The Chosen Career And Lifetime Passions Of Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a philanthropist and the owner of Learn To Trade. He creates awareness for charities, gives financial aid to individuals in need and shows people how to make money. He began by studying food sciences and agriculture but switched to finances. At the time he was building and selling computers. He was learning the coding basics for older programs which led to him building a 3D model of a follicles dynamics. He ended up at a job fair and started talking to the man running the booth for Thomas Cook Financial. This conversation was responsible for Mr. Secker going to work on the currency trading platform and his switch to finances.

Greg Secker developed an interest in foreign exchange trading and decided he liked the profits. He borrowed the money he needed to begin and it grew. This was when he learned the principles and strategies required for success in this field. After he had made the money he wanted from trading he retied. He soon became bored and began attending seminars and liked the idea of helping people learn what it takes to make money. He began speaking in 2003 and shares his ideas, passions, experience and strategies.

Greg Secker has been called a master trader, an international speaker a philanthropist and an entrepreneur. All of these terms are correct and the reason why he was a multi-millionaire by the time he reached his twenties. He owns the top trading company in Europe and teaches people how to become successful entrepreneurs.

Greg Secker began his career when he went to work for Thomas Cook Financial Services. He became immersed in foreign exchange and created a business called the Virtual Trading Desk or VTD. This was the first real time, online trading program incorporating the Forex trading platform. His career soared and by the time he turned 25 he worked for Mellon Financial Corporation as their Vice President. He next worked for one of the fortune 500 investment banks in the United States. This is where he was exposed to the best traders in the world and gained exclusive access to Forex traders on a daily basis. The experience and knowledge he gained at this point in his life became invaluable to his career.