Plan a Party Like a Pro! Simple Tips That Make Parties Amazing

Let’s give you some secrets from a party planner that will enable you to plan an event stress free with much success. Let’s get started! The first tip is to create a list of everything you need to do and of all the people you need to contact. You should create separate lists for each category, and you can even scan them and upload them online so that you can access them from your phone wherever you are at any given time. You can use a free online storage service such as DropBox.


Now, using a self serve drink bar is a great way to save time and effort and save yourself from stress. This will also allow the guests to create their own concoctions and take drinks whenever they feel like it. A good idea, however, is also to create one special concoction that is custom and is already prepared. This way, you will add a special flavor to your party, but since it’s only one drink, you won’t have to be stressed out much. In addition, a pro party planner tip is to plan one alcoholic drink per hour for each and every guest.


Next, to keep yourself from being stressed out, make sure to keep appetizers simple. There is no need to make yourself crazy about it. Let’s go into some pro party planner ideas. First of all, use ready made ingredients so you save time by not having to make everything from scratch. A few specifics? Try toasting small pita breads and provide Middle Eastern dips, such as hummus or eggplant dips. It’s these small and tasty stuff that aren’t too complicated but are still very tasty that will make your party a success.


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