Neurocore Helps People who Experience SAD and Chronic Depression Disorder

The winter months can be a downer for most people. The lack of sunshine, cabin fever, winter blues, driving in snow and experiencing cold is more than many people want to experience. Seasonal Affect Disorder or SAD has affected many people in modern times. This form of depression is just one of many different types of this condition. Truthfully, this type of depression is common during the winter months. Once a person gets it, there are treatments that can help them to overcome this problem. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurocore is a an organization that treats brain related mental illnesses. Their job is to evaluate a person’s brain activity and then provide corrective measures to readjust how a person’s mind works. They do this through a process called neurofeedback or neurotherapy. This process is often used by Neurocore to adjust a person’s mental state so they can deal with depression.

The organization utilizes EEG technology to examine the electrical activity within a person’s brain. Once they gather this information, they can usually figure out what is causing that individual to feel depressed. Remember, depression is a mental health condition and people’s brains have electrical signals which corresponds to the symptoms of depression they are experiencing. Once Neurocore has this information, they can then create a unique treatment process for patients. Read more about Neurocore at

Chronic depression is a condition that causes a person to remain within a depressed state for unnatural long period of time. Remember, being depressed is a just a natural part of life. Sooner or later everybody will experience this condition. This is especially true when a person encounters a death, a tragic situation, gets into trouble or has to deal with a bad situation. Neurocore knows that this condition should not leave defeated in life. This is why the organization has developed this process with great care. They want to help people with depression to live productive and meaningful lives.


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