An Interview with Dr. Dov Rand about His Career Life

For more than fifteen years now, Dr. Dov Rand has been operating his Healthy Aging Medical Center. During all this time, Dr. Rand has created a haven for those looking for methods to improve health. He has always been interested in medicine his entire life. He studied at the Rutgers and completed his undergraduate before joining the Howard University studying medicine. He then went to the Saint Barnabas Medical Center for internship and finally practiced his residency at the notable Albert Einstein Medical Center.

Earlier in his life, Dr. Dov was interested in pursuing athletics. This made him learn the importance of being passionate about something and determining to achieve the goal. At that time, he practiced tennis putting all his focus there and hard work there, which made him able to achieve the rare level of playing at this sport. He was interviewed recently and this is what he had to say.

On a typical day, Dr. Rand wakes up early in the morning and starts his day with a work out. He then heads to his office after taking a healthy breakfast. Dr. Dov Rand spends his day helping patients by attending to those with consultations or those with follow-ups. He receives calls from patients in the evening before heading home. He also takes some time to go through emails and review work. he likes finishing his day reading something for enjoyment or educational benefits.

As a successful entrepreneur, Dr. Dov Rand mainly focusses on professional growth. He is an avid reader who likes reading medical books. He also attends different conferences each month. Since he is passionate about his career, Dr. Rand finds it easy and exciting learning new things every day. This is what enables him provide his patients with quality and best care.

Dr. Dov Rand’s work is centered on proving help to people, therefore this leads him to attending to as many patients as possible. At Healthy Aging Medical Centers, is easy for people to tell whether you care or you are just working hard. He says that this is how many patients get referred to him and he gets to help even more of them. Dr . Rand is interested by genetic makers that help people according to their predispositions.

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