The Defender of African women, Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos has proved to be the savior and mentor for many African women. Ashe is a living example and endeavors to see gender equality in Africa. She has traversed the continent encouraging women to pursue their dreams and achieve economic stability. According to her, the society should appreciate the power of women as they compose almost a half of the population in Africa.

In her lecture in the New York city, Isabel dos Santos said that Africa should be digitalized in this generation and it will flag of the aid generated to it. According to her, when the African s especially women are empowered, they will spread the already existing entrepreneurial sprit like wild fire. She defended the continent in many other conferences. She argues that with computer and stable internet connection, many Africans can access many and high paying jobs in the world.

Isabel is the richest woman in Africa meets women from large forums to private rooms. She aims to empower the college students to impress the power of entrepreneurship and economic stability. This year, she is going to talk about economic empowerment in the Yale University. She fights against gender disparities in all her endeavors. She encourages the males to appreciate their women counterparts and work for the good of the continent

She moves with slogan, “the seed first then the fruits later” she has worked in many other organizations spreading the campaign of women empowerment and economic independence. She is the daughter of the long serving president of Angola, Eduardo dos Santos. She has four children and many business connections. Her business operations are both in Angola and the Portugal markets. Isabel dos Santos is remembered for having established the first supermarket in her country. She also began the first night club in the Luanda beach. On top of all these, the deals in telecoms both in Africa and Portugal. Isabel dos Santos went to Kings College to study electrical engineering after doing well at both primary and secondary levels in Kent. She has used the skills to invest in business and people.

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