National Public Radio report on Rocketship Education

The buzz about the NPR report on Rocketship Education has been going on for quite some time. It has divided the country into two opposing groups as people take their stands on the matter. Everywhere you go, you will come across people arguing about the report. While some think that it is an accurate representation of the state of affairs in the schools, others believe that it is not a fair story. It is because ever since the inception of these schools, there have been many challenges facing them. This situation makes us want to know whether the report on Rocketship Education was legit or biased.

Taking the debate to various stages

This discussion has been going on in multiple places. For instance, if you visit the local entertainment places, you will notice that most people are talking about it as they enjoy their drinking. Moving up the ladder, politicians are also concerned about the report, and the network goes. The heat that has been generated by the story has been so immense that some people have lost their cool because of it. Heated exchanges have become the norm of the day in various circles, and it is all because of this report that tends to paint Rocketship Education in a bad light.

Online forums

The debate about Rocketship Education has not been confined to offline platforms alone. If you look closely, you will notice that the online platforms are the ones that are more awash with the news. There are hush tags and other phrases used to reference the report, and therefore, you can find it wherever you go. It shows how much affection or disaffection people have for these schools. However, n matter what they say about it, what is essential if for everyone to identify the facts and lies in the story.

The fact, according to most observers, is that these institutions have their fair share of problems. What they say is that these problems are not unique. For instance, the challenged NPR to look at the situation in the neighboring schools and they will notice that there are problems too. In addition to that, they said that since the inception of the schools, they have been solving problems one at a time and so, there is no doubt that they have proper plans to address the concerns raised in the story. What worries everyone, however, is the imbalance in reporting that the NPR depicts concerning Rocketship Education because they seem to focus on specific things while ignoring others.

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Dick Devos and his appointment to the FAA

Dick DeVos is one of the most quintessential businessmen in America. Known for being the son of Rich DeVos, the co-founder of Amway, DeVos has started his own company, the private equity firm known as Windquest Group. His company is stationed in his hometown of Grand Rapids, where he has been working with other business leaders, and the DeVos Family Foundation. Since the 1990s, DeVos has been working to improve the economy of Grand Rapids. It’s well known that he was able to put the Grand Rapids airport on the map as well.


The Gerald R. Ford International Airport has been incredibly popular since the early 2000s. It was at this time that Dick DeVos started working towards building the new business phase for the community and airport. He worked with the CEO of the airport as well as several airlines to increase traffic and bring in new revenue. By 2018, the changes and new flights had done so well that passengers surged to 3.26 million. The airport hadn’t expected to even reach 3 million by 2020.


This work has helped DeVos gain better knowledge of how airports work and how to raise funding for necessary airport upgrades, which have become a new challenge for the FAA. Many airports are in need of technological advances and more security options as the need for faster airport service grows. President Trump even issued a challenge to the FAA and airports, comparing US airports poorly to foreign air travel.


DeVos has been meeting with the FAA’s Management Advisory Council since 2017, and he will continue to meet with the council throughout 2019. The goal is to improve airports across the nation, while also looking for ways to improve the industry overall. While the board is just made of 13 members, they come from all types of backgrounds, including transportation authorities and airline executives.


DeVos has worked with many airlines during his partnership with the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. In fact, his appointment to the council was praised by the CEO of Southwest, who also worked with DeVos when the company took over AirTran Airways in the 2000s. The Southwest CEO praised the decision, stating that DeVos had a lot of experience in improving airport funding and technology.


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Orange Coast College Introduces New Recycling Facility

The educational institution known as Orange Coast College recently built and introduced a new recycling center in Costa Mesa. This new recycling center is among the largest in Orange County as it occupies 5 acres of land. With this new facility, a number of members of the city and surrounding community will have a quality place to store a number of useful materials. There was a considerable investment in the facility as $7 million was spent to build it. The project took one year and four months to complete as construction crews worked very hard to have this built in a timely manner ( Once this facility was completed, a number of staff members of Orange Coast College celebrated the opening of this new facility. As a way to introduce the recycling center, members of the college cut a ribbon as part of the ceremony.


Orange Coast College is a community college that offers two year degree and certificate programs. By attending this college, students can study a variety of fields which will prepare them for a bachelor’s degree program or for a career. Anyone who attends this college will have the opportunity to study fields such as the social sciences, biology, business administration, nursing, accounting and healthcare technology. Along with offering a number of academic programs, Orange Coast College offers students a number of activities to do outside of school. These activities include clubs and student organizations that offer opportunities to expand their learning experiences.


What makes Orange Coast College an ideal choice for higher education is a combination of online degree programs, affordable tuition and a quality faculty. Students can learn their fields of study by taking online courses. This allows them to attain a degree more conveniently. Like a number of other community colleges, Orange Coast College offers tuition that is quite cost effective and therefore makes it easier for students to get the education they want. As well as offering more affordable fees for education and online programs, Orange Coast College has a faculty that provides students with quality instruction. As a result, anyone who attends Orange Coast College will be in position to have a very satisfying educational experience.

Kabbalah Centre Lessons for Women

Women around the world face special spiritual challenges. As women, they must find the time to engage in many varied activities. Many women choose to become mothers and enter the workforce as well. Each day, women know they must be able top accomplish many different things. The result is that many women feel quite rushed. They know that it is hard for them to connect with the part inside that is their spirit. They also know that being able to connect with this inner life is often on of the best ways for them to let go of stress and to become calmer and more comfortable with all aspects of their lives. As the Kabbalah Centre, their aim is to offer many things to many people. They want their students to learn to develop inner resources that can help people lead better lives. One of their programs is geared towards the specific needs of women. Women are given the chance to learn from them how to balance their quest for the spiritual desire to connect with god as well.


True Kabbalistic Insights For Women

The special needs of women have been on the mind of people for centuries. People have known that it is necessary for women to find the time to study many spiritual ways that allow them to develop an inner sense of connection. Women everywhere can work with the teachers here to learn how to incorporate the lessons of ancient sages into their own world. Just as so many women in the past have studied this particular subject, the contemporary women of today can also make time for it. She can work with the many masters of this subject at the Kabbalah Centre in order to make time in her life to learn how the lessons of the soul taught here can allow her to become more spiritual in every possible way. They approach each subject with a sense of love that offers so many students the feeling that all can be well in their lives with the help of women’s Kabbalah study experts.