Using ClassDojo To Modernize Classroom Learning

Teachers are looking for education technology based products that can help benefit the classroom and the learning experience of students. ClassDojo has succeeded as an educational technology based product because its founders listened to educators, parents, and scholars during the process of developing it. ClassDojo is able to solve a teacher’s need by providing a teacher with the means to converse with parents beyond the typical school meeting. Throughout the years there has been beneficial steps taken to revolutionize schoolrooms. Overall, educational technology based companies need to regularly support educators as educators accept and contrivance a product into the schoolroom.

ClassDojo was established in the year 2011 by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. ClassDojo is a schoolroom communication application. ClassDojo is used as a resource for educators, parents, and scholars to share what is occurring throughout the day in school with the use of pictures, videos, and posts. It enables educators, parents, and scholars to construct an extraordinary schoolroom atmosphere. ClassDojo has established itself as one of the fastest developing teaching technology corporations to exist. ClassDojo is used by millions of educators, parents, and scholars. From Kindergarten to 8th grade 90% of educators, parents, and scholars are using ClassDojo. ClassDojo is used actively in more than 180 countries. ClassDojo is able to be used in more than 35 dialects/languages. The employees working for ClassDojo are from all over the world and consist of engineers,inventors,and educationalists.

The primary mission of ClassDojo is to modernize learning for each and every kid in the schoolroom. ClassDojo creates a platform that enables educators, parents, and scholars to connect with one another and bring forth creative, innovative, and beneficial ideas into the schoolroom. It provides adequate resources/tools so that a schoolroom can transform into a learning experience that meets the needs of everyone on multiple levels. It provides strong team work within the classroom. ClassDojo helps parents to feel connected to his or her child during school time hours. ClassDojo provides an interactive type of learning that teaches important concepts and social-emotional knowledge.

In conclusion, ClassDojo provides a beneficial interactive learning experience.