Flavio Maluf Welcomes Tax Incentives for Brazilian Entrepreneurs

The vast majority of business owners know that running a business can be stressful and is a lot harder than it seems. At the bare minimum, profits can take a massive hit because of high tax rates; this is especially true in Brazil, which doesn’t exactly have the best reputation for a company to run a business in. However, a move to increase the number of tax incentives for business owners has been welcome by Flavio Maluf, President of Eucatex.

Mr. Maluf has encouraged business owners in Brazil to take advantage of these tax incentives for a variety of reasons. Flavio Maluf noted that these tax incentives had come about to encourage many businesses to take on some programs that are typically run by government organizations. The Eucatex founder noted that these could include sponsoring the likes of sporting events, social and cultural events, and some science programs. Read more on botucatuonline.com

Through this, Mr. Maluf noted that it would help stimulate the local economy and encourage more business. However, that doesn’t mean that these sponsorships don’t have an impact outside of just the financial side. Sponsoring local events can be a great marketing strategy according to Flavio Maluf. Not only would it help spread a companies name, but it would also show off your business in a positive light. With that in mind, not only are you creating a name for your business but it’s a positive one.

Flavio Maluf has also noted that companies can get tax exemptions, or at least tax incentives, depending on what industry they’re in. Many of these tax exemptions are used to encourage entrepreneurs to establish businesses in specific niches and industries. This also applies to companies who establish companies in certain areas or city and may be eligible for incentives depending on where their main operations are established.

Read full interview of Maluf here: https://ideamensch.com/flavio-maluf/

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