Erick Lefkofsky: The CEO at Tempus and Renowned Philanthropist From Chicago

Tempus is an organization whose aim is to redefine the use of genomic data in medical practice. Tempus aims at ensuring patients benefit from the treatment offered to others who were treated before by giving physicians the necessary tools to gather more data. One of the key employees at Tempus is Eric Lefkosfsky.

About Eric Lefkosfsky

Eric Lefkosfsky is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus. He is also the managing director and co-founder at Lightbank, a firm investing in disruptive technology. Lefkosfsky is also the chairman and co-founder of Groupon, an e-commerce marketplace, and one of the founders of Uptake Technologies. He also serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago. Lefkosfsky got his degree from the University of Michigan and attained his Juris doctor from the Michigan Law School.

The Role of Eric Lefkosfsky at Tempus

According to the Tempus website, Lefkosfsky is helping health care professionals at Tempus to make personalized, data driven, real time decisions through analyzing the genetic code of patients in relation to molecular therapies. Tempus uses genomic sequencing to enable doctors get a better understanding of tumors in patients. The organization collects and runs an analysis on large volumes of genomic information through proprietary algorithms, and statistical analysis, to help uncover opportunities for assisting physicians to offer more personalized and precise medicine.

The Philanthropic Activities of Eric Lefkosfsky

Lefkosfsky has donated millions in cancer research, and has been active in many philanthropic activities. In 2006, he joined with Liz, his wife, to form the Lefkosfsky Family Foundation, a charitable trust. The mission of the trust is to offer support to charitable educational and scientific organizations, and initiatives worldwide. The purpose of the organization is to advance research, and programs that improve human life. The foundation’s donations are analyzed quarterly, and the choice of its donations is limited to a few areas, including human rights, education, arts and culture, and medical research. A large portion of the donations go to Chicago, Lefkofsky’s hometown, with most of the money injected into arts and culture. The largest contribution they have made to date is the donation given to Steppenwolf Theatre Company. The donation amounted to $7 million. The foundation has also given $2.5 million to the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art, and $1.5 million to the Art Institute of Chicago. Lefkosfsky has also spend a considerable amount in education, with his biggest donation, $1.2 million, going to the University of Michigan, where he is an alumnus, his resume.

How IAP Worldwide Transformed Into a Reliable Partner with the United States Military

IAP is a trusted provider of facility management, worldwide-scale logistics, and advanced professional as well as technical services. With over 2,000 workers in over 25 nations worldwide, the firm offers solutions to grand challenges that its clients both in the private and public industries face. It specializes in responding to emergencies such as natural disasters and overseas battlefield. The firm has an unparalleled experience to organize, coordinate and execute complex technical and logistical challenges. It maintains, supervises, and runs large military operations, remote research laboratories, and private facilities.

Professional expertise

IAP Worldwide delivers the workforce, innovative technologies, and program management needed to support its clients’ workforce flexibility demands across the globe. For over 60 years, the company has managed to establish itself as a responsive and trusted market leader that meet the needs of its clients beyond their expectations. It differentiates itself from other competitors in the industry by taking full responsibility for its customers’ missions, incorporating aspects of creativity, determination, and experience into innovative solutions and outstanding results.

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History & Growth Trends

Few years after inception, Pan Am World Services, Inc. landed a contract to build and operate America’s first space fully equipped base in Cape Canaveral, FL. Then, it proceeded to support the testing for over 2,500 launches such as manned shuttle program and quick air-breathing missiles. After 45 years, the firm started to offer full facilities maintenance services including engineering, construction management, and airport master planning services.

Johnson Controls, Inc. acquired Pam Am World Services Inc. and formed Johnson Controls Worldwide Services Inc. (JCWS), transforming into a worldwide leader in the maintenance and management of commercial facilities and military bases on JCWS developed innovative strategies for enhancing energy efficiency while powering a facility lighting, fire, environmental control, and security systems. Additionally, the firm offered temporary service for its expanding client base.

Worldwide services

IAP was created in Irmo, SC as a dedicated logistics and procurement firm. What began as a contract to deliver generators to the Saudi Arabia-based U.S. Army transforms into a company that supports the nations’ soldiers during Operation Desert Storm. As a leading partner with the United States Military, IAP Worldwide continuously secures contracts for global procurement, mobile power generation, response to emergencies, and transportation services.

Recipe for success

IAP delivers exceptional services to clients and treats everyone with utmost respect. It creates a positive image in the community by participating actively in community initiatives on All its employees undergo thorough screening and background checks. All the employees are up to date with technology advances and current trends in their areas of expertise.

IAP Worldwide is Sponsoring the 2016 Second Annual 5K Run and Walk Family Event in the Brevard County Community

IAP Worldwide, a provider of international scale logistic, facilities management and technical services is sponsoring the 2016 Second Annual 5K Run and Walk Family Event in the Brevard County community. The corporation supports various charity organizations in locations in which their employees reside and work. According to IAP Worldwide Events, the family event is scheduled on November 12th, 2016 in Satellite Beach, FL. Local business partners in the area are joining IAP in the sponsorship to host the event for American Veterans Empowerment Team Project of Brevard County, County Schools and School Foundation. IAP Worldwide, Brevard Schools Foundation, and the community are dedicated to helping children, families and veterans through charitable events.

Brevard community residents and employees with IAP and local businesses may register online to participate in the 5K Run and Walk Event. Participants on receives a designed t-shirt and individuals who finish the course will receive 3.5 inch metals. They may wear a costume, uniform, outfit, or colors to represent their military, company, or schools at the event. IAP is a proud supporter of veterans, for nearly 30 percent is its workforce.

The history of IAP goes back to 1953 providing services for building & operating space complex; temporary power generation; transportation; emergency relief; and management, maintenance & operation of military installations. IAP Worldwide presently has contracts with the United States Government worth $370 million. The company just recently awarded a $975 million contract with USAF in February 2016. The contract included IAP, CACI, Dyn Corp, Honeywell, and Raytheon. These organizations will work together in providing construction, equipment, and services to the U.S. and other countries.

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IAP has more than 100 locations in approximately 20 global countries that provide solutions for aviation, communications, engineering, expeditionary infrastructure, government, power, and information technology. In most of the locations and countries, the IAP team sponsors events to support communities, schools, charitable organizations, and veterans. They encourage international businesses and residents to participate in various events to raise funds that go to supported national and global non-profits.

Participants in the Second Annual 5K Community Run/Walk prepare yourselves for a challenging and beneficial event. Wear comfortable running or walking gym shoes and your favorite costume, uniform, or designed t-shirts. The price to register before October 31st is $25.00 for adults and $20 for children the ages of 17 and younger. From November 1 through November 11 participants are charged $28 and on the day of event the cost is $30.

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