Stream Energy: Helping Customers Save Money Everyday

In a recent article released by Stream Energy, millions of energy users are unaware of the energy that is being wasted daily. Leaving unused electrical appliances and cords plugged in is accounting for much-wasted energy, up to $130.00 worth of wasted energy yearly. Which translates into a ten dollar monthly savings off the utility bill. Let’s face it, we all are guilty of leaving the device charging cords plugged in because it’s habit, or not unplugging the coffee pot or toaster oven because we don’t think to do it, but if the cords and appliances were unplugged during the day or if all cords were plugged into power strips, it would save so much in energy costs just to flip a switch and shut them down. Being energy smart and remembering that even though there is nothing plugged into the charging cord or that the appliance is off, that those things still draw energy all the time. If more individuals can remember to do this, it would lead to some pretty nice savings.


Stream Energy was founded in 2005 in Texas as a company that sold gas and electric in deregulated areas. Stream Energy solely relied on word of mouth to build their business and now their gas and electric services are available in Washington DC, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. In 2014 the business Stream Energy decided to merge with it’s sister company, Ignite, to sell the Stream Energy line of goods and services including: telephone services, energy monitoring software for people’s smartphones and tablets, that way they can energy usage and temperature gauges when away from home, and lastly, Stream Energy offers a unique medical service.


Stream Protective Services offers a full line of services, from credit monitoring, tech support, roadside assistance or 24/7 medical service (LinkedIn). Customers of this service have access to a board-certified physician, either by video visit or calling the physician any time if day. The physician can even call in prescriptions for the customer. To read more about Stream Energy’s unique approach to services, please click this

Traveling Vineyard Offers Vacations For All

Napa Valley is known for its eclectic selections of one thing: wine. This is some of the best lands for growing grapes in all of the US and possibly in all of the world. It’s also a place where most tourists don’t even realize they have to go off of the paved roads and take to the back countries to find some of the best sightseeing and the most beautiful sounds and scenery that California has to offer.

Napa Valley’s Traveling Vineyard helps bring together art and some of the best wine that California has to offer to show patrons the beauty of art and wine all on the same tour. This kind of tour encourages tourists to enjoy some of the best art and wine that the state has to offer. If you are not a wine drinker there is still plenty of nature and art that you can enjoy while staying here with us in the Napa Valley area. You can plan your own flexible schedules, and involve much or little wine as you wish in your trip. Decide what you want to do and we will make an itinerary that meets your personal taste, style, and desires for a memorable trip you will never forget.

The business model of the Traveling Vineyard of the direct-selling platform of in-home wine-tasting for members. The company was founded in 2001 but was restructured in 2010 by the person who brought it in, Rick Libby. There are about 5,000 independent representatives, called Wine Guides, pay one-time fees and are in return given one-time kits that provide wine education materials to the representatives to help them go to individuals to sell wines for the company. The kit includes sample accessories, tasting glasses, and bottles of wine for the first tasting that will be provided.

The sellers that are paying these fees are then members of the Direct Selling Association which means that they are protected by the member companies responsible for the ethics and business standards that protect the customers, representatives, and the individual companies sponsoring these tastings and showings. The company even belongs to the Better Business Bureau. The company uses the method of direct selling in their business.

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How Does Eric Pulier Advance Enterprise Technology?

Our company uses enterprise technology, and we have found that what Eric Pulier has done helps many companies like ours operate. We have saved quite a lot of money and time with the enterprise software that Eric created, and someone who is trying to send information to their field employees may use this technology, and this article explains how we have benefited from this. It is important for us to have the enterprise software on all our devices, and we use it every day.


#1: What Does Enterprise Technology Do?


We have cell phones and mobile devices that carry information for our field technicians, and we send them information through this software. There are many different people who receive information for us every day, and we expedite the services that our technicians offer. We take payments through the same sort of system, and we often send information to our customers in this manner.


#2: What Does Eric Pulier Do?


Eric Pulier created enterprise technology, and he is updating it often to ensure that it does work for the companies that use it. We have been through a number of iterations of enterprise technology, and Eric Pulier has been managing this technology for some time. There are quite a few people who will use this technology, and he has had a long career in technology.


#3: Public Service Work And Consulting


Eric Pulier created enterprise technology for the government, and he has worked on the Y2K committee for President Clinton. He has been on the cutting edge of the industry for some time, and he knows that there are a number of people who need this technology. He has advised many companies on how to use enterprise technology, and he has shown that companies will rise when they have used his technology.


Eric Pulier is one of the best entrepreneurs in the world, and he has created a much better platform for companies to manage their resources. They may connect multiple devices through this software, and it allows companies to be far more efficient than they would have been without it.




Adam Milstein Brings Light To The Issue of Jewish Public Perception

The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions groups have increased the amount of physical violence and harassment reported on college campuses. Often these attacks are focused on AEPI Houses and Jewish students. A student from UCLA was accused of having duel loyalties due to her Jewish heritage and was not allowed to join the Judicial Board on the student government. Another student at Stanford was prevented from running for the Student Senate simply because she supported Israel.


The BDS groups are run by individuals who have dedicated their lives to promoting anti-Israel speeches and campaigns. They have a large amount of support; so much so that the Jewish students defending Israel have little to no impact of them. These pro-Israel groups do not lack support, but rather a lack of organizations with strong presence and national reach. It is for this reason they struggle so much to be heard over the voices of the anti-Israel groups.


Students Supporting Israel was then created in an effort to change this. All the students in SSI supported Israel even though not all of them were Jewish. They believe that Jewish people have the right to sovereignty in their original homeland. Soon the student government even accepted a pro-Israel resolution thanks to the work of SSI. The Group then began rapidly spreading across the US and has made huge changes in the last five years.


Adam Milstein is a pro-Israel activist and strong supporter of SSI. He served in Israeli Defense Forces and during the Yom Kippur War. In 1981 he moved to the United States with wife and began attending college to get his Masters degree. From there he got a job as a sales agent. He is now working to raise money for the Jewish community and often advocates on their behalf.


Additionally, Adam Milstein does a lot of philanthropy work and founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in order to help strengthen the Jewish people, Israel, and their relationship with the United States. He also seeks out and helps develop other organizations to further education and public awareness on these issues.

The Things that Adam Milstein Believes in

Having helped many people across the globe since 1981, Adam Milstein now lives in Encino in California with his wife. He has been blessed with three daughters from the first marriage with Gila Milstein whom she met during their time in the army. Looking back since he was a child, Adam Milstein has had a successful life achieving everything he always dreamed of. About the dream of owning his firm, he has achieved this dream as he owns a company known as Hager Pacific Properties. Due to his expertise in economics and business, he is responsible for the accounting stuff of this institution. On an acting capacity, Adam Milstein is a managing partner at this firm. He specializes in helping other people achieve their dreams by building homes for them. Hager Pacific Properties is a company that specializes in multifamily properties and industrial, retail and offices. What the company does is acquiring properties and rehabilitating them for profit. Most of the money that he uses for philanthropy comes from this firm and learn more about Adam.


Adam Milstein is also an educated man. He holds a degree and a master’s degree. As for the degree, Adam Milstein attended the famous Technion College for a degree in economics and business. He graduated with this degree in the year 1978. Later on, he started his master’s program at the University of Southern California. He has managed to follow in the footsteps of his father in many ways. For instance, the two gentlemen have invested in the real estate. Also, the two have served time in the Israel Defense Forces, and the two are also immigrants and more information click here.


Adam Milstein is also very active when it comes to philanthropy. His major involvement in this field began when he founded the Adam and Gila Family Foundation alongside his wife in the year 2001. Since then, this foundation has changed the lives of many Jews in one way or the other. This is not the only organization that Adam Milstein is involved with. For instance, he serves as the chairman of other charitable organizations called Israel-American council, Hasbara Fellowships and Israel on Campus Coalition and Adam’s lacrosse camp.


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Top highlights on IoT and how it is improving service delivery

As much as there are a lot of rumors about the damage the Internet of Things (IoT) is making in people’s lives, the benefits outweigh the limitations. For instance, the wireless connection component is changing how automobiles operate, medical facilities, and even common home appliances. A technological research guru, Gartner Inc., recently predicted that 25 billion things would be automated by the year 2020. One of the key components, Bluetooth beacon technology, allows objects to communicate with people and vice versa. Beacons are tiny embedded stickers that can be placed on anything. Beacons allow the gathering and relaying of information.According to the self-proclaimed futurist and technology guru, James Hope, Bluetooth beacon technology is working magic in the airline industry. Discussed are the top areas this technology is improving in airlines:

Improving safety

Virginia Atlantics Boeing 787, is one of the plane enjoying the wireless connection. Every area of a plane from the nose to the rudder is connected. Thus, it allows timely collection and analysis of real-time data and timely fixing of the plane’s mechanical issues. Furthermore, these beacons can monitor the condition of safety items, and this gives the travelers a peace of mind.

Improving client service

The level of competition in the recent days does not leave room for substandard services. Some of the recent challenges include fluctuating ticket prices, intensified security, and deregulations. IoT is improving the delivery of services by allowing easy check in for customers whereby issuing boarding of passes assigning of seats is made via email and 24 hours before the takeoff time. Also, you receive a tailored travel options whereby beacons acts as personal guides throughout the travel. Furthermore, you can get seat sensors that monitor things like: fatigue, low hydration levels, and uncomfortable temperatures and alert the cabin crew immediately to make corrections.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope has earned a great reputation as a futurist. Hope’s clear understanding and passion for technology allow him to study the market and then make predictions about where technology is headed. Hope is a finance graduate and has a master’s in Business Administration both from Arizona University.

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The Success Story of Antony Petrello

At the age of 61, Antony Petrello has achieved what most people can only dream of. He is currently serving as the Chief Executive Officer at Narbor Industries Limited thanks to his Yale Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. As of the fiscal year of 2015, his total calculated compensation was $27,663,602.

Under Tony’s leadership, Narbor Industries has grown by leaps and bounds, becoming one of the largest conglomerates in Canada alone.

At Narbor, his career involves a strategic planning initiative and directing the company to navigate the treacherous waters of the ever-changing economic world. Tony is also a part of the Texas Children Hospital board members.

His daughter, Carena was born with a rare disease – periventricular leukomalacia (PVL), one she has had to battle with for most of her life. Her parents have been with her through it all, and supported her through intensive research of the same as well as putting in extra money for further external research and Tony’s lacrosse camp.

A former roommate in college, Lloyd Grove calls him ‘An oligarch’ on the Daily Beast, describing him as a math geek who was obsessed with books and excelled in academics. He expected him to take finance but studied law instead. Llyod was shocked when he saw Tony on the magazine covers as one of the highest paid people and learn more about Tony.

from his track record, Antony Petrello is not only able to earn well, but also command a lot of respect in his industry and more information click here.

The Culture at Nationwide Title Clearing Creates the Results

Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is the nation’s leading post-closing provider of document services for the nation’s largest financial institutions, services mortgage companies, and lenders. Eight out of ten of the top mortgage institutions rely on Nationwide for their primary source of wholesale documents.


From somewhat humble beginnings, Nationwide has grown from a small, local title company to a national influence in a dynamic way that impacts the entire national mortgage community. There are now over 600 employees located in three different states. The home office is located in Palm Harbor, Florida with a Data Center in Dallas, Texas. The Dallas facility is a huge backup center just in case there is an emergency, and the main computer and data systems go down, there will be no lapse in service for customers.


Nationwide has the capability to reach into every county in the United States, over 3,600 of them, and to secure any document that is needed for the retail lenders and mortgage companies. Speed and accuracy are the main criteria for success, and the industry is very competitive, and pressure packed. Nationwide has even made it possible for customers to reach into their portals and recover documents using their proprietary code. That make for an instant retrieval.


The key to success is that the information must be accurate and it must be delivered fast, or the documents may not be available at the time of the closing on the property. That would be bad because it would require rescheduling or worse, a buyer could back out of a transaction.


Nationwide has a compliance ratio of 99.98& and a failure ratio of only .78%. These two metrics alone signify that nearly 100% of the documents are making it on time and in a very accurate fashion.


John Hillman, the CEO of Nationwide states clearly that it is the employees and the culture generated by the whole team that is responsible for the ongoing success of the company. He emphasizes that there is a team effort that picks up where someone else lets off, whether through fatigue, illness, or misunderstanding. It has the feeling of everybody pulling together to make it all happen.


That is the thing about compliance, Hillman went on to say. There is a lot of talk in the industry about compliance, but in many cases, the talk does not produce results. Hillman claims that when employees understand the importance of things, they will rise to the occasion, and that is just what Nationwide’s employees have done over the years.


Jose Borghi of Mullen Lowe on Marketing

The old maxim “advertising is the soul of business” seems to be gaining a companion: “content is the soul of business.” Every day that passes, more and more companies become adept at content marketing, accompanied by her partner, inbound marketing. Going with headquarters to the pot, entrepreneurs expect to get results quickly, as if the strategy itself was the solution to their problems. But let’s remain calm. First, what is content marketing and inbound marketing?

According to José Borghi, CEO of Mullen Lowe Brazil, former Borghi Lowe, inbound marketing is a strategy to attract audiences by delivering a material to help solve their problems, ie, delivering relevant content. It is through this commitment that the brand gains authority in the market and customer trust. In turn, content marketing enters this process with the construction of relevant material.

If all goes well, the customer makes a purchase, or contract service, says José Borghi. OX of the question here, is the development of the strategy. Excited about the novelty and the possibility of getting more customers, many companies end up making a strategy that is poorly planned and done in a hurry. Some content marketing concepts spread wrongly, lead to an alleged instant solution, says the publicist Mullen Lowe Brazil, former Borghi Lowe . Some of them are:

“Look smart. It is clear that the company will publish on your website or blog intelligent work with original content ensuring that it is applicable in all social networks,that the brand will earn points,” comments José Borghi. But in content marketing strategy, it is not enough. There needs to be a plan that goes far beyond an interesting content. We need SEO optimization, the buyer persona study, buying journey, etc. Find that only a published text will be the salvation of the country, may end up being disappointing, reinforces the President of Mullen Lowe Brazil.

Be useful. In fact, this is one of the main pillars of content marketing and advertising. But do not just offer useful content considered without knowing who the reader and what is really useful to him. What you need to ask is: who you are writing? At what time of the journey is the consumer in at that stage? It is no use to present the testimony of a satisfied customer, for example, talking about the benefits of having purchased a product, whether the consumer is still starting to research about what exists in the market and read full article.

Today’s consumer is well informed before they buy anything. In this case, what the company needs to provide is information, not evidence – emphasizes the CEO of Lowe Mullen Brazil.

At the height of social networks, it is clear that the company and its contents cannot be ignored. Disclose the material in different areas is critical. But if social networks are not selected and studied, the broadcast material will fall into the content of turmoil that people receive on a daily basis and for which no interest. In addition, the advertising of Mullen Lowe Brazil recalls that being present is not just posting stuff and go. You have to participate. If readers say, we need to respond to comments, be really present.

If the content and inbound marketing strategies are followed, it is quite possible that the entrepreneur will not see the expected results. If this strategy at some point seemed to be an easy solution, you need to rethink. It requires preparation and patience and more information contact him.

Felipe Montoro Jens has Vast Experience in the Finance Realm

Mr. Feilpe Montoro Jens is 46 years and serves in many organization in different positions, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Odebrecht Properties at Odebrecht S.A, and In Energipar Captacao S.A he serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Also, he is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Odebrech Participacoes e Investimentos S.A. Mr., Felipe Montoro Jens served as a senior Officer of Finance as well as the Senior Investment Officer at Odebretch S.A and further served as the Director of Santo Antonio Energia S.A. He has also served as the Director of Braskem S.A from April 30, 2010, to August 27, 2013, and at Concesionaria Trasvase Olmos S.A he served as the Director. Felipa Montoro Jens is also serving as the Chairman of Concessionaria Do Centro Administrative do Distrito Federal S.A.

The man owns two companies: Felipe Montoro Jens is a partner of a company in the state of Sao Paulo, and another is in Rio de Janeiro and the two companies combine have a capital of R $ 4,754,706,546. He is not only good in business, but his vast experience gives him a great economic background. In the 2011 World Economic Forum on Latin America held in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Mr. Felipe Montoro Jen discussed the region challenges on Bloomberg.

According to him setting of targets that are realistic is a big issue in the region and to deal with the challenge then the regional and international governance need strengthening and enhancing of productivity and innovation on for equitable growth and establishing effective partnerships to sustain the development.

He attended two great schools: Fundacao Getulio Varga was founded in 1944, and it is a center of excellence, and it is ranked as one of the world’s best higher education institution at He also attended Thunderbird School of Global Management, the school was founded in 1946, and its main aim is to educate the leaders of the world. His excellent background explains his great leadership skills and his success both as an employee and an employer.