Nina Vaca: Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Nina Vaca is an American of Ecuadorian origin who has managed to climb the ranks of global leadership over the decades. She is the actual embodiment of the American Dream, having seized every opportunity that came her way. Indeed, Vaca’s story is an indication that determination brings success. She founded Pinnacle Group, one of the leading IT staffing firms in the world.

Background and Early life

Vaca was born to Ecuadorian immigrants who came to the United States with a dream. From a young age, Vaca had a goal of improving her life through strong civic leadership and entrepreneurship. She grew up in Los Angeles and took charge of the family business at age 17. However, she later moved to New York after college to start her career in information technology.

Origin of Pinnacle Group

Vaca started her entrepreneurial journey by founding Pinnacle Group in Dallas. She managed to grow her business gradually by juggling work and family. However, her dream almost turned into a nightmare after the 9/11 attacks. The U.S. economy slumped, and her business almost ground to a standstill.

Although the September 11 attacks shook the U.S. economy to its core and destroyed many livelihoods, Vaca remained optimistic for a better future. The attack forced her to formulate a liquidation plan since the company had only one remaining client and four associates, most of whom went without pay. However, an opportunity arose when one of her partners decided to sell his stake of the firm.

Philanthropy and Charitable Activities

Not only has Vaca straddled the corporate world, but she has also contributed significantly to philanthropy. Some of her charitable activities include assisting earthquake victims in Ecuador in rebuilding their lives and her active work in bridging the STEM gender gap in the United States.

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