Save the sight of a child with SightSavers

Young children should play in the dirt to help build up their immune systems, but they should also have decent medical care available to prevent some of the consequences of the act. Children in many tropical countries do not have the luxury of playing in the dirt. Instead, they must live in it. This is especially true in areas with poor sanitation. One of the problems that can occur is an infection by a parasitic worm that can cause small children in tropical areas with poor sanitation to go blind if the disease is not treated.

One organization in the United Kingdom is working to reverse this trend. It started its own program to support mass deworming programs throughout these areas. One of the most common methods of transmission is through eggs of the parasite that are found in human fecal matter. While improving sanitation in these areas would work well, sponsoring massive deworming programs is more cost-effective for villages living in poverty. These medications can be routinely administered and only cost a few cents per pill.

The massive deworming programming suggested by Sightsavers won a recommendation for charitable giving from the Giving Well blog. The effort is backed by other international charitable organizations. No one needs to worry about the long-term effects of the medications. The anti-parasitic drugs have few side effects and can be given to the children repeatedly. The efforts are consistent with the organization’s goal to eliminate blindness from preventable causes in children and others. GiveWell is an organization the recommends charitable efforts that live up to its values.

The parasitic blindness is only one of the many neglected tropical diseases that similar non-governmental organizations wish to combat. The diseases typically do not get the attention of the larger diseases. Such illnesses rarely receive mainstream attention in most developed nations.

Statistics About the Health Properties of Organo Gold Coffees and Teas

Organo Gold is a company that has gained recognition for the beneficial health properties of the products it carries. Now known simply as ORGANO, this company manufactures and distributes a variety of organic coffees and teas made with an ingredient known as Ganoderma. When researched by external sources, the ingredients found in the blends of Organo coffees and teas did indeed prove to contain organic ingredients. Customers who have used the various blends available from this company have found them to be smooth, aromatic and highly satisfying. They also stated how the coffee gave them the energy boost needed to get through their day. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

The facts associated with the ingredients found in the coffees and teas from Organo Gold can be found on the Internet. As a company that promotes its products as being healthy, the related statistics about the beverage’s values in regards to calories, sodium and fat have been found to be within levels approved by organization’s concerned with health and fitness. Their Cafe Latte blend contains 2grams of fat and only 90 calories. Their King of Coffee blend has just 10 calories, 0 grams of fat and a modest 10 milligrams of sodium. Organo Gold is available on eBay.

The company now referred to as ORGANO, also offers business opportunities to others in the way of associated distribution. To help facilitate the success of these associates, the company has created a mobile platform through which their members can access all of their services using their mobile phones. This mobile application allows associate distributors to see their commissions, sales and open orders in one convenient location. They can also keep track of their achievements within the company as well as receive updated news and announcements. The mobile app for Organo Gold is available for free download and is designed for use on devices running the Android OS.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America and Pacira Pharmaceuticals Create the Opioid Risk Reduction Initiative

PR Newswire recently released an article that was published on Markets Insiders on the recent collaboration between Pacira and Cancer Treatment Centers of AmericaThe article details the three goals of the Opioid Risk Reduction Initiative, the brainchild of Pacira Pharmaceuticals and Cancer Treatment Centers of America to raise awareness about opioid alternatives for pain management and the management of opioid use. The Chief of the Division of Anesthesia at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Neil Seeley, reveals that narcotics have been the center of pain management after surgery for cancer patients. If the patient remarked about the pain, oncology clinicians would prescribe more narcotics. This became problematic with the awareness of the risk of long term opioid use, revealing that it is not necessarily safe for post-surgical pain.

The Opioid Risk Initiative seeks to help both clinicians and patients by providing in-depth evidence-based material on opioid alternatives. They seek to educate the cancer patients about the different alternatives. However, when alternatives are not an option, they also seek to provide information about how to use opioids for responsible treatment. However, the Opioid Risk Initiative seeks to start a conversation in the medical community at large, seeking to stimulate awareness about responsible use of opioids and provide information on opioid alternatives. Likewise, they also seek to create a standard in hospitals to reduce opioid use for cancer patients completely.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network of hospitals across the nation which realizes that no patient is exactly the same. They understand that each patient needs a personalized approach to their treatment. Their experts use the most cutting-edge technologies to manage side effects from cancer treatment. Cancer Treatment Centers of America provides precision medicine by taking the treatment to a cellular level. Doing so with genomic testing, immunotherapy and targeted therapy helps the oncologists to realize the molecular characteristics that let the tumor grow.

The Disease Prevention Measures Taken By The State Department of Health In Xerém Were Directed By Dr. Sergio Cortes

The January flood in the small city of Xerém adds another disaster to the long list of disasters that have occurred in Brazil in the last 18 months. It’s bad enough that the country is immersed in the worst economic crisis in more than 100 years, but adding floods and other natural disasters to the list makes it sound like Brazil is in the middle of some karmic payback.

The city of Xerém is one of those laidback cities in the north of Brazil that is never mentioned unless there is a disaster knocking at its door. A torrential spring rain at the beginning of January provided the knock Xerém needed to be recognized. The Capivari River left it banks and swallowed the city in water, mud, debris and the potential for disease. The Brazilian government sent a team of medical professionals to the city immediately after the flood to help victims as well as educate them. The medical team leader, Dr. Sergio Cortes, is an expert in disease control. Brazil is one of the 24 countries that have a major Zika virus outbreak.

Dr. Cortes and his medical team are capable of identifying the symptoms of mosquito related diseases like the Zika virus, dengue and leptospirosis. The first thing the team did when they reached the victims of the flood was to dispense antibiotics to the people that were exposed to mosquitoes in the area. The next task was to treat the city’s water supply with sodium hypochlorite to make it drinkable again.

According to an article posted by, the first batch of water samples collected in several shelters by the Cortes medical team were considered unsatisfactory. Cortes asked for bottled water donations, according to Exame. The team also needed extra calamity kits as well as food donations.

The Brazilian government plans to destroy the mosquito breeding grounds around Xerém and other cities in the North. The only way to control the spread of disease in Xerém is to educate the residents about the symptoms, get rid of the garbage, and the pools of water that cover the roads in the city, according to Dr. Cortes.

Sergio Cortes has a LinkedIn page that shows his credentials. The doctor also has a Twitter account.