Kate Hudson and How Fabletics Is Leveraging the Power of the Crowd

A lot of successful brands are leveraging the power of the crowd. What does this mean and why are they doing it? To get started, the power of the crowd refers to the power of user generated reviews. In the age of the internet, this is very prevalent. Anyone can look online and read reviews of any company that they want to find out information about. In fact, most people are doing this. Consumers who are savvy are now looking for user reviews online before almost every purchase. In fact, over fifty percent of consumers reported looking for online reviews on a regular basis. A regular basis means at least once a month. In addition, people trust these reviews. They trust them a lot. In fact, eighty four percent of people who took a survey said that they trust online reviews as much as they trust a recommendation from a friend or family member that they know.


User generated reviews can really help your business. For Fabletics, it proved invaluable. Fabletics has grown over two hundred percent since it first started not long ago. The head of marketing at Fabletics says that this success can only be attributed to their leveraging of the power of the crowd. Lest you think that companies aren’t really doing this, think again. In fact, over seventy five percent of the top brands said that they are leveraging the power of the crowd. As mentioned, Fabletics is a prime example of how tapping into the power of user reviews will help boost your revenue.


How does having a lot of positive reviews help your business? First of all, it generates trust and loyalty. When people see good reviews about you online, they are more likely to trust you. This means that they are more likely to make a decision to purchase from you. For your existing customers, it will increase loyalty. This means that if someone buys from you, they will be likely to buy again. You will have more repeat customers just by having positive reviews.


However, the benefits of online reviews do not stop there. They definitely help you get more customers by increasing your online traffic. Positive online reviews is important in any good SEO strategy. When Google sees that you are popular and that there are a lot of online reviews that are praising you, they will boost your rankings. That is one reason why Fabletics had such a great growth rate.


Kate Hudson is a well known actress and is a vocal supporter of the Fabletics model. She was on board right from the beginning. She helped oversee their growth and advised them about various strategies that would help them grow, including leveraging the power of the crowd. Another one of her innovations was making sure that communication was clear between Fabletics and their consumers. She knew that having open communication with your customers is key to making them satisfied with your work. Eventually, Fabletics grew by two hundred percent and got a top rating with the BBB.

Fabletics Grows as Kate Hudson Builds Social Media Presence

Fabletics keeps the crowd looking for more with the customer relationships that are being built. Kate Hudson is going toe to toe with Jeff Bezos, and it appears this brand is one the best for competing in the clothing industry. There is a high value placed on the Fabletics brand. There is a lot of brand value placed on the membership services. People are impressed with the work that Kate Hudson has put in, and she is really to give people a lot of access to clothing that is not found anywhere else.


According to Forbes magazine, Fabletics has used what is called reverse show rooming. She is putting a positive spin on shopping online by adding an additional feature. The retail industry has changed a lot in the last couple of years, and the subscription service is something that has made people take notice of this organization. Kate Hudson is working it from 2 different angles. She has the online store and the offline brick and mortar store. She has managed to get people to take interest in this company online, but she has also managed to get people to see what this company is doing offline as well.


Fabletics is the brand that has managed to become a leader in the industry because of all of the research that has already been done. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg were already in place to compete with Amazon. They had already implemented a successful business model with JustFab. This would lead them to another company called JustFab Kids. These were 2 business models with subscription services that were already gaining momentum. Once this type of business model was already established it was easy to design a line for women. People have been come intrigued by this brand because the celebrity factor was added to the branding process. Co-Founder Kate Hudson proved to be a very effective business leader because was focused on making the brand accessible from the very start.


She started in America, but expanded to Australia. She expanded to Canada. She started with a website, but physical stores would soon follow. All of this time was spent trying to build a global presence. All of these things allowed people see the brand in a new light. It wasn’t just a brand that was locked into a few fly by night fashion trends. To the contrary, this was a company that was here to stay. Hudson found a way to be nimble in getting the word out about the product through social media, and it didn’t even cost a fortune to do this. It was to her advantage to come into the industry during a time when there was so much free technology available for promoting products.


Jeff Bezos isn’t a big social media person, but Kate Hudson embraces social media. This is a huge difference between them. This will be the thing that allows her run the fitness gear arena. She is connected to Fabletics customers.

Breaking the Lip Balm Tradition: How EOS Took The Beauty Isle by Storm

Lip balm has been a staple in many makeup bags for many years. Reaching into your makeup bag, you would dig blindly for that small tube of Chapstick or Blistex.

EOS, Evolution of Smile, decided lip balm needed a more emotional connection than simply purchasing the same boring tube. There would be a new balm in beauty isles. One that was pastel in its packaging, spherical in its shape and deliciously scented.

Fast Company sits down with the founders of EOS, in an exclusive interview, to divulge the details on their $250 million company that has taken beauty isles by storm. According to Kline research firm, EOS is only second to one (Burt’s Bees) in the lip balm world.

EOS sells about $1 million units in a single week and are projected to increase to $2 billion by the year 2020.

Sanjiv Mehra (EOS cofounder) partnered with Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky (who left before EOS actually launched) to come up with an idea for beauty isles in drugstores. After noticing the lip balm category, the partners decided to jump on the opportunity. Ordinarily considered a product marketed to both men and women, EOS founders wanted to concentrate on women. After working with sensory panels, EOS lip balm discovered that women did not find applying lip balm fun or enjoyable.

Mehra and Teller set out to find a way for women to enjoy their everyday use with lip balm. After consumer research, sensory panels and even working with a clay artist, they decided on the smooth orb-shaped balm that appeals to all five senses.

After creating the actual product, the next hurdle was to get the product in stores. When meeting with male sales representatives many of them did not understand the product. Thankfully, a meeting with a female buyer from Walgreens gave them the foot in the door they needed. Soon after Walgreens, Ulta(http://www.ulta.com/brand/eos), Walmart and Target decided to sell EOS lip balm.

Once the product was actually in stores, EOS needed to create a buzz around their product. After decided that millennial women, aged 25 – 35, were their target audience they started their advertising plan. Beauty bloggers were contacted to review products on social media sites like Facebook, millennial celebrities were utilized, and they even collaborated with companies like Keds, Disney and Rachel Roy.

After seven years, all of Mehra and Teller’s efforts have certainly paid off. Not only are there a million lip balms sold a week they have even sparked copycats made by other companies. EOS is continually working to bring new and innovated products to beauty shelves. Mehra and Teller credit part of their success to their entrepreneurial mind-set with big-company discipline. To learn more, visit evolutionofsmooth.com.

Read the full Fast Company article here.

Brown Modeling Agency Making Modeling Dreams Come True

It is a truism that models are born and not made, but there are a series of caveats attached to that statement. Anyone who has viewed an episode of What Not To Wear realizes the importance of makeup, hair styling, and clothes selection. But the simple truth is that both fashion and print modeling is reserved for tall, thin, beautiful women with perfect teeth, skin, faces, and bodies.

The lure of becoming a model begins at an early age. A gangly pre-pubescent girl may have her heart set on becoming a model even before she has stopped growing, and this is the time to start a modeling career. It begins with classes in modeling schools available locally. Here the aspiring model will learn how to stand, sit, walk, pose for the camera, carry herself, style her hair and do her makeup. By getting started early and learning these basics, the aspiring model will have a head start and a reference point by having contact with personnel at this modeling school.

After the modeling student has gained a sense of poise and before the body has reached full proportion, it is important to exercise and follow a diet regime that allows the body to grow lean muscle and be ready for the rigors of a demanding life on the runways of the world or in front of the camera.

According to Marketwired.com, some models during their early education have no sense of what is required of them and must learn and practice by spending hours in front of full-length mirrors. Other students seem to be prepared to go out into the professional world and become a star. It is a learning process, and steps must be taken to achieve success.

Do not at an early age create an image for yourself. Avoid tattoos, piercings, dying your hair, contact sports, drinking, or smoking. There will be time for that much later when your image has been achieved by modeling school or at your initial contact with a modeling agency.

After graduating from modeling school and approaching maturity, it is time to turn to a professional agency to further their career. Create a resume of your work and study, complete with photos taken from class or shows. This resume will be clear proof that the model can do what is required. Professional photos are an asset. The model should know when she is ready for this photo collection to be made and the photos will become a vital part of her portfolio. Find a professional modeling agency like the Brown Agency, set up an appointment, and get ready to become a star.

The Brown Agency in Austin is a recommended modeling agency and can help aspiring models reach their goals.