Straight Razor Art at Donald Scott NYC


Donald Scott, the CEO of Donald Scott NYC is a renowned hair artist. Donald has popularized the use of straight razors with a modern twist. Traditionally, men took their time to groom themselves using straight razors ( Today, men do not have much time to groom. They have ditched straight razors for the modern cartridge razors for faster results.


Benefits of using straight razors and different techniques for cutting hair


There are countless advantages of using straight razors. They save money because they don’t need cartridge replacement. Sharpness lasts for as long as six months. The razor is unlikely to cause skin irritation because it is run against the skin once or twice. Fringe and framing hair requires a razor for soft, thin and light banks. Texturizing and thinning hair can be done artistically using a razor. At Donald Scott NYC, the art of the straight razor is reinvented.


Donald Scott NYC‘s most popular products

  1. The Carving Comb Wide is used on its own or with shears to texturize hair with ease. It is perfect for the curly hair.
  2. Prepare Liquid Tool Glide is ideal for sliding the razor.
  3. Groom stik Pro grooms hard to reach areas
  4. DS/4X works perfectly for finishing the nape of the neck.

Groom Stick Pro from WPRNY on Vimeo.