Dog food options expanding to meet customer demand


Demand for dog foods that are better for your pets have been leading to an increase in the variety of dog foods that are currently available for dog owners. While these higher quality products have an higher cost associated with them, both to produce as well as to buy as a dog owner, they are becoming more popular than ever and now make up almost a third of the dog food market.

Dog owners clearly love their pets and are spending more to buy dog foods that are organic and preservative free in nature as a result. This has led major dog manufacturers to adapt and start producing organic dog foods. Some brands, like Beneful which is owned by Nestle Purinastore, have acquired smaller competitors who have specialized in making organic foods and now offer a full range of organic dog foods to their customers. Others have tried to introduce their own lines of organic foods, but have not been as successful as Beneful in introducing these products to the market.

Preservative free products are also exploding in popularity and many smaller nimble brands are introducing options for preservative free dog foods. Freshpet only has annual sales of $100 million and has yet to earn a profit, but already has introduced a preservative free dog food that needs to be refrigerated in special refrigerators that are located at retail customers. These products are significantly more expensive than dog foods with preservatives as they need to be stored and turn over more frequently, but many believe that these dog foods are better for your pets.

Finally, brands are increasingly introducing more specialized dog food blends for pets. These dog food blends are set to provide dog owners with mixes that work for their pets and may not appeal to the market at large. An example of this is Beneful’s dog food blend that has coconut derived fat included in it which is easier for some dogs to process. While this may not be needed for all pets, many elderly dogs will benefit from this mix and be healthier as a result of consuming this dog food.