Spotlight on the Brazilian Legal Practice and Ricardo Tosto

Brazil is one of the countries in the world with a high number of qualified lawyers thanks to the high number of law schools there. For instance, in 2010 the country emerged as number three among such countries. It is only USA and India that had beaten Brazil. The total numbers of law schools present in Brazil are more than what you find in the rest of the world. It is estimated that the number of fully competent and approved lawyers add up to 800,000 but this number could raise to 3,000,000 if all legal professionals were approved after passing their bar examinations.


Lucrative Profession

Becoming a lawyer in Brazil seems like taking a huge step into the correct path and it explains the huge interest and popularity of this noble profession. In addition, the Brazilian legal system is complex meaning that only a small percentage of the whole population is capable of interpreting it well. These two main points have made a huge number of students to choose law in a bid to understand the legal system better and help the many people out there who do not grasp it well and learn more about Ricardo.


Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho’s Law Practice

Whenever law practice in Brazil is discussed, the name Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho immediately pops out. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho can be equated to a legend when it comes to the Brazilian legal practice due to his involvement with the complex and high value litigation. His great efforts have seen the firm of Milk, Tosto and Barros gain a strong and unprecedented reputation in Brazil. Mr. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has been a market leader and is among the most prominent advocates in the country and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has a high reputation due to the highly organized and efficient manner through which he litigates. His firm has received a number of plaudits due to the level of dedication, skilled techniques, agility and efficiency while conducting matters on behalf of its clients. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho had the pleasure of defending a number of high profile individuals in different suits and this fact catapulted his career to greater heights. He is an inspiration to many aspiring lawyers in the country. A good number of his partners were at one point his interns and Ricardo’s Website.

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Labaton Sucharow Celebrates New Achievement In SEC Whistleblower Case

The SEC Whistlblower Program has come as a perfect tool that has allowed the fight against securities violations to proceed seamlessly. The body was established in 2010 during the federal government’s convention that saw the amendment of several laws and Acts including the Consumer Protection Act, which was mandated with fighting securities violations. Through the program, whistleblowers have been receiving protection and rewards for exposing wrong doings in different industries.

During a recent announcement about the payment of $17 million to a whistleblower, Labaton Sucharow joined in the celebrations since this is one of their clients presenting a case to the SEC. What Labton Sucharow does is to pave the way for the whistleblowers to ensure they have a clear understanding of the legal framework surrounding the body. They also review the cases before they are presented to the SEC and their work at this stage is to point out areas that need additional information as well as information that should be eliminated to make the submission high-quality.

Achieving a high payout amounting to over $17 million shows the brevity their client had coupled with the effort the law firm injected in the process to ensure the information shared had facts in every side. The case earned a high payout due to the nature of individuals mentioned and industry from which it was drawn. Reporting about financial services violations was not the easiest thing the client could do but he went on and exposed the wrong doings despite the challenges involved in the process.

More about the SEC
The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) is a body that was formed to fight securities violations. Having been operational for six years, the program has exposed many violations and contributed to the elimination of some unfair practices in different industries. Through the additional provisions that have come with the SEC Whistleblower Program, whistleblowers can now enjoy protection when presenting their cases and they are allowed to share their facts anonymously unlike before where they would risk getting victimized while reporting about securities violations.

Labaton Sucharow
Labaton Sucharow is an experienced law firm that celebrates working in the country for over 50 years. They have been offering vital assistance to businesses, individuals and institutional investors for the period they have been operational. In 2010, Labton Sucharow made a bold step when they became the first law firm in the country to start a service that assists whistleblowers by offering them a platform where they can review their facts and understand what they can submit to earn compensation.

Why Ricardo Tosto De Oliveira Carvalho Remains a Prominent Face in the Brazilian Legal System

The legal system in Brazil has a reputation of having many lawyers and slow justice. Though there are over 800,000 lawyers in the country, it takes between three and five years to resolve a simple case. Despite having more than 1,240 law schools, many of the law courses offered are not credible. This presents a challenge to individuals and companies that are looking for reliable and professional services.
Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, the founding partner at Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados, has over the years succeeded in changing public perception towards the legal profession in Brazil. He was born on March 11, 1963, and has over 22 years’ experience. Ricardo has been instrumental in the adoption of several legal mechanisms that are now part of Brazilian law, as well as the creation of legislation that is of considerable economic importance. His peers and colleagues recognize him as an entrepreneur of Brazilian law and an excellent strategist.

Ricardo Tosto’s firm has developed a reputation for dedication, efficiency, agility and excellence. It is a market leader in commercial litigation, though it also offers services in criminal litigation, labor issues, and environmental issues, among others. Leite, Tosto e Barros has defended many prominent personalities and companies and provided legal services for both local and international corporations. Local politicians and the Brazilian Government also form part of their clientele.

The reason why this firm is so popular lies in its leadership. Ricardo Tosto personally oversees the most important cases and offers guidance and innovative strategies where there are unique problems. He has also mentored his staff, most of whom joined his firm as interns. Leite, Tosto e Barros has therefore developed a reputation for handling complex litigation issues that have high value, and providing clients with excellent legal advice and strategic vision.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is clearly very successful leader and litigator. He however still takes time to give back to the community. His firm offers pro bono services, contributes to the Home of Bethany every Christmas, and supports Best Buddies, a non-profit organization that assists people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. He has set an excellent example on how to practice law in Brazil, and how to do it right.


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Supporting the GoFundMe Campaign by Ross Abelow will Help Reduce the Deaths of Stray Animals

Not many individuals are concerned about the welfare of animals, especially those that lack any form of relationship or association with them. However, there are some people like Ross Abelow, a New York-based attorney, who possess a caring heart. In the recent past, he has gone public to declare the unveiling of a GoFundMe campaign, whose sole purpose is to eradicate the increased number of stray animals in the streets of New York City. Subsequently, the campaign’s target was set at $5000 to facilitate animal shelters around the city.

The cause of increased death of homeless animals on the streets of New York City has been greatly attributed to the dwindling temperatures due to the winter season. Vulnerable animals on the streets lack shelter, which exposes to greater harm from the frigid weather. As a lover of his community, Abelow hopes that more people can engage in his course by donating funds through his GoFundMe campaign page.

The money contributed via the GoFundMe campaign will be utilized in purchasing various supplies for the animal shelters in the city such as vaccines, blankets, drugs, and food products to feed the animals. In this case, the animal shelters help provide temporary shelter and provisions to the stray animals prior their adoption by the pet lovers.

A Detailed Look at Ross Abelow

Ross Abelow represents one of the most sought after attorneys in New York, where he currently resides and operates. On the same note, he runs the Abelow and Cassandro law firm where he is a major partner. He stated active legal practice after graduating from the Brooklyn College of Law. Apart from studying law, he is an alumnus of the State University of New York. His practice in the legal field extends for a duration of more than 20 years making him quite resourceful in terms of legal knowledge and experience.

Abelow’s legal skills stretch into various legal fields such as commercial litigation, entertainment, matrimonial, family law. His expertise in entertainment law has been utilized by various players in the entertainment industry in a bid to acquire a good defense in court as well as legal counsel. Abelow is also known for sharing his views and knowledge with the public through his personal blog, which touches on both finance and law. The public can also get in contact with Ross Abelow through his social media networks such as Mashable and Facebook. Primarily, this is because he loves to engage and interact with the public through online sites.

Ross Abelow Working To Help Homeless Animals

Ross Abelow is an attorney in New York City. He also cares about his community and wants to do what he can to help. Recently Mr. Abelow started a gofundme campaign to help stray animals in New York City. He found that there was a grave need in this area. Not many charities or people were pitching in to help animal shelters, so he decided to step up and try to help.

Mr. Abelow works in the firm Abelow & Cassandro. He specializes in Family, Commercial and Entertainment Law. He received his bachelor’s degree from The State University of New York at Albany and then went on to Brooklyn School of Law. He has much experience in courtroom litigation and has a heart for those in need.

Many animals fall to their death when they simply cannot find shelter from the cold. If they do manage to stay alive they have other animals to compete with for stray scraps of food and places to hide.

Shelter populations are booming especially during the winter months. The shelters simply do not have the funds to continue taking in such large number of animals. They need room, blankets, and food to help the animals stay alive and healthy. Mr. Abelow has set a goal of $5,000 to help the shelters.

The campaign that Mr Abelow has commenced is to aid the shelters in all their costs for the animals.  When the animals are brought in they are malnourished, and sometimes have injuries and even severe frostbite. Medical attention is needed to ease their pain and suffering and help them feel better.

Mr. Abelow understands these needs for he faces them with many of his clients. Through his work in Family and Matrimonial Law he encounters individuals who are hurting inside and need help to subside their pain. Mr. Abelow works with a number of court officials to aid these people in finding the relief that they need.

Helping out with the gofundme campaign will do so much good for stray and homeless animals during the coldest part of the year.

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Attorneys In New York

In New York finding a lawyer can be time consuming and difficult. Finding the appropriate lawyer depends on what area of law expertise you will need. Narrowing down the right lawyers may lead to research and reviews to ensure the best legal representative for your case. This can be done by looking at lawyers in the field or looking into a lawyer site that lists accredited lawyers in the New York area. Once you find a site that lists educated lawyers then you can review the profiles of each lawyer and see which one would be a good fit for your situation.

There are many lawyers who give a free consult in person or over the phone for you to see what your options are and what the lawyer thinks can be done for your situation. Usually the consult will give a chance to meet and get to know the lawyer, and if you feel working together would be good match. Locating the right lawyer for your case is a good idea, and can make a difference in how you feel the representation will go. One lawyer in New York who would has been a legitimate and reliable lawyer is Ross Abelow.

This man has been practicing law for over 20 years in New York. He specializes in Family Law, Entertainment Law, Litigation Commercially, and married law issues. He graduated from Brooklyn New York Law School with his Juris Doctor Degree. Ross Abelow has been helping individuals and business in the community with their legal matters. The representation he gives to his clients is of the utmost professionalism and ethical standard. These qualifications is what distinguishes graduate school lawyers apart from one another. Lawyers with standards such as Ross Abelow are good to represent their clients.

Lawyers are required to practice with a means of codes and laws that are to be upheld in the community and society. He has made sure that the legal codes of ethics and rules are followed with each case he handles for clients. This makes him a good lawyer with great values that clients want to have offered to them. If your needing a good lawyer in the New York area then start with Ross Abelow.


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