National Public Radio report on Rocketship Education

The buzz about the NPR report on Rocketship Education has been going on for quite some time. It has divided the country into two opposing groups as people take their stands on the matter. Everywhere you go, you will come across people arguing about the report. While some think that it is an accurate representation of the state of affairs in the schools, others believe that it is not a fair story. It is because ever since the inception of these schools, there have been many challenges facing them. This situation makes us want to know whether the report on Rocketship Education was legit or biased.

Taking the debate to various stages

This discussion has been going on in multiple places. For instance, if you visit the local entertainment places, you will notice that most people are talking about it as they enjoy their drinking. Moving up the ladder, politicians are also concerned about the report, and the network goes. The heat that has been generated by the story has been so immense that some people have lost their cool because of it. Heated exchanges have become the norm of the day in various circles, and it is all because of this report that tends to paint Rocketship Education in a bad light.

Online forums

The debate about Rocketship Education has not been confined to offline platforms alone. If you look closely, you will notice that the online platforms are the ones that are more awash with the news. There are hush tags and other phrases used to reference the report, and therefore, you can find it wherever you go. It shows how much affection or disaffection people have for these schools. However, n matter what they say about it, what is essential if for everyone to identify the facts and lies in the story.

The fact, according to most observers, is that these institutions have their fair share of problems. What they say is that these problems are not unique. For instance, the challenged NPR to look at the situation in the neighboring schools and they will notice that there are problems too. In addition to that, they said that since the inception of the schools, they have been solving problems one at a time and so, there is no doubt that they have proper plans to address the concerns raised in the story. What worries everyone, however, is the imbalance in reporting that the NPR depicts concerning Rocketship Education because they seem to focus on specific things while ignoring others.

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JHSF-The World’s Largest Real Estate Company Founded by Jose Auriemo

JHSF is a company based in brazil that leads in the real estate department of high income. It was founded in the year nineteen seventy-two by Jose Auriemo. It has an allowance of about one thousand to five thousand employees. It is categorized as a real estate industry. Similarly, its categorized as a with profit private company. The company has over the years established great opportunities in its many outlets across the country. JHSF has shown its ability of maintaining innovative business solutions it has demonstrated through development and projects it has incorporated since it was incepted. This has been made possible by the creative leadership and remarkable ventures it has made.

The company has now become an international leader in real states from the investments it has made in united states and Uruguay. The four business categories it offers are hotel and restaurants, airport, incorporation divisions and shopping centers. The headquarters of the company are located in Sao Paulo with their outlets distributed all around the world. In 2017, JHSF opened trade shares on Bovespa Novo Mercado and BMF. this is among the achievements of the company. The chairman and the chief executive officer of JHSF Jose Auriemo has been in the seat since the year two thousand and three.

However, he joined the company in the year nineteen nighty three where he established a parking lot management service back in nineteen ninety-seven. Jose Auriemo is always working to see that the company provides a brand in public and hotel development and also office building. In the year two thousand and nine, Jose signed partnership agreements with jimmy Choo. Hermes and Pucci to venture into luxury retail business. JHSF designed its first retail outlet with Catarina fashion outlets which creates useful and dramatic structures. This project boasted the works of Maria Joao and Paulo baruki who are both outstanding designers.


The largest real estate and retail company has been ranked as the best in its time. This is because of the great management it has been under and also the quality services it has been consistently offered.



Paul Mampilly- The expectation of 2019

Paul Mampilly is an investing and author. He is the founder of the fastest-growing financial publication in the United States known as the Profits Unlimited. This is a financial publication that he started after joining Banyan Hill Publishing Company as a senior editor. He is responsible for the creation of investment materials in this company. After serving for two decades in Wall Street, Paul Mampilly is one of the highly qualified people to offer his financial advice to others on some of the methods they can apply when making financial investments. His career in the financial sector started in 1991 when he began working with Bankers Trust.

He was appointed as an assistant portfolio manager, but he quickly learned the tricks of the industry and soon he was able to hold higher positions where he could manage accounts worth millions of dollars. He had the advantage of working with organizations such as the Bank of Scotland and ING. Throughout his professional career, one of the things that he has always insisted on is learning the art of making profitable investments. In all the organizations that he has worked in, he has left with a great legacy. In 2006 when he was appointed the hedge fund manager of Kinetics Asset Management, he helped this organization to grow its value from $6 billion to $25 billion. Paul Mampilly is one of the highly respected investment advisors in the investment world.

Whenever he gives his investment opinion on certain stocks, many of his followers heed his advice. He attracts respect not only from the average investors but even from fellow experts. They know that his business predictions come out true in most cases. In 2019, Paul Mampilly has already identified some of the market trends that will be more noticeable and which will offer investment opportunities. In 2019, voice searches will overtake text searches. His advice is that businesses that have started to invest in algorithms that support voice searches to begin doing so immediately. From his analysis, the invention of Google Home and Amazon Echo is an indication that voice searches will be the trend going forward. He sees a situation whereby companies that will introduce voice searches will experience better results than those that will remain stuck with text searches.

Kind Clinic and Rick Cofer’s Input

Rick Cofer made his bones as a defense attorney in Texas. He specializes in criminal defense cases and prefers to deal with the vulnerable and down cast of the community. To this end he has had cases dealing with the homeless and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer groups (LGBTQ). Cofer is a board member on the ‘Kind Clinic and Texas Health Action board’.

Customized Service

Since 2008, Cofer has carved a name for himself as a defense attorney of repute. When asked about his success, he says he deals with the cases as they come recognizing that each case is different from the other. All his clients, he believes are entitled to a customized defense. He is also passionate about helping to improve the lives of the LGBTQ.

In terms of defense, Cofer argues that reasoning coupled with empathy and a well crafted defense are all that is needed in winning cases. Empathy allows him to choose his clients and to see them in the situation of the alleged offense.

Other Ventures

Rick Cofer has worked in other capacities apart from law practice. He worked for the ‘Barack Obama Campaign’ in 2008. He has been on the Austin Parks and Recreation Board’ as it’s vice chair. He was once chair to the ‘Peace and Conservancy’ board. Indeed, Cofer also served on the ‘Ending Community Homelessness Coalition (ECHO) board. Rick Cofer also sat on the ‘City of Austin Zero Waste Commission’ and consequently steered the city towards the ban of plastic bags. Indeed, he also saw to the developing of the city’s ‘Universal Recycling Ordinance’.

LGBTQ Health in Austin

Austin appears to be a welcome city for the LGBTQ community. The pride month events coupled with the several bars for members of the community and several clubs paint a picture of wellness. However, Rick Cofer knows only too well that behind this veneer of acceptance and security lays homelessness and grave insecurity. A study was funded by ‘Texas Pride Impact Funds’ and it demonstrated the squalor that lies beneath the pride parades and community life of the LGBTQ. Food insecurity and general safety issues were raised, thereby exposing the underbelly of misery. The study also demonstrated that many in the LGBTQ community postpone healthcare due to limitations in funds. In addition, they are unable to get the care offered at free clinics since they cannot reveal their orientation in religiously sponsored and run facilities.

Rick Cofer’s Philanthropy for LGBTQ

With the publishing of this report, many got first hand information on how many of the LGBTQ community members live in fear and want. Rick Cofer in 2018 decided his firm would work with the ‘Kind Clinic in Austin’ to assemble a Halloween ball for the benefit of the LGBTQ community. Indeed, the effort was geared towards helping members of the community access healthcare facilities with ease and without the fear of discrimination. To know more about Rick Cofer visit

Neurocore Helps People who Experience SAD and Chronic Depression Disorder

The winter months can be a downer for most people. The lack of sunshine, cabin fever, winter blues, driving in snow and experiencing cold is more than many people want to experience. Seasonal Affect Disorder or SAD has affected many people in modern times. This form of depression is just one of many different types of this condition. Truthfully, this type of depression is common during the winter months. Once a person gets it, there are treatments that can help them to overcome this problem. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neurocore is a an organization that treats brain related mental illnesses. Their job is to evaluate a person’s brain activity and then provide corrective measures to readjust how a person’s mind works. They do this through a process called neurofeedback or neurotherapy. This process is often used by Neurocore to adjust a person’s mental state so they can deal with depression.

The organization utilizes EEG technology to examine the electrical activity within a person’s brain. Once they gather this information, they can usually figure out what is causing that individual to feel depressed. Remember, depression is a mental health condition and people’s brains have electrical signals which corresponds to the symptoms of depression they are experiencing. Once Neurocore has this information, they can then create a unique treatment process for patients. Read more about Neurocore at

Chronic depression is a condition that causes a person to remain within a depressed state for unnatural long period of time. Remember, being depressed is a just a natural part of life. Sooner or later everybody will experience this condition. This is especially true when a person encounters a death, a tragic situation, gets into trouble or has to deal with a bad situation. Neurocore knows that this condition should not leave defeated in life. This is why the organization has developed this process with great care. They want to help people with depression to live productive and meaningful lives.


Guilherme Paulus: Work Now For The Success of Your Future

Guilherme Paulus is an individual who has made history as a Brazilian Hotelier. Guilherme Paulus also serves as an entrepreneur and he owns and runs various hotels across the country. He currently operates around 20 hotels, resorts and recreational establishments. There are a lot of valuable knowledge that Guilherme would like to share to future entrepreneurs.

Guilherme Paulus makes sure that he starts his day with a positive outlook on life – that is half the battle. Paulus makes it a point to greet each day with warmth, gratitude and a positive energy – with these things starting your day, there is a high probability that you will finish the day with the same energy you started with.

Find out more about Guilherme Paulus at

Guilherme Paulus is also very traditional when it comes to planning and organizing his schedule. He sticks with a physical to do list and he lists down all the things that he is supposed to accomplish within the week. With his whole week organized and his day-to-day tasks are already pre-planned, when he wakes up everyday, he is already in an organized mood, and he is not cluttered or lost with what he should be doing on that day.

Guilherme Paulus also believes that you only need to take a leap of faith to make your dreams come true. You will need to take that first step into the world that is full of surprises, full of defeats but it is also a world that will fulfill your dreams. Individuals should always be faithful and committed to their dreams to make the come to life.

Guilherme also makes sure that he evolves with the times, and now he is making efforts to make sure that he is updated with the latest tools and technology that can better his work process and uplift the company ultimately. Paulus uses technology to gather information from his clients and customers – and uses this to create a better experience and provide a better service to their customers. Guilherme also uses the data that he gathers from the tools he use to anaylze the behavior of the market and to identify the trends that are happening.



Rodrigo Terpins

Internationally renowned really driver, Rodrigo Terpins, hails from Brazil and is a member of the Bull Sertões Rally Team. Terpins has particiapted in many rally races across the Brazilian circuit as well as in other surrounding nations. Competing principally at the T1 prototype Rally Racing division, Terpin recently finished seventh place in the twenty-second championship edition of the Sertões Rally. This is the largest off-road rally race in all of Brazil and also one of the most competitive in the world.

Rodrigo Terpins took the seventh, and another member of his racing team Fabrício Bianchini, took the eighth places out of the 38 highly competitive drivers present. The race involved lots of driving skill as many parts of the race were treacherous in that the course included dangerous curves taken at high speed. This year’s course was rated as one of the most difficult attempted in recent years.

Michel Terpin, the brother of Rodrigo, and member of the Bull Sertões Rally Team as well, over-turned his car during this rally showing the inherent difficult level of this championship. Rodrigo related that the first day of the rally consisted on several types of terrain. The course consisted of muddy tracks that were very demanding on him as a driver. Although muddy and dangerous, he was able to perform normally and even overtake several very challenging competitors. He took advantage where possible, but did not overtax the vehicle’s suspension too much and tried to drive cautiously while adapting himself to the demands of the car’s equipment.

Rodrigo and his team besides finishing high in this rally also received a related environmental award for their socially conscious devotion to energy conservation. He received the Carbon Free seal, as a part of the Green Initiative, an environmental awareness campaign to which he participates. He and his rally team accomplished earning this award by offsetting their combined carbon emissions by planting a grove of trees that would trap the equivalent amount of carbon that they released during their participation in the Sertões Rally.


Flavio Maluf Welcomes Tax Incentives for Brazilian Entrepreneurs

The vast majority of business owners know that running a business can be stressful and is a lot harder than it seems. At the bare minimum, profits can take a massive hit because of high tax rates; this is especially true in Brazil, which doesn’t exactly have the best reputation for a company to run a business in. However, a move to increase the number of tax incentives for business owners has been welcome by Flavio Maluf, President of Eucatex.

Mr. Maluf has encouraged business owners in Brazil to take advantage of these tax incentives for a variety of reasons. Flavio Maluf noted that these tax incentives had come about to encourage many businesses to take on some programs that are typically run by government organizations. The Eucatex founder noted that these could include sponsoring the likes of sporting events, social and cultural events, and some science programs. Read more on

Through this, Mr. Maluf noted that it would help stimulate the local economy and encourage more business. However, that doesn’t mean that these sponsorships don’t have an impact outside of just the financial side. Sponsoring local events can be a great marketing strategy according to Flavio Maluf. Not only would it help spread a companies name, but it would also show off your business in a positive light. With that in mind, not only are you creating a name for your business but it’s a positive one.

Flavio Maluf has also noted that companies can get tax exemptions, or at least tax incentives, depending on what industry they’re in. Many of these tax exemptions are used to encourage entrepreneurs to establish businesses in specific niches and industries. This also applies to companies who establish companies in certain areas or city and may be eligible for incentives depending on where their main operations are established.

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Dick Devos and his appointment to the FAA

Dick DeVos is one of the most quintessential businessmen in America. Known for being the son of Rich DeVos, the co-founder of Amway, DeVos has started his own company, the private equity firm known as Windquest Group. His company is stationed in his hometown of Grand Rapids, where he has been working with other business leaders, and the DeVos Family Foundation. Since the 1990s, DeVos has been working to improve the economy of Grand Rapids. It’s well known that he was able to put the Grand Rapids airport on the map as well.


The Gerald R. Ford International Airport has been incredibly popular since the early 2000s. It was at this time that Dick DeVos started working towards building the new business phase for the community and airport. He worked with the CEO of the airport as well as several airlines to increase traffic and bring in new revenue. By 2018, the changes and new flights had done so well that passengers surged to 3.26 million. The airport hadn’t expected to even reach 3 million by 2020.


This work has helped DeVos gain better knowledge of how airports work and how to raise funding for necessary airport upgrades, which have become a new challenge for the FAA. Many airports are in need of technological advances and more security options as the need for faster airport service grows. President Trump even issued a challenge to the FAA and airports, comparing US airports poorly to foreign air travel.


DeVos has been meeting with the FAA’s Management Advisory Council since 2017, and he will continue to meet with the council throughout 2019. The goal is to improve airports across the nation, while also looking for ways to improve the industry overall. While the board is just made of 13 members, they come from all types of backgrounds, including transportation authorities and airline executives.


DeVos has worked with many airlines during his partnership with the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. In fact, his appointment to the council was praised by the CEO of Southwest, who also worked with DeVos when the company took over AirTran Airways in the 2000s. The Southwest CEO praised the decision, stating that DeVos had a lot of experience in improving airport funding and technology.


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Sussex Healthcare Top Rated Services

Sussex healthcare is a private home care facility providing health services. The health facility is based in West Sussex United Kingdom. It was founded in 1998 and has greatly evolved with time to improve its services. They offer services ranging from eldercare, residential, nursing care and assisted living. The health care has several homes distributed in the United Kingdom each offering different services.

Recently, Sussex Healthcare has been ranked among the top health quality service providers. The private-based hospital has been praised by the Chief hospital inspector for their overall good quality of services that they provide. Sussex Healthcare top rating has been due to their effectiveness, safety, quick response and for being caring to their patients. The Care Quality Commission inspectors visited one of their homes East Surrey Hospital in November.

As per the inspection they were privileged to be among the top nine health provider in the whole of England. They are currently among the trusted home care facility recently after the survey. The healthcare facility provides both emergency quick response and non-emergency services. The highly rated healthcare services provided include maternity services, surgery, outpatients services and surgery services. All the inspected fields met the recommended standards with few recommendations were suggested. Along with the health services, management and leadership were also inspected.

In 2014, the Care Quality Commission approved that all the services provided by Sussex healthcare were of good quality but had suggested some improvement in the outpatient services. The private home from then has improved the outpatient services and the latest inspection show that their services have improved and the hospital has managed to handle the large demand of the services needed.

The chief executive, Michael Wilson, thanks all those who participated in improving the services and the patients for their corporation. He is also glad that the healthcare services are running smoothly and everyone is committed to ensuring that the patients get best services out of their facility. With all the technical team, doctors, nurses, all the staff and the management they are working to ensure they improve the general services of the hospital.

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