Eucatex Focuses On Quality and Community In Brazil

Eucatex, a Brazilian-based company that first established in 1951, offers top rated products in the construction and furniture industries. The company’s construction industry products include doors and laminate flooring. Unlike some company owners who sell low quality doors, Eucatex’s management team focuses on strong quality control during manufacturing. For example, the wood from the doors can withstand excess wear and tear. Meanwhile, consumers and business owners who purchase furniture can expect satisfaction. The company’s management uses eucalyptus wood of the highest quality. Again, quality control measures play a part in ensuring that furniture sales revenue remains steady, and the company graphs and presentations show that they are.

Good products from quality control do not represent the only reason why consumers and business owners make purchases. On his Twitter Flavio Maluf represents another reason for high satisfaction levels from consumers and business owners. After his proving his leadership abilities together with a mechanical engineering degree, he accepted an executive role at Eucatex. He accepted the role of company president. Upon his acceptance, Mr. Maluf focused on key areas of the company. Manufacturing represents one key area for him. His extending the number of products sold increased sales revenue. For example, buyers can obtain paints and wood panels from the company, too. Mr. Maluf and his executive team require regular testing before paint gets sold. He wants his consumers and business owners to purchase quality products.

Mr. Maluf believes in keeping investors and community satisfied too, something his career history on Wikipedia clearly shows. He works hard to ensure that investors and citizens within the Brazilian community know about the company. His public relations team often informs what happens at the company via annual reports and press releases. Also, his hard work pays off when his company receives numerous awards.