Jeremy Goldstein Is Helping Clients And Those With Mental Illness

Jeremy Goldstein may have a successful career in law as a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, but he also still spends much of time trying to help those in need. One of the areas that he is most passionate about is mental health. In order to help those who are dealing with different mental issues, he has been helping the non-profit organization known as Fountain House in New York. According to the World Health Organization, around 450 million people have some type of mental illness around the world and more attention needs to be brought to the issues that so many face every single day.


Mental illness can impact people in different ways and Jeremy Goldstein wants to help as many people recover so they can start to live as independently as possible. it can be difficult for people who have a mental illness to not only keep a job but also to obtain one in the first place. To make the situation harder, it can be next to impossible for some of these people to manage bank accounts or things like investments which could potentially help some of these women and men create passive income. While some of these people did not have any hope for their future, Fountain House has shown that many of them are able to live their lives in a way that is not only productive but also fulfilling.


While philanthropy is important to Jeremy Goldstein, he has a strong focus on his position at his firm which advises different organizations, executives, and managers with legal issues that include many different sensitive issues. Jeremy Goldstein has a J.D., M.A., and B.A. from New York University, the University of Chicago, and Cornell University. He first got the idea for JLG Associates after seeing that many organizations were experiencing conflicts of interest issues when it came to executive compensation. This inspired him to create a law firm that put their focus on helping these organizations with these types of issues and more. After considering the idea for a period of time, he decided to take the chance and created Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates.


Jeremy Goldstein has been working with his firm for almost 2 decades and has gained a lot of experience during this time. He has come across almost every issue possible in the industry and there aren’t that many that are completely different from things that he has seen in the past. Even when there are new issues that they come across, they can many times be related to something that has been dealt with previously. This knowledge and experience have helped him gain the trust of his clients in many different fields.


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