their career from bottom to top as soon as they arrived. But as they started, they immediately realized that their mother’s savings were not enough for their family to survive.

Back in Russia, her mother was an expert accountant but it took too long for her educational degrees to transfer, hence, she wasn’t able to get a job without them anywhere. To earn enough money for their survival, her mother started housework in the apartments, and Ms. Doe Deere herself walked cats and dogs of people to pay their bills.

This new life, in reality, was very outrageous and it was tough for all three of them emotionally. There were times when they felt overwhelmed and thought they would have to go back to their hometown. They were enforced to get into a homeless shelter in Manhattan on Lexington Avenue even when they worked hard they had only $7.56 left.

Victoria Doramus and Her Amazing Accomplishments

Ever since she was a little girl, Victoria Doramus had her eyes set on revolutionizing the world of business through her advertising. And needless to say, she has managed to do just that quite impressively. Below are some of her accomplishments:

Victoria’s Work Proficiency

Victoria Doramus has always chosen hard work over talent. And the fact that she’s already super talented makes her even better for the job. Over the years, she’s had the pleasure of working with quite a number of organizations as well as individuals. Between 2014 and 2016, Victoria Doramus was affiliated with filmmaker Peter Berg as she worked as his personal assistant.

Despite being a sort after marketer as well as a planner, Victoria Doramus also doubles up as a respected writer. She has been known to write informative lifestyle articles that have been featured in the USA Today, Cosmopolitan, The Huffington Post, Trendcentral, And The Cassandra Report.

Victoria Doramus is also famous as a ghostwriter. Some of the titles that she had ghostwritten over the years include Menu Dating: Taste-Test Your Way to The Main Course, What’s Next; The Experts Guide, And A Century of Fashion, The Modern Girl’s Guide to Sticky Situations.

She has also worked as the creative consultant for both the J. Crew as well as Stila Cosmetics. At one point in her career, Victoria Doramus was also the west coast director at Trendera.


In 2002, Victoria Doramus joined the University of Colorado Boulder where she pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism & Mass Communication. While at Boulder, she also developed a keen interest in Advertising Copywriting hence took a few semesters long courses on the same.

Under her degree, Victoria Doramus acquired a boatload of skills that she often uses to make some incredibly useful marketing strategies for her esteemed clients. Some of these skills include text copying, production, writing as well as editing content, audio editing, video editing, and graphic design.

After graduating in 2006, Victoria Doramus decided to join the Sotheby’s Institute of Arts which is situated in London. From there, she learned a thing or two about how modern fashion came about and just how she can use that information to her advantage.

Brian Torchin: Helping Healthcare Professionals to Hire the Right Employees

Patients rely on qualified healthcare professionals to avail themselves by providing the needed care to keep them healthy and productive. Nevertheless, as the population ages, there’s an increased demand for healthcare services since more patients seek care. Therefore, the healthcare industry is facing a shortage of talented professionals. As baby boomers approach their retirement age, many institutions that provide healthcare services find it difficult to recruit and retain employees. But the mismatch has been discouraging. Therefore, Torchin is offering recruitment solutions for the industry. More about of Brian at

For years, Brian Torchin has accomplished tremendous results in the industry of healthcare. He is among the individuals who have shaped their career by building a strong reputation. For more than three decades, Torchin has built his career as an entrepreneur investing in the healthcare sector. Today, he is famous for establishing Healthcare Recruiting Counsellors. This is a staffing recruitment company that specializes in providing recruitment services for healthcare facilities.

Brian Torchin has been analyzing the healthcare sector for more than five years. He observed that practitioners were experiencing difficulties in hiring the right people for the job. Therefore, he has been using social media to share job opportunities in order to find experienced healthcare professionals for clients. He uses these platforms also to initiate conversations about issues affecting the community in relation to the industry.

Brian Torchin has vast experience in corporate leadership. He also has more than six years of experience serving in the industry. Having graduated from the prestigious University of Delaware, where he majored in science, Torchin understands the need for hiring an experienced worker. He also studied chiropractic studies from the New York Chiropractic College.

HCRC Staffing was established to incorporate extensive years of staffing knowledge with the aim of enhancing the industry’s hiring experience. The organization offers extended hours of assistance to ensure there’s effective communication with physicians.