Purina’s National Dog Show Winners

When we think of Thanksgiving day television a few things come to mind football, parade, and the National Dog Show hosted by Purina News. 2015 marked the 14th year for this grand event with over 20 million people tuning in to watch this event.

The dogs are broke down into different categories with a winner followed by 2nd , 3rd , and 4th place . The winners from each category than competes for best in show.Each dog falls into one of seven categories, we have the Hound Dog Group which is where we find dogs that are breed for the hunt such as beagles and blood hounds. Next we have our Working Group this dogs are breed to be hearty and reliable you can find them all around town doing varies jobs , examples of this group are labs and German shepherds. Than you have the toy Group which our your tiny cute little guys , this group is sure to make you go awww. Than you have your Terrier group which may be surprising to see how many different breeds of terrier there are. Next comes your Non- Sporting group which is home to dogs such as Bulldogs and Lhasa Apsos. Than you have your Herding dogs which are great helpers on the ranch , farm or even for herding up the kids . These are another class of working dogs whos instinct is to round up the troops no matter what the troops may be .

A fun show for the whole to enjoy before the big meal and the big game.