InnovaCare Health: Hiring New Individuals For Success

Rick Shinto is an excellent leader, as shown in his track record of managing InnovaCare Health. His skills in entrepreneurship are the product of being in the industry for decades, and through practice and determination, he was able to unlock the secrets in becoming a successful businessman. After he founded InnovaCare Health, he wanted to assure the people of Puerto Rico that the best and the brightest individuals will manage the leading health services provider on the island. Recently, he introduced the newest members of the company’s management team, and these people came from different backgrounds.



The first person to be introduced was Jonathan Meyers, who will be sitting at the company’s chief actuary officer. He was previously handling Medicaid and Medicare accounts for the state of New Jersey, mainly under the supervision of BCBS Horizon. He was also a chief actuary for a New York City-based medical firm called the HealthCare Partners. After learning that InnovaCare Health is hiring new people for the management team, he immediately submitted his application papers and hoped for the best. Rick Shinto found that he’s the man for the job, and he chose him for the position knowing that someone with a background in handling Medicare and Medicaid would be a company asset. You can visit




Penelope Kokkinides is another new hire working for the InnovaCare Health. She has an extensive background in the field of healthcare services and social work. For more than two decades, she has been working in the industry, providing the people with services related to medicine. Through her efforts, a lot of people were able to receive health benefits, and their overall conditions were improved. She will be working as the company’s chief operating officer, and Rick Shinto is hoping that her impressive background working with different companies would be an advantage to leverage the company’s competitiveness. For more details visit Crunchbase.



And there’s Mike Sortino, who will be serving as the company’s chief accounting officer. He previously worked with different firms, giving him a lot of time to hone his skills in accounting. Rick Shinto said that Mike Sortino would be a great addition to the company’s management team because of his skills in accounting services. Rick Shinto said that the new faces that will help him lead InnovaCare Health will do their best to assist the people of Puerto Rico, especially now that most are having issues taking advantage of their health insurance services and plans.


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Talos Energy Company Sets Foot in the Gulf of Mexico

Talos Energy Company is a gas and oil exploration company with the passion for solving the gas and oil problems facing many countries in the world. The company has more than seven decades of professional experience working towards the discovery and exploration of gas and oil in more than 10 countries in the world. This is the reason why they are adopted for better solutions in Mexico. For all those years of experience in this industry, Talos Energy Company is focused on offshore production and exploration of oil. The company has its expertise based on acquiring assets that are unique in this activity.

Talos Energy Company was chosen from all the nine companies that applied for the Gulf of Mexico oil well. The company won the contract based on their merit for good practices in their past experiences. Talos Energy Company also has more than 33,000 square miles of 3D seismic data that covers most of its portfolio. The company has worked in major cities in the world to provide the best for their clients in a manner that depicts their true value in the industry. The company’s technical team, on the proprietary basis, has also processed all the necessary data to evaluate the joint venture positions and acquisitions for the next era.

For the fast time in more than eight decades, Talos Energy Company is one of the first private company to set their foot in contract with the Mexican Government. Mexico is a country that is known to offer its contracts to their internal bidders. However, they have decided to choose Talos Energy Company based on their merit in this industry as much as they are based outside Mexico. For Talos Energy Company, it is a great opportunity to work with Mexico to achieve the best for their country. Few can compare this success top achievement.

Before Talos Energy Company commenced their work in the country, they decided to assimilate their business position with the London-based Premier Oil Company this past week. This is the first offshore exploration launched by Talos Energy Company in the Mexican waters. Therefore, they will set their best foot forward.