The Defender of African women, Isabel dos Santos

Isabel dos Santos has proved to be the savior and mentor for many African women. Ashe is a living example and endeavors to see gender equality in Africa. She has traversed the continent encouraging women to pursue their dreams and achieve economic stability. According to her, the society should appreciate the power of women as they compose almost a half of the population in Africa.

In her lecture in the New York city, Isabel dos Santos said that Africa should be digitalized in this generation and it will flag of the aid generated to it. According to her, when the African s especially women are empowered, they will spread the already existing entrepreneurial sprit like wild fire. She defended the continent in many other conferences. She argues that with computer and stable internet connection, many Africans can access many and high paying jobs in the world.

Isabel is the richest woman in Africa meets women from large forums to private rooms. She aims to empower the college students to impress the power of entrepreneurship and economic stability. This year, she is going to talk about economic empowerment in the Yale University. She fights against gender disparities in all her endeavors. She encourages the males to appreciate their women counterparts and work for the good of the continent

She moves with slogan, “the seed first then the fruits later” she has worked in many other organizations spreading the campaign of women empowerment and economic independence. She is the daughter of the long serving president of Angola, Eduardo dos Santos. She has four children and many business connections. Her business operations are both in Angola and the Portugal markets. Isabel dos Santos is remembered for having established the first supermarket in her country. She also began the first night club in the Luanda beach. On top of all these, the deals in telecoms both in Africa and Portugal. Isabel dos Santos went to Kings College to study electrical engineering after doing well at both primary and secondary levels in Kent. She has used the skills to invest in business and people.

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Deidre Baggot’s Involvement in Making a Difference in Health

Deirdre Baggot is a medical expert and advisor. She is a well-educated woman who has brought growth in the pharmaceutical industry. Her contribution to the health care system is appreciated and is expanding to other countries daily. Deirdre came up with the bundled payment method as a way to help the underprivileged and ensure that everyone gets quality medical care. Her motivation came up when she was a nurse while caring for patients she would develop an urge to do more other than just regular nurse duties but was helpless. She later decided to come up with the payment system which made her feel involved with and helpful to patients. Check out to read more about Baggot

Deirdre Baggot has helped medical institutions implement and incorporate the new payment method into hospitals that used the initial payment method. The technique is currently used in a considerable number of hospitals in several countries. Deidre has also initiated programs in various hospitals to cope with health care problems. She has written a book on the bundled payment system that gives extensive information on the matter. The text provides a better understanding of the payment system to individuals. Deirdre has also been cast in TV shows where she has had an opportunity to let people familiarise with the payment system.

Deirdre Baggot’s work led her to achieve a medical award and recognition in the health industry. She has being a leader for a very long time and has also held numerous executive positions. As a clinical expert, Deirdre has gotten the privilege to attend national health conferences to talk about the payment system and also gives advice. The bundled payment system made profit few months after its launch which was great news to Deirdre. Her clientele grew at a fast rate due to her initial field of work which provided a platform to broadcast the new payment system.

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Deirdre Baggot Contributions to Affordable Healthcare

Healthcare affordability remains one of the most discussed health aspects around the world. For Deirdre Baggot, a good approach to this debate is one-step to achieving an affordable healthcare system. She is a qualified clinical personnel and her earlier occupation in the American health sector changed her perception on the affordability debate. Currently, Baggot is without a doubt the most iconic person in payment reforms. She is a strong believer that every person in the USA should be able to afford medical attention though well-structured payment model. For the past three years, the bundled payments have proved to be the future of medical payments. Learn more on

The bundled payments designed by Deirdre Baggot have tons of advantages. Apart from the bundles being iconic in improving affordability, it is also one-step to better healthcare services. Empowerment through bundle payments has an impact on the overall improvement of the medical sector. In addition, the payment model according to Baggot is also ideal in the long run management of health sector. It is encouraging to note that more than 200 hospitals in the USA have adopted this payment option. Thousands of USA citizens now have access to the best medical attention without having to drain their bank accounts, thanks to Baggot’s model.

Baggot began her professional journey at Southern Illinois University. She is currently a Ph.D. holder and these achievements have given her a better understanding of how systems functions. Apart from being a qualified nurse, she has also worked in other medical organizations as a professional in charge of policies and policies evaluations. Deirdre Baggot approaches to the world of medical health have earned her some of the most prestigious recognition in the USA. In the two decades, she has been instrumental in transforming this industry; Baggot has been a regular feature in medical journals in the USA.

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