Nina Vaca: Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Nina Vaca is an American of Ecuadorian origin who has managed to climb the ranks of global leadership over the decades. She is the actual embodiment of the American Dream, having seized every opportunity that came her way. Indeed, Vaca’s story is an indication that determination brings success. She founded Pinnacle Group, one of the leading IT staffing firms in the world.

Background and Early life

Vaca was born to Ecuadorian immigrants who came to the United States with a dream. From a young age, Vaca had a goal of improving her life through strong civic leadership and entrepreneurship. She grew up in Los Angeles and took charge of the family business at age 17. However, she later moved to New York after college to start her career in information technology.

Origin of Pinnacle Group

Vaca started her entrepreneurial journey by founding Pinnacle Group in Dallas. She managed to grow her business gradually by juggling work and family. However, her dream almost turned into a nightmare after the 9/11 attacks. The U.S. economy slumped, and her business almost ground to a standstill.

Although the September 11 attacks shook the U.S. economy to its core and destroyed many livelihoods, Vaca remained optimistic for a better future. The attack forced her to formulate a liquidation plan since the company had only one remaining client and four associates, most of whom went without pay. However, an opportunity arose when one of her partners decided to sell his stake of the firm.

Philanthropy and Charitable Activities

Not only has Vaca straddled the corporate world, but she has also contributed significantly to philanthropy. Some of her charitable activities include assisting earthquake victims in Ecuador in rebuilding their lives and her active work in bridging the STEM gender gap in the United States.

The successful career of Bernardo Chua

Being a native of the Philippines, Bernardo Chua has made his dream come true through the lucrative ventures he has launched in various countries. He has always had an idea of being a successful entrepreneur, and he always worked hard to ensure that he meets his dreams. The duo launched his Organo Gold venture that entirely relies on the gardonema herb to manufacture its products. The herb was used in the ancient days to treat various diseases and bring good health to people. He has continued to remind people of their cultures and customs, and the significant effect that his products bring to his clients. Has seen a considerable number of them flock to his ventures to purchase them. Find out more about Bernardo Chua at Business for Home.

Bernardo Chua was raised in a family of 14 siblings and he believes that he had a great responsibility of serving as a role model to them through achieving a breakthrough in his life. Many of his siblings look up to him for counsel and help whenever they have issues that they need to address. He has enabled many o them acquire skills in leadership, and he continues to mentor them. The duo is known for his excellent powers in the field of management. He believes that the relationships he holds with various individuals have also enabled him to achieve big in his life.

Additionally, Bernardo Chua has always paid a lot of focus on his clients. He seeks to provide them, with high-quality products to keep them coming back for more. Besides, he has also successfully established a vast number of his ventures in the broader parts of the globe and through them, he has continued to achieve great successes. The duo seeks to create a team-oriented culture by encouraging his employees and customers to keep using the gardonema herb products.



Jeremy Goldstein Is Helping Clients And Those With Mental Illness

Jeremy Goldstein may have a successful career in law as a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, but he also still spends much of time trying to help those in need. One of the areas that he is most passionate about is mental health. In order to help those who are dealing with different mental issues, he has been helping the non-profit organization known as Fountain House in New York. According to the World Health Organization, around 450 million people have some type of mental illness around the world and more attention needs to be brought to the issues that so many face every single day.


Mental illness can impact people in different ways and Jeremy Goldstein wants to help as many people recover so they can start to live as independently as possible. it can be difficult for people who have a mental illness to not only keep a job but also to obtain one in the first place. To make the situation harder, it can be next to impossible for some of these people to manage bank accounts or things like investments which could potentially help some of these women and men create passive income. While some of these people did not have any hope for their future, Fountain House has shown that many of them are able to live their lives in a way that is not only productive but also fulfilling.


While philanthropy is important to Jeremy Goldstein, he has a strong focus on his position at his firm which advises different organizations, executives, and managers with legal issues that include many different sensitive issues. Jeremy Goldstein has a J.D., M.A., and B.A. from New York University, the University of Chicago, and Cornell University. He first got the idea for JLG Associates after seeing that many organizations were experiencing conflicts of interest issues when it came to executive compensation. This inspired him to create a law firm that put their focus on helping these organizations with these types of issues and more. After considering the idea for a period of time, he decided to take the chance and created Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates.


Jeremy Goldstein has been working with his firm for almost 2 decades and has gained a lot of experience during this time. He has come across almost every issue possible in the industry and there aren’t that many that are completely different from things that he has seen in the past. Even when there are new issues that they come across, they can many times be related to something that has been dealt with previously. This knowledge and experience have helped him gain the trust of his clients in many different fields.


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Sheldon Lavin: Managing the OSI Group

The OSI Group is one of the most successful food manufacturing business in the world, and Sheldon Lavin serves as the current chief executive officer of the company. He is responsible for expanding the company on a global scale, and today, he still works for the benefit of the company, opening new facilities around the world and managing the business to success. Sheldon Lavin is known for his expertise when it comes to the financial sector, and he has been using these skills especially when he was managing his own financial firm. He was a total stranger in the food manufacturing firm, and the opportunity for him to enter the industry began when Otto & Sons owners approached his firm for additional funding.

After Ray Kroc offered the OSI Group to be the official supplier of burger patties for McDonald’s Corporation, the owners of the company do not have enough funding. They had to look for a third party financial provider who would give them additional capital. It was during this time when Sheldon Lavin was acquainted with the owners of Otto & Sons, and under the agreement that they had to sign in the bank, the owners of Otto & Sons had to give him a percentage of the company shares. As years go by, the owners of Otto & Sons decided to retire from their posts and chose to live a private life. The management of the company was left under the hands of Sheldon Lavin, and he promised them that the company will be in good hands, and he will use all of his knowledge and skills to make the company grow further. To know more about him click here.

Today, the OSI Group is managing more than 70 facilities scattered around the world, and Sheldon Lavin is proud to say that the company is taking care of their 20,000 strong employees by providing them with the best benefit in the industry. There is a challenge in maintaining their facilities overseas because of the different cultures, but according to him, the assistance from their foreign corporate officers are helping them thrive abroad, allowing them to expand further and to open new locations.

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What Paul Mampilly Predicts for 2019

One of the top investors of all time, Paul Mampilly, has now made 10 predictions regarding business and money for 2019. Hailing from India, he chose to come to the United States to attend college. Falling in love with the United States, he decided to stay here and build a new life for himself. It didn’t take long for him to grow his professional career into something successful. Paul Mampilly would spend 20 years on Wall Street learning every aspect of finance, trade, and investing that one could possibly learn. His hard work and dedication landed him several key positions including working as a money manager, portfolio manager, and other management positions.

Due to his extensive experience, Paul Mampilly has made it a point to share his knowledge with everyone. His mission is to help everyone learn the most basic principles of investing so that they can plan better for the future. One of his primary predictions that Paul Mampilly made, is that big data will become more accessible. This is most likely due to the fact that artificial intelligence is become more popular and impacting the ability to acquire customers at a much lower cost than in times past.

His second prediction was that home sales would slow down, and that has been the talk of most states, while only a few seem to be sailing. A third consideration for the business world is that consumers are without a doubt more demanding. This is also reflecting upon the concept that marketing should be more customer-centric. This day and age is good for what many say is a world full of self-serving individuals. However, Mampilly is not one of them. His goal was to start sharing his valuable knowledge with others in an attempt to see that the average individual would be able to invest wisely and see a profitable return for their future.